Top iOS App Development Companies in Poland (Compared)

Top iOS Development Companies in Poland

It’s critical to find the ideal team of developers who can help your company cut costs and increase income. You should look for professional app development companies that have dealt with the issues of iOS development in the past. 

There are several factors to consider while looking for the finest IOS App development firm to meet your project’s needs. Find the right team who helps you generate revenue, increase income, and boost customer loyalty.

To save your time, the professionals have already researched & curated a list of Top iOS and iPhone App Development Companies based in Poland. 

Find The Best iPhone App Development Companies In Your Region:

List Of Top iOS Development Companies in Poland

Top iOS Application Development Companies in Poland

1. Netguru

Netguru products have been featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt. Other than the service of Mobile App Development (iOS Development), they provide other services too; Web Development, Custom Software development, Web Design, and Cloud Computing. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2008 250-999 Poznan, Poland  $25,000+

Netguru creates digital products that allow people to accomplish things in new ways. The industries Netguru focuses on are Financial, Retail, Real Estate, and Medical. Their key Clients include OLX, Volkswagen, Moonfare, Damak, Finstreet, Temi, shine, and Tourlane.  

2. Andersen

Andersen offers a team of professionals who have worked with multinational corporations to tackle complicated problems. They have over a decade of experience in this field. Healthcare, Financial Services, and Logistics are their top three industries.

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2007 1,000-9,999 Krakow, Poland $10,000+

They also offer Custom Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation, and UI/UX Design in addition to mobile app development. Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, GlobePayroll, TUI, Marvel, S&P Global, and Parabellum are some of their most important clients. 

3. Droids on Roids

Droids on Road is a long-term partner for startups and Enterprises. They deliver the first demo app within 7 days. They have a strong background in Fintech, Business, Mobile commerce, and the Internet of Things. They have talented professionals.  

Founded (year) No of Employee Headquarters  Minimum Project Size 
2011 50-249 Wroclaw, Poland  $50,000+

They are solely devoted to the service of Mobile App Development. The industries they focus on are Business Services, eCommerce, Consumer Products and Services, and Financial. Their key clients include Giphy, CCC, Veepee, HoneyBee, Skybuds, Loops, Electric Objects, LiveChat, and Nestle.  

4. FiveDotTwelve

FiveDotTwelve creates world-class mobile applications. They work hard to understand your business goals and drivers before quickly developing, implementing, and deploying best-in-class, fit-for-purpose solutions.

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2015 10-49 Lodz, Poland  $25,000+

Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide Web Development and IoT Development services. The industries they focus on are Arts, Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, Marketing, and Telecommunication. Their key Clients include Onoco, Squaddy, Knuaf, Sober Grid, Totalbet, and Cosinus. 

5. Atmosphere Apps

Atmosphere Apps collab with organizations to innovate products. Atmosphere Apps combines your content with its tried-and-true technology to provide your audience with a unique experience. They have more than a decade of mobile development experience to create a robust mobile framework.

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2001 10-49 Rzeszow, Poland   $25,000+

Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide the service of Web Development. The industries they focus on are Business Service, Financial, Education, Media, and Medical. Their key clients include Zimmer Biomet, University of Florida, Haymarket Media, Konika Minolta, and BioPlus Speciality Pharmacy. 

6. Future Mind

Future Mind is flexible enough to jump into and meet the specific needs of your project at any time. This is because of their project management experience and dedicated full-stack staff. They can help with design, development, management, and testing, among other things.

Founded (year) No of Employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2008 50-249 Warszawa, Poland  $10,000+

Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide Web Development, Custom Software Development, and Product Design services. The industries they focus on are Retail, eCommerce, Business Services, Real Estate, and Consumer Products & Services. Their key clients include Virgin Mobile, Zabka, LPP, EE, Getin, and Continental. 

