Top 10 World-Class Platforms For Truck Customization

Best Platforms For Truck Customization

Customization is something we all prefer but based on our needs and priorities only. It helps us modify an item or service as per our preferences.

With a tool for truck customization, businesses related to truck manufacturing and customization can promote their services with an enriched customer experience. Customers can have the freedom of selecting their specific functions or accessories with complete control and quickly as well.

Customers without professional skills can also use these apps or platforms to customize their vehicles. So businesses can shorten the timeframe of the process of designing to manufacturing as the user himself will give the design.

Some prefer to customize their trucks only for entertainment and to make them look better. But most people prefer to customize the truck because of needs. It helps them in making their vehicle more suitable for their purpose.

List Of Best Truck Customization Platforms

Top 10 Truck Customisation Platforms

1. is one of the finest platforms to customize your truck. The company has been operating since 1984. It was founded by Jim Smith.

Facts Regarding

  • The website has the option to select truck models from the year 1942
  • More than 40 vehicle companies are available in options
  • The website is mainly focused on finding accurate wheels for the trucks
  • After customizing let users select nearby retailers

Ultrawheel always tries its best to improve its users’ experience to avail of the website services. Though the offered services are limited in truck customisation yet all of them are impressive.


Honda is a renowned brand in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The company was established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. The company holds the fifth position in the list of the most bought brands in the US. 

Facts Regarding

  • Lets users customize colours, motor, interior, wheels, and electronic accessories
  • The website has a large number of options in each customization and is easy to use
  • Once the user is done with his customization there is an option to see the build summary

Although the website has options to customize both cars and trucks, all the sections are well separated. It is easy to find the truck customization tool. There is a package option as well to help the users.


Fueloffroad is one of the leading companies in wheel manufacturing. The company was established back in 2008 by MHT Luxury Alloys. The company deals with multiple sorts of autos, trucks and vehicles for commercial use apart from wheels.

Facts Regarding

  • Typically limited to wheel customization
  • Multiple options in each section of the customization
  • A brief description of each component is available
  • One can save the customization once done

Although Fueloffroad is limited in offering advanced truck customization options it still offers quality services. It helps the users understand the crucial information of the wheel components with a brief description of it.


Interactivegarage is the most complete service provider for users looking for virtual truck customisation. The company is owned by Ryan Hagel. Interactive Garage is one of the biggest online vehicle customizers. 

Facts Regarding

  • Full virtual customisation is available for trucks and also other vehicles
  • Availability to pick the preferred truck through the model, year, make and sub-model filter
  • The best pricing choice option is available on the website
  • Users can contact manufacturers for advice and other information is the most innovative and complete website to offer the truck customization service. It also helps the customers in connecting with the manufacturers to avail special guidance as well.


One of the most user-friendly tools to customize trucks is The tool has a huge variety of options in its inventory for truck customization.

Facts Regarding

  • A huge number of options are available to customize your truck
  • Although the options are huge, all of them are limited to only GM makes and models
  • Options are available in trims, colour, interior and exterior accessories
  • Package deals are also available on the platform

Although GMfleet is limited to only its own make and models, the huge offering of options has made it one of the best platforms to customize your truck.

6. Ridestyler

All the truck customizer apps and websites are offering a huge variety in designs, colours and other features as well. Then there is Ridestyler, offering simple yet effective truck customization. 

Facts Regarding Ridestyler-

  • Ridestyler offers a simple truck customization service
  • Truck customization of Ridestyler is concentrated on wheels and tires.
  • Option to visualize the customization outcome

Ridestyler offers an effective truck customization experience to its users looking for customizers of wheels and tires. With a simple user interface, the site is quite preferable to users.


One of the toughest things is deciding the design of your truck. 3DTuning offers a huge options list to design as per your own needs and preferences. 

Facts Regarding 3DTuning-

  • A huge library of options in truck customization
  • One can create a custom truck within a minute
  • Users can design trucks like an expert even without having professional skills
  • An advanced UI to focus on the clear visualization

3DTuning is an effective truck customizer offering a complete clear visualization of the outcomes. It helps users in understanding the changes quite well. A 3D visualization not only helps to check the changes from each angle but also in examining the customization more accurately.

