Best Field Sales Force Tracking Apps in 2022

Top Sales Force Tracking Apps

It is important for your business growth to keep track of sales. You must know where your staff is, send the right team members and carry out their work. Sales tracking also helps you understand in real-time challenges, bottlenecks, markets, and income streams.

When you look at a day in the life of your sales representative, they perform a number of complex tasks daily. They typically send pitches, write emails, research information, and information, schedule calls, and participate in internal meetings. All these tasks can be tedious and error-prone to manage with tablets.

Managers, on the other hand, need to know their team members’ performance. This will contribute to transparency in the calculation of incentives, assessments, and project allocations. However, managers cannot use tables to measure individual performance.

That’s why you need apps for managers and sales staff. However, separate apps are going to make work chaotic again. A one-stop solution is needed for both managers to track employees and salespeople in order to handle their tasks.

Salesmen can easily bring a mobile app into the area and update their work on the go, and managers can see the field activities and the automated report in real-time.

We will discuss some of the best in-field sales force tracking apps, but let’s first revise the basics.

What Is Field Sales Force Tracking App?

A tracking app for sales staff allows you to track all activities related to sales. It is also referred to as a field tracking application by employees, mostly for field staff.

You cannot track your work by using regular online reporting tools if your sales representatives are on the ground. Even field representatives cannot update their log from a distance.

For this reason, you need a special application for retailers. Managers and salespeople can help in the following ways:

For Managers

  • Tracks calls and messages on your mobile device for sellers and analyses their overall productivity.
  • History of the Records
  • Their job to reduce false meeting logs is geo-fenced.
  • Gives full geographical reporting (reports tasks completed by the sales reps based on location history)

For Sales Reps

  • Establishes automatic field agent day plans.
  • Makes recommendations for meetings.
  • Provides intelligent signals in real time for up and cross-sell (while the rep is on the field and interacting with a client).

Thus a sales tracking app solves both managers’ and sales representatives’ challenges.

LeadSquared Mobile CRM, Bitrix24, and SalesRabbit are some of the popular sales employee tracking applications. Hubstaff, Timesheet Mobile, and Labor Sync can serve the purpose if only the GPS tracks of employees are your business.

You can also see end-to-end customer relationships from your salesperson tracking application. The enormous power of mobile CRMs like Leadsquared. It combines all the key functions of a tracking device for salespeople with CRM devices.

Benefits Of Sales Force Tracking App

Benefits Of Field Sales Force Tracking Apps

There are two arguments on how tracking apps for sales employees have proved essential for companies. These field apps for tracking employees have reduced time consumption considerably. The information employers want is obtained by clicking.

In addition, sales tracking apps help organizations better track their employee performance and offer a number of advantages:

  • Real-time work and order information
  • Enhances transparency in the organisation
  • The work carried out and reported on are fairly paid for employees
  • Detailed information about the work of employees
  • Employee’s real-time position
  1. Employee Monitoring

Monitoring of employees is done to demonstrate the representativeness of managers through various observation techniques. For different reasons, for example, employee monitoring can be performed by any organization

  • Tracking work performance 
  • Ensure a strategic removal from risk
  • Specific insight and data exchange
  • Concerns about security
  • Plan and plan work tasks

Monitoring of employee performance is essential when a company requires the majority of employees. There’s not much interaction with the employees in the office. This is why they and their performance are difficult to evaluate. Almost all of the above concerns of an organization are addressed through a Sales staff tracking app monitoring feature.

  1. Employee Attendance Tracking

Attendance management plays an important role with on-field employees and dispersed work. If the records and administration were offline, a large number of employees and their participation would be extremely difficult to manage. However, it is easily followed by the employee attendance app. The GPS tracking app can enable an employee to clock participation from anywhere without interfering with their work.

The GPS tracking app by the employees can also work and show the staff who work best. Careful assignment of work also prevents confusion. The app can provide employers with a full monthly attendance chart with a simple

  1. Employee Field Location Tracking

The app also works as a GPS tracking application for employees. It has an on-field sales team geofencing function. Employers can also check the position of their employees and ensure that the delivered work is properly documented. One of the best features is that you can also track the daily workload of an employee because of the location. This makes the organization more accurate and transparent.

The geo-fencing function also improves employee safety. The employer can see the position of an employee. In order to provide information on the employee location tracking system, if something happens to the goods or the employee himself.

  1. Regular Sales Reporting

There are some field employee tracking applications that can give every employee real-time data on everyday sales, delivery, or service. The field report apps which host this function allow employers to analyze each employee’s daily output. The output is also detailed so that employees fulfill their daily aims and work progresses. Because of this feature of a salesperson tracking application, there is no pushover, and employees are not stressed on the final day of the month to reflect on their achievements.