7. Hatimeria

Hatimeria is a Software Agency with over 10 years of experience. With a high degree of commitment and a business-oriented approach, they assist their clients to improve their eCommerce, designing apps from the ground up, optimize page speed, and penetrate new markets.

Founded (year) No of Employee  Headquarter  Minimum Project Size 
2009 10-49 Krakow, Poland  $50,000+

Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide E-commerce, and Web Development services. They solely focus on the eCommerce industries. Their key clients include Babauba, Bedre, Nætter, iBoats, Bamigo, and The Rake.

8. Angry Nerds

Angry Nerds have completed over 250+ projects. They are the coolest brand among all iOS development companies. They have a team of Analytics, Engineers, and Artists. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2015 50-249 Wroclaw, Poland  $10,000+

The services they provide are UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, and Web Development. Their key clients include Homedot App, Cats and Dogs App, NeoTaste, Epaka, and Pasibus. 

9. Tivix

Tivix specializes in Mobile and Web Applications. They develop enterprise-grade software that is scalable, secure & truly reliable. Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide Custom Software Development, Web Development, and UI/UX Design. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2008 10-49 PERYDOT, Poland  $50,000+

The industries they focus on are Financial Services, Information Technology, Medical, Retail, Non-Profit, and Business services. Their key Clients include NATO, Apple, United Nations, and SolarCity.

10. ImpiCode

ImpiCode creates Mobile and Web applications. They have delivered over 40 projects to companies, organizations, individuals, and Startups. They help you to start from scratch to even help an existing business. Their key clients include Planet, AVLab, Sodexo, eFitness, RCC Nova, Loximide, and Winner Europe. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2017 10-49 Warszawa, Poland  $5,000+

The services they provide are Mobile Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, and IoT Development. The industries they focus on are banking and fintech, the pharmaceutical sector, logistics, science, and other areas. 

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Comparison Of The Top iPhone & iOS App Development Companies In Poland

Here is a complete comparison table by the experts at GoodTroopers to help you make an informed choice while choosing the most suitable iOS App Development Team for your business.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Netguru 250-999 14 $25,000+ $50-$99 Customized Poland
Andersen Inc 1,000-9,999 15 $10,000+ $25-$49 Customized Germany,UK and Poland
Droids On Roids 50-249 11 $50,000+ $50-$99 Customized Poland,UK,USA
FiveDotTwelve 10-49 7 $25,000+ $50-$99 Customized Poland
Atmosphere Apps 10-49 21 $25,000+ $100-$149 Customized Poland, USA
Future Mind 50-249 14 $10,000+ $50-$99 Customized Poland
Hatimeria 10-49 13 $50,000+ $50-$99 Not Disclosed Poland
Angry Nerds 50-249 7 $10,000+ $50-$99 Customized Poland, USA and Canada
Tivix 10-49 14 $50,000+ $50-$99 Not Disclosed USA,Poland,UK,India
Impicode 10-49 5 $5,000+ $25-$49 Customized Poland

Factors to consider while looking for an iOS Development Company

Factors to consider while looking for an iOS Development Company

Because of the great demand, numerous organizations provide the same mobile app development services. They do not, however, have programmers who are capable of delivering the needed results. As a result, you’ll need to choose a reliable and competent iOS development firm. And this isn’t a simple task.

You are an SME, a start-up, or an enterprise-grade corporation, regardless of your company type. Choosing the correct partner for your business might help you efficiently reach the customer base you’re after. This article will assist you in identifying and hiring the best technology partner to provide you with the most intuitive and intelligent solutions to redefine your digital experience.

We have listed some of the factors that you should consider while looking for an iOS Development Company. 

  • Brilliant Technical Knowledge

Whether you’re looking for a mobile app developer for iOS or Android, the development team must have professional domain expertise and appropriate experience to help you get the most out of your app idea. iOS technologies and frameworks such as Swift, Objective C, Cocoa framework, and XCode have required knowledge for developers.

They must also be familiar with the development tools. Developers must be enthusiastic about their work. When you have a dedicated staff, you can expect them to go above and beyond to achieve amazing outcomes. 

