Top iOS App Development Companies of Sweden (Compared)

Top iOS App Development Companies of Sweden in 2022

Looking for the best IOS app development companies on the market with whom you should connect for your IOS App? Finding the right team of developers who can reduce the cost and boost revenue for your business is important. You should look for experienced app development companies that are experienced in dealing with the challenges related to iOS development. There are a lot of aspects to cover in order to find the best IOS App development company that perfectly fits your project requirements.

To save you from the hassle, The professionals at GoodTroopers have curated a list of Top iOS Application Development Companies based in Sweden based on the company’s knowledge and experience in IOS App Development.

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Top IOS App Development Companies Based In Sweden

Top IOS App Developers Based In Sweden

1. Bontouch

Bontouch has won awards for its excellent performance. Other than Sweden, they also serve in North America, Europe, China, new york & London. The products that have been created by Bontouch are used by over 50 million people in 196 countries.  

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2007 50-249 Stockholm, Sweden  $100,000+

Other than mobile app development, Bontouch has also expertise in the field of Web development, UI/UX development, custom software development. They have partnered with brands like Coca-cola, Post-it, Swedish Railways(SJ), Swish, Post Nord, SEB. 

2. Softhouse

Softhouse builds apps and products and helps companies develop. They follow a simple strategy of putting ideas into products and then converting the product into companies.  

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Avg, Hourly rate
1996 50-249 Stockholm, Sweden $25-$49/hr 

Other than Mobile App development, Softhouse also focuses on Custom Software Development, Web Development. The industries on which they focus include Gaming, Business Service, Government, and Telecommunication.  

3. Techravity

Techravity has a dedicated team that delivers tailor-made software solutions. 

They create custom software for the web antd mobile platforms. They also create workflows and systems to digitize traditional workflow processes.

Founded (year) No of Employee Headquarter  Minimum Project Size
2018 10-49 Stockholm, Sweden $5,000+

They provide a suite of white-label digital solutions and strive to get the clients to market as quickly as possible. Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide IT Strategy Consulting, Web Development. 

4. Youpal AB

Youpal is a Swedish IT company that provides customized solutions to various international companies. They focus solely on IT and avoid all other distractions. They want to provide a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience by connecting great tech talent with great employers.

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2016 50-249 Stockholm, Sweden  $50,000+

Other than Mobile App Development, they also provide services that include Web Development, HR Services, UI/UX Development, Custom Software development, E-commerce Development, and Web Design. Youpal focuses on industries that include, Financial, Informational Technology, and Government. 

5. Creative Brackets 

Creative Brackets is a digital agency that helps its clients to reach their goals. The services that Creative Brackets provide are Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Website Development, Website Management, Graphic Design Service, and SEO. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum Project Size 
2015 10-49 Gothenburg, Sweden  $1,000+

They focus on industries that include Consumer products & services, Business Services, IT, Financial, Retail, and Hospitality. 

6. AdzSpec AB

AdzSpec AB is a Digital Agency. Their team includes marketers, project managers, highly skilled developers, and digital artists. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Avg. Hourly Rate 
2020 50-249 Stockholm, Sweden $25-$49/Hr

The services that they focus on are Mobile App Development, AR/VR Development, E-commerce development, Custom Software Development, Graphic Design, AI, UI/UX Design, IoT Development, Web Design & Web Development, and SEO.   

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7. Daytona

Daytona designs innovative digital products and services with one thing in common: measurable results, using strategy, design, technology, and a borderline pathologic interest in the Internet. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Avg. Hourly rate
2002 10-49 Stockholm, Sweden $150-$199/Hr

The services that Daytona provides are Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web Development, and Custom Software Development.  

8. Kingstinct

Kingstinct creates mobile and web apps that include an engine. Their vision is to improve the world through technology. They accomplish this by creating Great Products and assisting their clients in creating Great Products. They place a premium on working on High Impact projects.

Founded (year) Avg. Hourly Rate  Headquarter  Minimum project Size 
2013 $100-$149/Hr  Vasteras, Sweden $10,000+

The services that Kingstinct provides are Mobile App Development, Web Development. The industries that they focus on are Customer Product and Service. They cater to both enterprise and small business clients. 

9. Digital Dividend

Digital Dividend is a full-service design and development firm based in Sweden, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan. It began in 2007 as a Microsoft.NET Agency, focusing on custom development for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Founded (year) No of employee  Headquarter  Minimum project Size 
2007 50-249 Vasteras, Sweden  $5,000+

Over the years, they have expanded their portfolio to include Native iPhone and Android development, MERN, and MEAN stack, React Native, and Flutter. The services they provide are Mobile App Development, IoT Development, Web Development, and Custom Software Development. Their key client is Abdul Latif Jameel.  

Challenges Faced In iOS App Development

Challenges Faced In iOS App Development

Anyone can create an iOS app using Apple’s iOS developer kit, which is updated on a regular basis. However, iOS developers face some challenges when developing an iOS app, such as

  • Eligibility 

If you want to distribute your app on the App Store, you must be 18 years old or older and pay a membership fee of $99 USD per year. This can be a significant challenge for new developers who are just getting started with iOS development or for someone who is simply experimenting with an idea. Furthermore, the age requirement can be a barrier for young developers who are talented but do not meet the age requirements.