  1. Field Tasks Management

Calling and managing with them is not easy if you have a team of more than 12 people. You can assign the closest areas to staff and ensure maximum productivity with less travel in an app for tracking hours of staff. For organizations requiring details of a particular delivery or assignment, field reporting applications are helpful. The field staff tracking application can tell you which employee has been assigned the issue and work hiccups can be solved easily along the way.

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Best Field Sales Force Tracking Apps

  1. Delta Sales App

The Delta Sales application is a B2B-based GPS-based, sales-management mobile app used to track online sales staff in real-time with automated reports, performance measurement beat planning, and plantation from hundreds of manufacturers, distribution companies, or sales teams.

The features of the Delta Sales App focus on productivity, providing a unique perspective of the location, daily activities, and performance of your local employees. This helps to increase business productivity by 60% and increase the efficiency of your field workers by nearly 30%.

  1. Outfield Sales Rep Tracking App

The outfield sales rep tracking app is another great solution that can come in handy if you are planning to track your sales reps in-field movement as this app will track your sales representatives in real-time, discover valuable insights into the market, systematize your pipeline. 

Outfield provides valuable data on trends within your market domains through reporting and analysis to support your field sales programs, ensuring that you make more smart business decisions. And you can track the sales opportunities, track up coaches and easily systematize your revenue goals using Outfield’s pipeline management system.

  1. Outfield Sales Rep Tracking App

FieldAssist as a technological ecosystem that helps your field team with its simple field application, a seamless order booking experience, with related information available at hand, your distributor to monitor orders and inventory more smoothly and at all times, And your Management Team with a better way to manage, monitor and optimize sales by using a manager’s app.

  1. Trackyu

Trackyu has many powerful features: smart, easy to install and use, and pocket-friendly. Unlike other sales employee tracking applications in India, it does not require constant updates for stable operations. And whichever device you use, Trackyu works the same, giving you a similar high-end performance on whatever device you use. You and your sales force can automatically track your routine activities regularly in just a few clicks with this Sales Manager. Trackyu can increase efficiency, mobility, and the work of its employees dramatically.

  1. CloudApper SalesQ

CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring application that ensures that your local sales representatives are working on the tracking, geo-fermentation, and analysis of sales data. The mobile app enables clear communication with employees in order to inform them about major sales strategies and to target the right customers effectively by providing them with information regarding top customers. These factors contribute to an increase in sales. Registration grants a free trial of 14 days.

  1. Beatroute’s SalesForce Tracking Tool

On each visit, Beatroute’s smart sales tracking software updates outlets information to enable you to monitor the current client profile on an ongoing basis and helps you strategize your sales and marketing activities by enlightening you about the retail landscape. 

Besides that, you can also experience an all-inclusive route optimization by using orbit and beat plans to efficiently travel with your sales representatives & reduce market coverage costs via fast and easy route planning.


dayTrack is a services company based in India that develops and offers its global delivery center, Greater Noida, based in software service as one of the leading on-the-ground application managers. 

The innovation and proven approach of our team are truly historical as they have 15 years of extensive experience in a broad range of sectors that depend on mobile communication and field tracking. 

Some of the features of dayTrack includes:

  • Visit reports come directly from the place where they were made
  • Users only take a live image with the camera at the visited contact point
  • GPS, Internet and device battery status via reporting App
  • Only true time and date are recorded.
  • Only a certain device can log in the app, managers control it

Wrapping Up

The employee tracking apps have, as has already been said, become more necessary than necessary. When they are all on the ground, how else will companies manage large employees? If things are taken off-line, there are certain confusions and discomforts.

For both the employee and the employer, a field tracking and attendance app are required. This allows our field employee tracking solutions to make corporate life easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Force Tracking Apps (FAQs)

Q. Who uses Field Sales Force Software?

A. Field sales force software is mostly used by companies that rely on in-person interactions to create and maintain client relationships, particularly those whose transactions take place at the customer’s location.

Q. What are the benefits of the Field SalesForce App?

A. The sales process is automated, increasing the speed of on-the-ground sales activities, customer satisfaction is improved, tracks field activity in real-time, and supports end-to-end field sales management.

Q. How does it work?

A. An easy, smart, and safe solution for any digital enterprise’s field sales transformation. Assign field sales reps their daily target and task details and track all field sales activities with the app. For actionable insights, collect, analyse, and exploit data.

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