Top UI/UX Companies In The USA (Compared)

Best UIUX Designers In The USA

Designing is a crucial step for every company whether a start-up or an enterprise. UX helps in building a product design, from branding to design to useability whereas UI builds interfaces in software or another computerized device. 

Here is a list of some of the best UI/UX design companies/agencies that are well-reputed and talented based in the United States. These companies provide a good quality of design to other famous brands and have made designs for many big apps. 

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10 Best UI/UX Companies Based In The USA: 

1) Clay


Clay focuses on world-class digital products, web design, and branding. Clay will give your company a new appearance. They will transform your company through strategies, visual identity, and website design. Clay has helped many start-ups. They have worked with big brands like Google, Slack, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, Sony, Coca-Cola, and many other brands. 

Clay was founded in 2012. Clay has 12 years of experience in business and 60+ designers and developers. In 2017, clay was acquired by the SALTO system. 

Clay provides different features, web design, web development, digital strategies, UI/UX design, mobile app development, UX research, mobile & web development, motion design, 2D/3D graphics, design system, and brand identity.  

2) Frog Design


The frog represents the pond. A pond that they have created over the 50 years since the frog was founded. Frog is a trusted and the oldest company for design or UI/UX in the market. They were an industrial & brand firm but with the world becoming a digital place they evolved into technology too. 

The frog was developed in 1969. They charge an hourly rate in the range of $100-$149 and handle a minimum project size of $5000. Later, the frog was acquired by Capgemini in 2021 and is now a part of Capgemini Invent. 

Currently, there are more than 1000 employees and 10 offices in the world. To beat its competition they handle everything from hardware design to branding mobile applications. 



IDEO is a famous design and consulting firm of all time. In all this time, they have worked with many big brands. IDEO developed the first Apple mouse in its early days. They have also made palm PDAs. These were the things that made them famous at that time. They have worked in some of the particular fields like food and beverages, retail, computer, medical, education, furniture, office, and automotive industry. 

IDEO was founded in 1991. There are over 700 employees in this company who work towards making this firm better day by day with its skills.

IDEO is famous for its innovative ideas. It’s one of the top UX/UI design companies you will look for. IDEO works for both start-ups & big enterprises. IDEO is the most expensive firm in terms of design. This has been pointed out by critics too. IDEO has opened an internal/private tool  ‘OpenIDEO’ to collaborate with clients. This tool was later made public.   

4) Ustwo


Ustwo fampany limited which was later termed as Ustwo. This is a software development company that focuses on design such as clean and clear UI. They provide many services but they are specialized in Gaming Sector. Ustwo has developed many mobile applications and has also helped many mobile gaming start-ups. 

The company was founded in 2004. They got their recognition after Monument Valley in 2014. Ustwo has won many awards after this. There have been over two million units sold. Ustwo has a foundation too under them with the name of ‘Ustwo foundation’. Along with gaming, they tend to focus on other software too. 

Ustwo fampany is mainly divided into 4 segments, the first one is the Ustwo segment the one that focuses on offering client services for developing new games or software, the second one is  Ustwo games that focus on game development, the third one is Ustwo adventure that focuses on investing into small firms, and the last one is Ustwo foundation that seeks to encourage and enroll young people.

5) Ramotion


Ramotion is a digital product agency. Ramotion has a team that solely focuses on UI/UX design. Their team uses interfaces for mobile apps and web products that help in increasing conversion, reducing the cost of maintenance, and building a consistent user experience. 

Ramotion provides UI/UX design services, remote staff augmenting, constant improvement in design. Their products are user-friendly. This feature helps companies to achieve the business goal that sets them apart from the competition.

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6) F1studioz

f1 studioz

F1studioz creates world-class designs that have benefited many companies. They are a trusted design partner. They help companies achieve their goals & increase engagement with their UX design strategy.

The company was founded in 2012 and is based in both USA and India. It has a team size of 51-200 with an aim to help businesses create a highly engaging and delightful User Experience.

Some of the achievements/awards that they have received are

  1. Best UX agency(Silver) for three years consecutively in 2017, 2018,& 2019. 
  2. Top 50 teams across the world on the dribble in 2017
  3. Great User Experience by the FinancesOnline year 2017 & 2018. 