8. Autobytel

Autobytel is one of the best truck customization websites offering the best customer experiences. It is one of the most research-focused websites to serve customers with high-end quality services.

Facts Regarding Autobytel-

  • Autobytel has a combined dashboard of customization and price search tool
  • Huge companies like Jeep, Honda, and Hyundai are available on the brands’ list
  • The UI lets users only pick the available parts
  • With each customization, the price is calculated continuously

Autobytel keeps customer satisfaction as its main focus that’s why it has implemented the price option to help the user customize his truck as per his budget only.

9. 3M Skins

3M Skins also help in solving the design problems related to trucks. The app helps users to create a professional-level truck design with its inventory. The app is easy to use and quite effective in making your truck unique.

Facts Regarding 3M Skins-

  • Every design and skin is unique in 3M Skin’s inventory
  • The website offers a wrap fitting for almost every vehicle
  • A user-friendly interface of the website helps in navigating easily
  • Skins can be selected from a huge variety of full, partial or stripe
  • A drop-down menu is also available to select textures like gloss, satin, brushed metal, matte

With all the positives mentioned above 3M Skins is one of the best platforms to customize the trucks. But the only problem with 3M Skins is that it only provides previews of the pickup trucks.

10. Outlaw Jeep And Truck Accessories

It is one of the top-class websites offering truck customization services. Users can design trucks as per their preference with full control of their creativity. 

Facts Regarding Outlaw Jeep And Truck Accessories-

  • The site has filters like year, make, model, and sub-model
  • The designed truck can be saved, printed or even shared through email
  • Users can customize the interior, exterior and even wheels and tires on this site

Users can avail of customization services in multiple aspects of a truck like colour, interior and exterior accessories, wheels and tires. It makes the website one of the best truck customization platforms.

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Benefits Of Truck Customization Platforms

What Are The Benefits Of Truck Customizer Platforms?

Truck customization platforms offer huge benefits for users in designing or customizing the trucks adequately. The platforms not only suggest and provide the most innovative features but also offer a clear visualization of the outcome.

  • New Options- A customization platform is always upgraded with the latest options and varieties as per the market trends. So, a user can find options that he may not even know like custom suspension or interior accessories.
  • Smarter Decisions- A customization tool is quite helpful in offering the outcome even before starting the process. For example, an individual is planning to paint, change interior accessories or upgrade the wheels of his truck. He can see the outcome first to make a better decision.
  • Research For New One- If a user is interested in buying a new truck he can skip the visit to the dealership and surf the platform for his available options. It will be easy due to the filters available in the software.
  • Exploring- Even if a user is not interested in upgrading his truck or buying a new one he can explore the options available from the truck customization platforms.

Customers mostly opt for truck customization due to their specific needs and operations. These needs are the common scopes in introducing an app for customization. In case you are owning a truck upgradation or renovation business or you are a truck manufacturer an app offering truck customization can be effective. 

As these apps are quite preferable just because it helps the users gain complete visualization and clear ideas from the comfort of their home. 

It will create a healthy customer experience which will impact your sales and revenue directly.

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Final Words

Digitalization has presented us with opportunities to innovate in almost every area of our lives. Now not just the services are available on the internet but also the predicted outcome can be availed through apps and websites.

A truck customization app is quite effective in offering a clear idea or understanding regarding a few custom changes on a truck. Our mentioned apps have one thing in common and that is the great visual outcomes. Some of the platforms have also offered 3D visuals. 

A user-friendly UI can be a great implementation to have the users’ preferences.

We hope we were able to provide you with some quality information through this article. Thank you for your time and interest.


Q. Which is the most important feature of a truck customizing app?

A. A truck customizing app must have a highly user-friendly interface with top-notch VR technology. Although these two are not the identified most important features but play a key role in customer experience.

Q. Which of the mentioned platforms offers a complete customization?

A. Interactive Garage is a platform capable of offering complete customization scope to its users. Wheels and tires, trims, interior, exterior, suspension, motor and electronic accessories options are all available for customization of complete level.

Q. What will be the cost of developing a truck customization app?

A. There is not any fixed amount in truck customization app development. The amount depends on features, technologies, number of developers, and timeframe to develop the product. To know more contact us now.

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