Top UI/UX Design Companies in UAE in 2022 (Compared)

Top UXUI Design Companies in UAE

A user-friendly and easy-to-use design is essential for every digital product. New users find it much easier to embrace a mobile or web UI that is straightforward to use. Having an experienced in-house UX/UI designer or hiring an outside user experience design agency or company makes a lot of sense.

It’s critical to have the right team in place to cope with the problems and assist you in increasing revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and encouraging your audience to connect with your content.

To save your time and energy, the professionals at GoodTroopers have researched and curated a list of Top UI/UX Design Companies based in the UAE.

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List of UIUX Design Companies in UAE

Top UI/UX Design Companies in UAE in 2022

1) GCC Marketing

GCC Marketing uses innovation and creativity to bring out the best in your business. They have a highly skilled team of professionals. They provide a wide range of expert assistance and advice to guarantee that your project goes smoothly and is completed on time and on budget.

Founded (year)  No of employee  Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2009 50-249 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

Besides UI/UX Design, they also provide E-Commerce Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, and Custom Software Development. Their key clients include Esstee Fashion, Cultiv8, MyBrand Perfumes, Al Furqan Trading, UDrive, Sahara Motors, RedBull, and  Aber Group. 

2) Iktomi

Iktomi is a growth-oriented innovation firm. They are dedicated to resolving business problems through improved design execution. They believe that combining design thinking and data analytics to create a superior user experience can give our clients, partners, and investments a true competitive advantage.

Founded (year) No of employee  Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2011 2-9 Dubai, UAE  $5,000+

The services Iktomi provides are UI/UX Design, Branding, Web Design, and Web Development. Their key clients include  UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Masat, JLL, Google, MBC Group, Qualcomm, Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishment, CityStars, and PBS. 

3) Generator Design Agency

Generator Design Agency follows comprehensive guidance for the design process. They offer a wide range of interactive experiences and prototype talents that can help you make a meaningful brand experience a rewarding investment. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2018 2-9 Dubai, UAE $1,000+

Other than the UI/UX Design service, they also provide Web Design and Branding. The industries they focus on include Advertising, Business Services, Education, Arts, Entertainment and music, IT, Media, and eCommerce. Their key clients include Ooredoo, 249 studio, Weest, London Design Week, and ADPC.

4) Intcore

Intcore has helped over 70 businesses in growth & development. They also provide products like Event Management applications and systems, E-Commerce Mobile applications & E-Commerce websites, newsletters, and Content management systems. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2014 10-49 Dubai. UAE  $5,000+

Besides UI/UX Design, they also provide services like Mobile App Development, Web Development, and IT strategy consulting. The industries they focus on include Government, eCommerce, Educational, Medical, Financial Services, and Automotive. Their key clients include the Ministry of Education (UAE), Ministry of Health (KSA), Ministry of Communication (EGYPT), First Abu Dhabi Bank (Egypt), GIZ (Germany NGO), EFG Hermes (Egypt), Americana Group (Saudi Arabia Kuwait Jordan UAE), SMAAT (Saudi Arabia). 

5) Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle has three areas of expertise. Design and develop high converting websites, help drive relevant traffic and leads to these websites, and Convert that traffic into increased sales and revenue. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2004 10-49 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

Other than UI/UX Design, they also provide Web Development, Content Writer, SEO, and Social media marketing services. The industries they focus on are hospitality & leisure, Business services, and eCommerce. Their key clients include Redro, Rove Hotels, and The Meat Co. 

6) Start Design

Start design believes in simplicity, relevance, & brilliance. Their team of professionals collab with their clients from worldwide. The industries they focus on are financial service, Retail, supply chain, and telecommunication.  

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
1996 10-49 Dubai, UAE $25,000+

Other than UI/UX Design, they also provide services like digital strategy, branding, web design, and graphic design. Their key clients include  Barclays, Puma, du, EITC, Virgin, Adidas, FootAsylum, and SevenStor. 

7) Mobiiworld

Mobiiworld is a full-service firm that provides design, development, testing, and distribution of apps across all major app stores, including the Apple App Store, Android Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, and others. Unique mobile strategy, award-winning concepts, original designs, engaging user experiences, and the extremely stable, secure code we produce are all examples of our value. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2010 10-49 Dubai, UAE $25,000+

Other than UI/UX Design, they also provide services of mobile app development, custom software development, Web development, and E-Commerce Development. Their key clients include Global Village, Steppi, Dubai Police, Ajman Freezone, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, and Lymo. 

