How to Easily Build Uber For Tow Trucks App

Build Uber For Tow Trucks App

Traveling by car and visiting new places is enjoyable until your car collapses. In this scenario, you can either try to fix the problem yourself or call for assistance. Often people have to travel to the nearest repair station with their vehicle. But what are you going to do? Some road help services may not be very useful for you when searching online. This is when a mobile app for towing or road help is available.

It’s quite normal to feel stuck and anxious when your car breaks down. You can, however, use a tow truck and a road assistance application simply and get professional help right away instead of worrying or asking for help. These applications offer truck towing and car repair services at all times and anywhere. All you need to do is select the required service (dead, flat pneumatic, towing, etc.), share your exact location, and confirm the request with a few mobile taps. A tow truck or professional mechanic will come to your destination to bring your car to the nearest garage.

As on-demand app solutions increase in popularity, customers are looking for advanced services that provide enhanced comfort. You can develop your own Uber For Tow Trucks application if you’re a tow truck driver or want to join the on-demand app bandwagon. This helps you to serve your clients in need effectively.

In this blog, we examine different aspects of launching your own on-demand tow truck or understand the costs involved.

What Is A Tow Trucking Business?

Help on the road or Tow Trucking mainly means supporting people who travel on the road and need help if there’s anything. If someone travels by his car, for example, and the tire of the car gets perforated suddenly. There is a roadside assistant who will come in exchange for a specific fee and provide professional repair services. The roadside support business has now gained a new boom and has become a potentially smart investor area.

Aid on the roadside is not limited only to car aid. It actually has a wide scope based on various issues and sites. Road transport is currently the most common mode of transport. And with thousands of vehicles on the road every day, some are bound to encounter difficulties and require assistance on the roadside.

How Does Tow Trucking Business Work?

It is quite easy to operate a road assistance app. Users must first log on and configure their profile for the app. You can simply sign up and enter your exact location if you already have an account. You can then select and send requests to the nearby service providers. The services are available on request.

Once the requests have been sent, a suitable service provider will accept these requests in close proximity and will immediately send its mechanic or a towing truck. Within the app itself, the users can make use of the service and pay securely.

Tow Trucking Business Stats in 2021

The development of Towing apps will improve consumer loyalty and is an ideal solution for corporate touring. We provide you with an entire solution that allows you to build a Tow app that offers powerful features, such as roadside assistance. The tow trucking application solutions we produce are also fully responsive, meaning that your app is operated on various smart devices with various operating systems. To deliver a complete solution, we create on-demand towers like Uber/roadside assistance.

In addition, it is divided into various major regions: Latin America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The Asia Pacific will most likely emerge as a highly viable and productive area for road front support businesses during 2019–2027 in the context of this region-based categorization.

  • Popularity has increased in road support and the towing industry. In large parts this can be accredited to the sudden increase in vehicle numbers over the last ten years.
  • Too many road vehicles have also increased the number of accidents following, leading to a breakdown of vehicles.
  • Moreover, many people have skipped regular vehicle service sessions with busy and hectic schedules. Again, this has led to the need for road aid applications.

Benefits Of Tow Trucking Apps For The Users

  • Feature-filled

The towing and road aid apps have a variety of useful features that provide a seamless user experience including real-time tracking, in-app call, payment integration, and ratings.

  • Rapid and immediate help

The users can expect assistance within 15 to 20 minutes on confirmation from the service provider, particularly in metropolitan cities. Users no longer have to wait for the repair service for a few hours.

  • Security

While all towing apps are equipped with built-in payment gates, the payment methods are fully secure to protect privacy. Users can therefore make payments quickly and efficiently without worrying

  • Affordability

Reserving a service provider via these apps is much cheaper than seeking someone directly on the internet for help. In addition, before booking the service users can get a price estimate to get a fair idea of the costs ahead of time.

  • Priority service

The priority list for immediate need services is followed by most towing and road support apps. For example, the highest priority is given to services such as the supply of cars, tire change, vehicle tows, replacing batteries, and replacement of key services.

Business Model For Your Tow Trucking App

  • Roadside Assistance Centre: 

With this business model, you can easily offer your top-notch on-demand roadside assistance services to carwrecked customers quickly and efficiently. It also helps to streamline your business operations by managing all the staff, booking, and payments through a powerful dashboard.

  • Single Service Aggregator

This involves developing an app like Uber for Tow Trucks. It helps to manage any one of the high-demand service verticals such as tire replacement, towing, refueling, mechanical repairs, etc. from within the app.

  • Multi-Service Aggregator

A significant example of multi-service aggregator apps is With this, chosen providers can easily provide their stranded drivers with all sorts of roadside support.


Revenue Model For Tow Trucking App

  • Subscription Plan

The app manager can offer different subscription plans to both customers and service providers, in exchange for a small fee. Different app facilities and discounts are provided based on their plans.

  • Commission

This is a common way of generating revenues when the customer pays the administrator a commission fee for a booking every time. The fee can be fixed or variable according to the type of service.

  • Featured Listing

The listing feature is a very popular technique of monetization. The service providers pay the admin fee for the app’s top sections. In other words, for an additional charge, the admin recommends customers with the services of the particular provider.

  • Sell Advertisement

The managing director is able to display promotional ads for a specific fee for third-party service providers. The fee can be based on factors such as clicks, impressions, etc.

  • Waiting TIme

The service provider sometimes has to wait a while because the user cannot tow the vehicle immediately. In this case, a waiting fee will be charged to the user. And the administrators can retain a certain proportion.


