How To Build An App Like Raya in 2022

Build An App Like Raya

It is a very old practice for humans to look for another person with whom they can share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and affections. It would not be wrong to state that virtualization has taken over even this walk of life. In the 21st century, dating applications have become almost as essential as health tracking applications. Almost every other person is trying to find a person they can share their life with. It is these dating applications that have made it so easy that it would not be wrong to consider them as the lifeline of the dating culture of this era. 

Even though the inception of dating applications is not something brand new, the response of the people in general towards the applications has always been a mixed bag. Some people find it genuinely helpful, while others claim it to be a total wastage of time. In order to sum up a dating application, it is not really different from other social media applications, considering the fact that it has a community of its own kind.

There are certain users who have rejected the idea of reaching out to people over clubs, social gatherings, and whatnot to find potential partners. These dating applications strive to present them with a platform where they can forge genuine relationships with people who are looking for the same connection as them. Some of the most prominent dating platforms, such as Raya, have proved to be a great help for people trying hard to find companionship.

Considering the technical and financial aspects of dating applications, the user base is expanding day after day. It is a profit-making industry that strives to bring improvements in technology for a better user experience. Even if a certain segment of people is repulsed by these applications, the statistics have suggested that these applications are here to stay. In the year 2019, the dating market was over 3 billion dollars, and the number has been just increasing ever since. 

If you wish to build a dating application that can help you in order to gain great profits, it is strongly advocated that you must try to understand the complete model and outlook of Raya. Down further in this article, you can learn about the growth timeline, business model, and much-needed information as to how you can build an application just like Raya. Read on in order to be able to plunge right into the details.

Growth Timeline

Among all of the dating applications, Raya is considered one of the most elite dating applications because of the various features it has been offering to its users. It is a membership-only application, thus, eliminating the number of people who just use dating applications for the sake of it. The application was initially launched back in the year 2015. 

As per the information stated on the website, one can use the Raya application in order to have better networking, find a potential partner to date, and even make some new friends. However, over the years, the elite dating application has become a celebrity hotspot. Kelly Osborne, Joe Jonas, Cara Delevigne, and Trever Noah are some of the celebrities who have been spotted on the application. The motto of the application suggested that “ Why to go to a party that lets everyone in.” This elitism is something that has created hype among the people, which forces them time and again to be a part of this application, and it does not cease to make huge profits. 

Raya application makes money by charging the users a membership fee of 7.99 dollars every month. Even though this is not crazily expensive, it prevents unwanted users from becoming a part of the community. Even since its launch, the application has been making profits. It has helped a great number of people to find their own tribe. Jared Morgenstern is one of the initial investors of the application. 

The investor ended up making about 1.2 million dollars from the application. Soon after its inception in the year, the application started modifying its features, and by the end of the year 2016, it acquired Chime, a video messaging startup. The annual revenue of Raya is more than $100k, which is enough to prove the success of the dating application. 

Business Model of Raya App – Workflow and Revenue Model

Whether you are planning to create a dating application or a random delivery application, it is highly essential for you to understand the business model of the applications you have been successful in creating a benchmark in the industry, this way, not only you can grass the better aspects of that application, but you can also learn from their mistakes, so you do not commit them. 

If you are someone who is looking to create an application similar to Raya, make sure you go through the business model of the application mentioned below.


First of all, as a user, you are required To download the application on your respective devices and create a profile for yourself. This can be done by setting yourself up. Enter all of the necessary information needed in order to create an attractive profile. 

While the users of other applications might be busy swiping left and right, Raya filters out applications by making use of the statistics available. Hence, the application does not help in bringing together people who are like-minded. Instead, it makes sure to bring people together who will be more compatible with each other considering the available statistics.

Revenue Model For An App Like Raya

How Does An App Like Raya Make Money

 Since it is a well-established fact that Raya is An Elite membership-based application company, most of its revenue is generated by the membership fee paid by the users to be on the platform. However, make sure that you are not fooled by the fact that this is the only possible way for the application to generate revenue. The following is a list of pointers comprising different ways by which Raya has been making money since its inception in the year 2015. read on in order to dive right into the details.

  • Google Ads

The text ads from the Google application are highly prominent all over the world and likewise are an essential part of the revenue generation for Raya.

  • Membership

The application charges a reasonable amount of 7.99 dollars to allow them to use all of the premium features and functions of the application. This is one of the major streams responsible for the whooping revenue of the application. 

  • Paid Features

Even though it is a membership-only application, there are certain features that can be enjoyed by the users after paying a certain amount of money. These features are a one-time purchase so that you do not have to pay up every time you use them. Send real-time flowers is one simple example of the paid features.

  • Sponsored profile

Another way through which Raya is making money is through sponsored profiles. If a user wishes to make sure that his or her profile is reaching out to a greater audience, then they can reach out to the platform to get a sponsored profile for a petty amount of money.

All of the above-mentioned ways are the reason behind the whooping revenue generated by Raya. 