WANDR follows a creative, and innovative product strategy and UX/UI design. The services that they provide are design system, User onboarding, UX Audit, UI/UX design, design thinking workshop, and startup MVP. 

WANDR was developed in 2017. With practice of over 5 years, they have excelled in the craft of working with B2B SaaS companies. WANDR has a specialized team that focuses on reducing churn. The team researches whatever the company demands and then makes it user-friendly. 

For WANDR to reach this point they have looked and followed some steps; Discovery & User research, User flow & wireframes, UI/UX design, and Usability testing. Forbes has also mentioned them. They are a small team that has benefited many big enterprises and also many start-ups.  



Agente offers clients full-stack development with experience in UI and UX for web & mobile apps. They have helped many B2B brands and have won many awards. Their recent achievement was in 2020 when they were awarded Top Mobile Design Company. 

Agente was founded in 2009. Their niche includes eLearning, eCommerce, travel, and healthcare. They know and understand the value of building a strong relationship with their client.  

9) Creative Navy

Creative Navy

Creative Navy has been ranked top 10 global UX agencies from 2017 to 2021. This agency adds value to digital products. They as a team have a planned and structured strategy that creates wonderful experiences. They design mobile experiences, web interfaces, and GUI for embedded devices.  

Their work can be stated to cater to users’ needs, prototype an idea, design a new product, and improve a digital product. The UX design prevents errors and copes with complex scenarios that affect millions of transactions per second. OLX is a famous and trusted brand that has trusted them with the UX/UI design for their company. 

Creative Navy has international clients like Telenav, Electorent, World Customs Organization, discovery channel, the University of Sydney, the Government of Canada, and the OECD too.

10) Futuro Team


The Futuro team builds products that make sense. Their services include UX research, UI and UX design, rapid prototyping, MVP prototyping, web app development, mobile-cross development, and support for all creations. For every field, they had a solution to every problem. Futuro invests and focuses more on startups. 

Futuro was founded in 2017. They build products for startups and mid-sized companies. From simple mobile apps to huge SaaS platforms and marketing websites, they strive to deliver products that people love.

Comparison Of The Best UI/UX Design Agencies In The USA

When you are choosing a design agency to design your app it is important to compare and analyze various options available to you to choose the most suitable one for your business.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Clay 10 – 49 13 $100,000+ $200 –


Custom USA
Frog Design 1000 – 9999 53 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Custom USA, India, UK, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden
IDEO 250 – 999 31 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Custom US, UK, Germany, China, Japan
Ustwo 50 – 249 18 $50,000+ $150 – $199  Custom Sweden, UK, USA, Portugal, Japan
Ramotion 10 – 49 13 $50,000+ $100 – $149  Custom USA
F1studioz 50 – 249 10 $10,000+ $25 – $49  Custom USA, India
WANDR 10 – 49 9 $25,000+ $150 – $199  Custom USA
AGENTE 50 – 249 13 $10,000+ $25 – $49  Custom USA
Creative Navy 10 – 49 12 $5,000+ $100 – $149  Custom UK, Switzerland, Germany
Futuro Team 10 – 49 5 $10,000+ $50 – $99  Custom Germany

Wrapping Up

Design is something that attracts people to your product and helps to keep them engaged. To get a proper design one needs a talented and vetted agency that you can trust to understand your vision and have expertise in your industry.

GoodTroopers can help you find the idlest UI/UX Design agency based on the requirements and niche of your platform while saving you from the tedious task of shortlisting and searching for suitable agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions About UI/UX Design (FAQs)

How does a good user experience help businesses to grow?

A good User Experience is crucial for any online platform. It helps to improve the bottom line. A Good UX helps in growing brand value, and market for any business.
Design is something that everyone looks at when they interact with your platform. Design can help you bring your app to heights or lead to a downfall so it is important to have a good user experience. It has been said that every dollar invested in UI/UX design leads to a $100 in return.

How much does a UX design for an application cost?

There are many criteria and valuable steps on which the cost is calculated. These steps are the scale of the project, nature of the project, the requirement on any platform, technology, and design involved and also the delivery date, as the rate differs based on timeframe as well.

What is the timeline or time taken to complete a UX/UI design?

A typical design could take up to 2-3 months to 6 months if the size of the project is small whereas if the project is a bigger one then it can take up more than 6 months or even an year.

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