  • Strong Reputation in the Market

What is the company’s background and what is its profile? Before making a decision and investing in an app development company, you should ask several questions. You should take a close look at the business. Some factors that can assist you in determining a company’s reputation include:

  1. The number of staff
  2. The year it was established
  3. Their portfolio of work.
  4. Their current location

You should know the company’s details because it will offer you a decent notion of their reputation. You can also look at their ratings and reviews on various sites. It’s a good approach to figure out which company makes the greatest iOS apps.

  • Should have a Specialised team for iOS Development

It is more expensive to develop and certify iOS apps than it is to design and certify Android apps. The same is true for programmers. When looking for an iOS app developer, make sure to ask if they have a dedicated staff that specializes in iOS development. It’s because you require a business that can handle your project with ease. 

You might decide to interview some of the team members to make a better judgment. Another option is to look at the company’s portfolio to see what kind of work they’ve done outside of the development team. Other team members, such as developers, managers, designers, and testers, must be checked on. It’s to assure that you’ll get the project on time. 

  • Agile Development

Many app development companies use the agile process to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Even if it is late in the development process, the team permits any changes to the requirements during development. It’s because they’re attempting to increase the quality of the final product. Daily scrums will guarantee that the tasks have a thorough understanding of the development process. When communication barriers are closed, the best designs, architecture, and design emerge. 

  • Right Tools

In the process of developing apps, many technologies, frameworks, and tools are typically used. The main programming languages used in app development are Objective C and Swift. When looking for a trustworthy iOS app developer, make sure they use the most up-to-date tools. They should also be able to keep up with current events and outperform their competitors. When deciding what technology to utilize for your project, the company should assist you in making the best decision. They should also make certain that your project has a high return on investment.

  • GDPR Compliance 

When you sign the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are improving data security. The GDPR holds app development companies to a higher standard of accountability. It also helps to have more consumer-friendly language in the privacy terms and conditions. When you sign the GDPR, the company’s privacy policy is completely transparent to you. It signifies you’ve taken substantial steps to safeguard the data of your users. 


The above-listed companies have been Researched & Shortlisted by the professionals at GoodTroopers. These companies have been listed on the basis of their ranking, performance, Google Review, service, location, pricing model, and other things. 

The above-listed companies in order claim that one is superior to the other. All these companies can help you excel in your field.

GoodTroopers can help you find the right fit after understanding your requirements. Finally, if you have any suggestions/recommendations then feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding IOS App Developers (FAQs)

Q1- Average cost and time for iOS Development project in Poland.

Ans- iOS Application Development Cost: $25 – $149 per hour depending on skill level and 500-1200 Hours depending on the complexity of the Project.

Q2- How To Choose The most suitable iOS App Development Company for you?

Step 1- Let GoodTroopers know about your project’s requirements and other details, and we’ll find you the right match.
Step 2- To finalize the Company, you can ask them the Following Questions in the meeting set by us-

  • How do they assign responsibilities and how well-trained their team is to do the assignment?
  • How enthusiastic they are about your app concept?
  • If they can keep your brand’s identity with their goods, that’s a plus.
  • How willing they are to collaborate closely with you on all aspects of the product?

Q3- Why Should I Hire iOS App Developers?

Ans- Following are the Reasons to hire a professional IOS App Developer:

  • High Revenue from iOS Apps- According to statistics, iOS app developers can earn more money than Android app developers.
  • Higher Customer Retention- According to MoEngage, up to 56% of users delete apps within the first seven days after their installation.iOS app developers have the technical know-how to create a quick and fully functional app and they can also assist you in increasing user engagement and retention.
  • Security of the sensitive data- Hackers are now focusing their attacks on smartphones and tablets rather than desktops and laptops, as the number of mobile users continues to grow. Working with a professional iOS app development company will ensure that your app is secure and that your data is protected from external dangers.

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