Features List for an Uber for Tow Trucks App

Customer’s App

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Service list
  • Location Sharing
  • Add Vehicles
  • Cost information
  • Real time notifications
  • Seamless Payments
  • Reviews and Rating
  • SOS panic button

Driver’s App

  • Easy Login
  • Real Time Requests
  • Availability Status
  • Job Details
  • Built in Navigation
  • Collect Payments
  • Driver Dashboard

Admin’s App

  • Secure Login
  • Dashboard
  • Tow trucks/ Fleet Management
  • Driver/Service Provider Management
  • Customer Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Rate and Pricing Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Suitable Team Structure to Build Uber For Tow Trucks App

  • Android developer 
  • iOS developer with some related software skills
  • UI/UX designers
  • Testers
  • Business analyst (BAs)
  • Project Supervisor

Tips To Turn Your Tow Trucking App Into A Success

It is inevitable for your app to pass the criteria mentioned above to ensure a reliable and successful product.

  • Reduce customer waiting time

The lowest waiting time should be required for developing all road support applications on demand. All users requesting assistance on the road would be in a hurry and clearly will not have the time to wait a long time. A low-time assistance app not only improves the customer experience but also encourages brand loyalty.

  • Analyze problems and provide appropriate solutions

You must put yourself in your customers’ shoes before developing any towing support application and identify the kind of problems they might encounter in the event of a vehicle failure. This helps you to develop leading-edge solutions that guarantee a good customer experience.

  • Maintain it

Every customer who uses your app is in an emergency. They will therefore have no patience to undergo complicated and time-consuming reservations. It is therefore important to keep the interface of your app simple and easy. This will ensure that already stranded customers don’t have to undergo further navigation difficulties.

  • Improve the app by feature building

Many functions can be used on applications and thus a list of functions available on your tow truck app may be available and you will need to determine the functions needed for the app. For this, because of a lack of patience in the customer, you might have to question how important features like the chat feature are while filing your complaint. A function should be provided to ensure that the app can be shared by inviting users to contacts on the phone or social media. Regular updates to the app could help improve the application’s performance so that customers can reserve a tow truck easily when they want it.

  • Be Better than Your competitors:

The launch of a tow truck is relatively new, but since all services have now shifted online, competition for a tow truck application like Uber will definitely increase and there will be no option other than to be aware of other apps that could be launched and try to provide a better experience for customers than any other app. Instead of the customers, the app will be installed and used. You can also look at the other applications and try to improve certain features they have for customer convenience. You can also offer a higher ranking of features and functions than others.

  • Get a Tester Before The Development

A structure and layout should be decided in advance for an application to work in order to be fitted. The alignment between characteristics and functions performed to enable these characteristics is therefore determined. For example, the company may be thinking about the things that customers need to do when booking a towing truck or complaining, but if the company does not try to replace them and attempt functions to enable different features, they will not know whether it is convenient and easy for customers to navigate the application.

  • Reduce customer satisfaction waiting time:

Any tow truck creator on-demand should develop an application with the lowest waiting time. This is because the use of these services is hurrying and they no longer have time to spend on an unmanageable and torturous application. A low-waiting app improves customer satisfaction and improves business outlook. According to reports, customers around the world spent over $6 billion on roadside assistance.

  • Analyze problems and offer solutions:

We have to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers before developing a tow truck reservation application and analyse the problems they might be facing if they are stuck in a broken vehicle. After exploring all potential problems, their solutions need to be added to the app to ensure that customer experience is satisfactory.

  • Keep it simple:

As customers who are going to use your app are in an emergency, you should have easy access to the tow truck booking app. The focus should be on providing solutions that can offer customers with convenient and simple services. A simple and efficient app is an excellent platform in this mobile application competition age to improve business services.

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Cost Breakdown To Build An Uber For Tow Trucks App

Here is an estimated cost breakdown to build your own Uber for Tow Trucks App:


Core functions User login system, service booking facility, payment integration: 160 hours
Fare estimation  32 hours
Customer profile  48 hours
ETA – Estimated Time for Truck Arrival 40 hours
Verification  8 hours
Review and ratings 16 hours
SOS panic button 16 hours
Cancel/edit booking 24 hours
Current truck location 24 hours
Total effort 368 hours


Core functions Driver registration, fleet tracking, user management, booking, reporting – 160 hours
SMS verification 8 hours
Auto offline 16 hours
Profile activity/trip history 40 hours
Interactive map and navigation system 24 hours
Service type 24 hours
Billing and payment details 30 hours
Total effort 302 hours

The hourly rate may vary depending upon the region of development:

USA: $50-$200 per hour

Europe: $20-$100 per hour

India : $10-$30 per hour

Overall estimate for a single platform app would be $10,000-$20,000 and for a cross platform app it would be $45,000.

Wrapping Up

The hassle of finding towing vehicles and repair services in the event of an emergency have been overcome on demand by roadside assistance applications.. More and more brick and mortar shops opt to expand their client base on the online platform. If you want to invest in the fast-growing market for roadside aid, time is ripe. In order to build a robust app and enter this booming market, you must contact a reputable app development firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Building an Uber For Tow Trucks App (FAQs)

Q1) How do Uber for tow trucks apps make money?

A1) The various ways by which such an app can generate revenue is as follows:
1) Verification fee
2) Banners
3) Waiting charge
4) Referral Commission
5) Cancellation Charge
6) Membership Privilege
7)Premium Membership
8) Minimum Booking Amount
9) Commission

Q2) How do I find the right developers for my app?

A2) You can search for developers in your area who understand your vision. You can also connect with developers online and through us. You can discuss your idea with them and get a quote.

Q3) What are some famous Uber for trucks apps in the market?

A3) Some famous apps are Convoy, Rivigo , Transfix and GoShare among others

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