Top InDriver Like Clone App Development Companies

On-demand services have picked up pace in recent years. On-demand taxi services are one of the best performing domains in the on-demand category. InDriver is a prime example of capitalizing on the opportunities of on-demand taxi services. 

In case you are planning on developing a clone of the InDriver app for your taxi and delivery business this article is for you. We are bringing you top companies involved in InDriver clone app development. You can go through this article to form a better idea on the InDriver clone app development companies and select the best one fitting your requirements.

What is InDriver?

InDriver is a ride booking app that allows passengers and drivers registered on the platform to negotiate the fare before the service. The app is not limited to only taxi services, it has also made its presence felt in delivery services. The app makes money through charging a fee for each transaction on the platform.

Why Invest In An InDriver Clone App?

Developing an app is a long long process and jumping into the process without even a plan can make it even longer. So if you are planning to start your own on-demand taxi services and delivery services business it is best to invest in the development with a prepared idea. 

InDriver is already an established and well-known startup. Cloning this app can not only fasten your development process but also make sure your app is of highest quality. You can also invest your money to buy ready-made InDriver clone solutions available in multiple companies.

Perks of buying a ready-made solution is that it is tested and tried and you can get a demo at the very beginning.

How We Picked Our InDriver Clone Development Companies List

In order to select these companies we have focused on multiple factors-

  • Company’s Track Record- We have filtered all the companies based on their track record. We have only selected the best InDriver clone app development companies having a minimum of 2 years of experience in developing clone solutions, and a highly experienced management team running the processes.
  • Performance Of The InDriver Clones- We have performed an in-depth research to bring you only the best options in InDriver clone development companies. We have assessed the performance of the clones’ ourselves. We verified the workflow, user interface and the overall user experience to determine the performance.
  • Clients- We have also gone through the clients of these InDriver clone app development companies. We have assessed how many clients of these clone development companies have a combined rating of 4 or 5 in rating platforms like Clutch, and Goodfirms.

Top InDriver Clone App Development Companies


Founded In- 2012

Appicial is one of the most experienced companies in developing clone app solutions. The company excels in the on-demand services industry. With their expertise in the domain they offer off the shelf and custom solutions for your business requirements. Appicial offers you ready-made InDriver clones as well.

Features Appicial Integrate In InDriver Clone-

  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple language support
  • Fare negotiation
  • Passenger to rider
  • Live tracking
  • Accept or reject rider
  • Roles manager for Admin
  • Diver verification
  • Reports


Founded In- 2016

Oyelabs is one of the advanced companies to enter clone development services. Oyelabs has a highly experienced workforce that boasts in-depth knowledge of on-demand services. The ready-to-launch InDriver clone by Oyelabs can be customized as per your requirements and business needs. Oyelabs’ wider client base ensures their service standards.

Features Oyelabs Integrate In InDriver Clone-

  • Manual dispatch option
  • OTP based login/registration/verification system
  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • In-app chat
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple payment options


Founded In- 2005

V3Cube is a company offering completely dedicated services for on-demand app clone development. Rich experience in the on-demand industry and a team of experienced developers makes V3Cube one of the most credible app development companies. V3Cube not only develops InDriver clones but also offers your ready-made solutions for the same.

Features V3Cube Integrate In InDriver Clone-

  • Face recognition login system
  • Fingerprint recognition login system
  • Graphical status
  • Video call
  • Passenger limit
  • Face mask verification
  • Driver reward
  • Analytics
  • Ads integration

Factors To Consider For Hiring InDriver Clone Development Company

InDriver clone app brings a number of opportunities but all these opportunities can only be availed if you select the right clone development company as your partner. Here is list of factors you need to consider before hiring a InDriver clone development company-

Service Quality- Reliable partners ensure smooth processing of any task. So a company’s reliability must be assessed before handing them your InDriver clone development project. For assessing their record you can go through their portfolio, client testimonials and even track the performance of their previous projects.

Modules- In case you are planning on buying an already built InDriver clone you must ensure the company will provide all the modules you need to run your on-demand taxi or delivery services smoothly. So it is recommended to ask beforehand about the modules they will deliver.

Cost- Not just service quality and modules are needed to be ensured about. Cost is also one of the key factors you must focus on. Ensuring the cost of developing or even the ready-made InDriver clone app must be within your budget. You can ask for a quote by sharing your requirements.

Experience- Experience always makes a positive difference in developing an app. You need to check the companies if they have any prior experience in developing a clone app or to be more specific InDriver clone app.


Que. How much will it cost to build an InDriver clone?

Ans. The development cost of an InDriver clone app depends on factors like- features you want, modules you need, platforms you want the app for, technologies, development team size, development process’ longevity and many more. Contact GoodTroopers to share your InDriver clone app requirements and we will bring you the best offer. 

Que. What is better: buying a ready-made InDirver clone or developing one?

Ans. Both the options bring you value like buying a ready-made solution will be time saving, you can select after going through the demos, and developing one will help you integrate the features you need, and you will also receive all the modules you need. So, it is up to you and your priorities to decide the best option between buying a ready-made InDriver clone or developing one.

Que. Where to find the best ready-made InDriver clone?

Ans. We got you covered in this too. Share your InDriver clone app requirements and we will guide you in selecting the right InDriver clone app.

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