Features List for a dating app like Raya

Features List Of a Dating App Like Raya

User’s App

  • Register and Login Securely
  • Profile Verification
  • Location based matching
  • Chat and Meet Requests
  • Upload pictures and other personal profile data
  • Add sections to profile via drag and drop
  • Manage User Profile
  • View Matches and Suggestions
  • Send and accept requests
  • Respond and decline requests
  • Customer Support
  • Create Private Photo Album
  • Manage Profile Privacy and visibility
  • Report and block users
  • Reward points
  • Push notifications and alerts

Admin Panel

  • Secure Login
  • Verify Customer Profile
  • Manage customer invites/ rewards
  • Affiliate and Partnership program
  • Membership package
  • Manage Email and SMS marketing
  • Run promotions, discounts and offers
  • Multiple currency support and payment integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Push notifications and notification via email
  • Manage membership levels
  • Moderate content via CMS
  • Track revenue
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Manage Menu/pages/screens
  • Add/ manage moderators

How To Build An App Like Raya

Building an application as successful as Raya is a tough nut to crack; however, if you are planning to follow all of the steps that go into building such a majestic application, it is safe to state that you will find no difficulty in building an application that can offer the investors with great revenue. 

The following is a list of dedicated pointers that can help you in order to build an app just like Raya. Read on in order to learn more details. 

  • Research
    Before you even start with the process of creating a dating application, it is highly essential that you take significant time in order to understand the current market and the general expectation of your user base. Real-time data is available for you to make use of. 

There are numerous surveys being conducted every other day to help you get a better grasp of what the users of a dating application expect. Once you learn about the actual demographics, motivations, behavior patterns, and goals, there is nothing that can stop you. 

  • Documentation
    After you have completed your research to come up with the blueprint for your dating application, the next obvious step is to head out for the documentation. Even though this is one of the most essential parts of the entire process, many application creators end up skipping this part.

    You may not feel the heat from skipping this step initially, but as you gradually move on with the building of the application, you will realize that documentation is highly essential, and it will streamline your process immensely once you have come up with the right research and data to back up your elite dating app. This particular step will make sure that you do not miss out on any of the essential information. Jot it all down and analyze the progress of your application as you move forward.
  • Creating the Backend

Since the documentation and research part of the application has helped you get a better grasp of the facts as to what you actually need in order to make your dating application the best of them all, you must start working on the creation of the backend. The better optimized your backend is, the easier it will be for you to incorporate multiple features that will attract a larger number of users. 

Hence, it is strongly suggested that you make use of the state of the art technological support in order to create a backend for the application which is more optimized than the other dating application backend. It will also help you ease up on the maintenance expenses of the application. This is the point in time where you can successfully shape the nature and device compatibility of your application. Incorporating more devices will help you attract a larger number of users.

  • A Basic Prototype

While many creators move past this step, it is essential that you create a prototype that will not only help you in order to visualize the application but will be able to make necessary changes at the right point in the creation timeline. This will help you in order to save a lot of time and resources. 

  • Design
    Design is one of the most essential aspects of any dating application. If your interface is not catchy enough, it won’t be able to offer a better user experience. The more features and accessibility options you will be able to incorporate in the application, it will be much easier to get hold of more users.
  • App Development

Now that you have all of the answers to the right questions, you can develop your app step by step. This step will take care of the user interface creation, and you will go through a number of iterations in order to develop the application. It is quite possible for you to encounter numerous bumps down the road, but if your research and documentation have been flawless, it will be much easier for you to get a hold of the application within a definite period of time.

  • Testing

After you have successfully developed the application, the next step is to test it for various possibilities and situations. While you may find app development a challenging part of the process, the testing is the part of the process where you need to be absolutely vigilant so as to not miss out on any glitches or bugs. It is advocated that you should be reaching out to the experts in order to get the testing done for better results.

  • Deployment

After the testing team has given a heads up to the application, the only thing left is to deploy the app on play stores for the users to download. Connect your user interface with the backend in order to deploy your application.

Once you are connected with the server-side, you are good to go. Along with the deployment, it is also necessary to offer a grievance section for the users so that you can keep track of any problems the users are coming across in order to have a good experience with this application.

If you are planning to cover both the Apple iOS play store as well as the Android Play Store, it is suggested that you make sure your application is optimized for both platforms as they immensely vary from each other.

  • Maintenance

You can never just deploy an application and let it exist on its own. It is essential to come up with different security patches and updates so that the application is running smoothly. In order to offer better maintenance of the application, making necessary communication with the users to get a better hold of what we really need is the key.

Find Vetted Teams For Your Project With GoodTroopers


Suitable Team Structure to Build a Dating App Like Raya

  • Front End and Back end Developers
  • Android and iOS Developers
  • Project Head
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Quality Assurance Expert

Technology Stack To Build a Dating App Like Raya

Application and Data

  • Angular JS


  • Google Analytics 
  • Send Grid

Business Tools

  • G Suite
  • Zendesk

Tips to Make A Dating App Like Raya

Check out these tips in order to make sure that your dating application is the best of all.

  • It is essential to keep up with the research and make sure that you do not  try to create a mixed bag of all the dating applications you come across, chances are it will create a great loss and eliminate functionality from your application.
  • Allow the users to  to protect their personal space and  report the profiles which are not following the norms of the application.
  • Take insight from the users as to what they are looking for in a dating application.
  • Ask the users to clear their intent before creating a profile on the dating application.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Building A Dating App Like Raya (FAQs)

Q1) Which are some successful dating apps like Raya?

A1) Some successful dating apps like Raya are Happn, Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge among others.

Q2) How do dating apps like Raya make money?

A2) Dating apps like Raya make money using the following methods:
1) Subscription
2) Ads
3) In-App Purchases
4) Premium Plans

Q3) Who keeps the code for the app once the development process is done?

A3) The owner of the app gets to keep the code after development but they need to have a team in the backend to keep the app running smoothly.

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