  • App Store Rejection 

Apple is very strict about app quality standards in the App Store and has established clear guidelines that an app must follow. Your app could be rejected for one of the following reasons: 

  1. Poor performance
  2. Safety issues
  3. Lack of information about the app
  4. Copy of any existing app
  • Compatibility of Device

Apple has released 14 iPhone models, and each new iPhone includes significant hardware and software updates. Developers must constantly learn about new features in new versions and update their apps accordingly; otherwise, the app will not run on the most recent iPhone. Although it takes longer for a new iPhone to be released when compared to an Android, developers must still be aware of major changes in newer iOS updates and iOS challenges.

  • Resource consumption 

An app has limited resources available to it, and it must minimize the use of critical resources such as the battery, CPU power, and memory, or else it may interfere with the device’s proper operation. This may prompt the user to uninstall the app from the device or give it low ratings, which may have an impact on the app’s popularity in the App Store. 

To make the best use of resources, the app should be free of major bugs and contain no unnecessary code. The emphasis should be on testing the app and removing bugs as quickly as possible. Developers are sometimes required to create two versions of the same app in order to make it compatible with both low-end and high-end devices. This can lengthen development time and increase development costs.

  • Requirement of hardware & software

The most difficult aspect of developing an iOS application is that the Integrated Development Environment used to create them is only compatible with Mac computers. To create an iOS application, a developer must have a Mac device. This hardware constraint forces the developer to build on a specific platform, which adds to the difficulty.

  • Storage issues 

When developing an application for a specific version of iOS, we must keep in mind that the same version runs on various iPhone devices, each of which has a different level of capacity and memory. There are applications and games that take up a lot of storage space. Even if their smartphone is compatible, users are unable to use those applications or games.

  • Battery performance 

Battery drain is a serious issue that affects a large number of Apple users. iOS developers must ensure that their applications do not perform any unnecessary procedures that drain battery power. Battery and performance optimization, which is a difficult task, should be carefully considered, particularly when a new iOS adaptation is released.

  • UI/UX Design 

Engineers must keep end-user requirements and feasibility in mind when developing an iOS application. They must ensure that the UI contains only the necessary features in order for the functionality to be easily understood. Apple has always provided its users with high-quality products; developers must maintain the quality of their apps or users will be dissatisfied.

Comparison Of The Best iOS App Development Companies In Sweden

This comparative breakdown of the most reliable iOS App development teams in Sweden can help you choose the most suitable app development partner for your application.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Bontouch 50-249 15 $100,000+ $100-$149 Custom Sweden,USA,UK
SoftHouse 50-249 26 Not Disclosed $25-$49 Custom Sweden
Techravity 10-49 4 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom Sweden, Canada
Youpal AB 50-249 6 $50,000+ $50-$99 Custom Sweden
Creative Brackets 10-49 7 $1,000+ $25-$49 Readymade Sweden, Serbia
AdzSpec AB 50-249 2 Not Disclosed $25-$49 Custom Sweden
Daytona 10-49 10 Not Disclosed $150-$199 Not Disclosed Sweden
Kingstinct Not Disclosed 9 $10,000+ $100-$149 Custom/Readymade Sweden
Digital Dividend 50-249 15 $5,000+ $50-$99 Custom/Staff Augmentation Sweden, Pakistan,USA, and UK


The above-listed companies have been researched and shortlisted by the professionals at GoodTroopers. 

The research has been conducted on the company’s service, experience, ranking, location, pricing model, and other things. These companies have the potential to help you excel in your field. 

The above-listed companies in no manner claim that one is superior to the other. They are all the best on the basis of their industry and various project specifications. 

GoodTroopers can help you find the right technology partner for your iOS App by understanding your project requirements. Finally, if you have any suggestions/recommendations then feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Developing An IOS Application (FAQs)

Q1- How much cost and time on an average does it take to complete an iOS Development project in Sweden?

Ans- iOS Application Development Cost: $60 – $150 per hour depending on skill level and 500 Hours on average depending on the complexity of the Project.

Q2- How Do I Choose The most suitable iOS App Development Company for my business?

Ans- Step 1- Contact GoodTroopers with your Projects Requirements and other Details like budgetary specifications and let us find you a Perfect Match.
Step 2- To finalize the Company, you can ask them the Following Questions in the meeting set by us

  • It’s a benefit if they can preserve your brand’s identity with their products.
  • How eager are they to work closely with you on every area of the product?
  • How do they delegate tasks and how well-trained is their crew to complete the task?
  • How excited are they about your app concept?

Q3- Why Should You Hire iOS App Developers?

Ans- Following are the reasons to hire IOS App Developers-

  • Security of the sensitive data- Hackers are now focusing their attacks on smartphones and tablets rather than desktops and laptops, as the number of mobile users continues to grow. Working with a professional iOS app development company will ensure that your app is secure and that your data is protected from external dangers.
  • Higher Customer Retention- According to MoEngage, up to 56% of users delete apps within the first seven days after their installation. Experienced iOS app developers have the technical know-how to create a quick and fully functional app.
  • High Revenue generated- According to statistics, iOS app developers can earn more money than Android app developers for businesses as they generate more revenue and provide a higher return on investment.

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