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8) Stylemix

Stylemix has worked with different companies, from start-ups to enterprises. They have worked on over 1,000 projects in 20 different industries. They design and develop from the beginning of the project to turn it into an amazing product,  

Founded (year) No of employees  Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2004 50-249 Dubai, UAE  $1,000+

 Other than UI/UX Design, they also provide services of custom software development, E-commerce development, web development, and web design. Their key clients include Air. one, Carmalik, Cruxinterfacing, PayStub, Optimal Access, Stenn, Heavyequipmentseller, Bmaxkopen, Planesearch. 

9) Chacra Software Solution

Chacra saves you from the three biggest problems, cost, time & communication issues. They make everything easy with best code practice, documentation & testing. The industries they focus on are advertising & marketing, arts, entertainment & music, education, gaming, legal, medical, retail, and eCommerce. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2018  2-9 Dubai, UAE $1,000+

Other than UI/UX Design, they also provide services of mobile app development, web development, custom software development, web design, AI, and Social media marketing.

10) AP Group

AP Group is a leading IT Technology service provider. They handle the clients’ work from planning to delivery. They serve a complete range of IT solutions from start-ups to enterprises. The industries they focus on are eCommerce, advertising, education, medical, and real estate.  

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2013 10-49 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

Other than UI/UX Design, they also provide services of mobile app development, e-commerce, SEO, Social media marketing, and Web development. Their key clients include Skinbliss, and NCP.

Why is UXUI Design important for your business

Why is UI/UX Design Important For Your Business?

The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design of your product will determine its conversion and, as a result, its success. The emotion your customer receives when interacting with your product is referred to as user experience. Users will remain loyal to your company if they have a meaningful, enjoyable user experience, and you will gain greater insight into their experiences.

Here are the reasons why it is important. 

  • Conversion rates increase 

The procedure is straightforward and reliable. You will get there with high-quality UX UI design, whether you want to be contacted by prospects, sell a product, attract subscribers, or drive downloads. To reduce bounce rates and convince clients to do the action you want on your page, the user experience must be excellent.

  • Trust, loyalty, and credibility establish with good UI/UX 

Because it defines how consumers engage with your products on their journey to attaining their goals, good UI design encourages user involvement. Creating a stronger link between your clients and your product is easier with a seamless UI UX. Customer happiness is strongly influenced by a website’s usability.

  • ROI maximizes

A wise investment in UX UI can pay off handsomely. According to Forrester Research, 50% of potential sales are lost due to a user’s inability to discover the necessary information. Only one out of every ten users looking for a way to check out will contact the support personnel directly. The remainder will be used to develop more user-friendly solutions. A good user experience design allows the user to arrive at their destination faster, and a pleasant experience is worth 1000 feedback.

  • Customer acquisition improves 

You must persuade your customer that your service is priceless. In business, client acquisition is a crucial indicator. User experience is one of the techniques to attract new loyal clients.

The more enticing your solution is, the greater your competitive edge over your competitors will be. You will gain new clients faster and for less money, if you use simple features and provide a seamless experience.

  • Enhances SEO 

The combination of good UX design with SEO is that optimized SEO combined with UX works wonders.

  • Customer retention improves 

Customer retention is making the most of your existing customer base, and it frequently necessitates just as much effort as obtaining new clients. Client retention tactics refer to how a company keeps its customers and generates long-term revenue from them.

Comparison Of The Best UI/UX Design Agencies In UAE

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
GCC Marketing 50 – 249 13 $5,000+ $25 – $49   Custom UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, Singapore
Iktomi 2 – 9 11 $10,000+ Not Disclosed Custom UAE, Spain, Singapore, Turkey
Generator Design Agency 2 – 9 4 $1,000+ $25 – $49   Custom Egypt
Intcore 10 – 49 8 $5,000+ < $25   Custom UAE, Egypt
Blue Beetle 10 – 49 18 $5,000+ $100 – $149   Custom UAE
Start Design 10 – 49 26 $25,000+ $150 – $199   Custom London
Mobiiworld 10 – 49 12 $25,000+ $50 – $99   Custom UAE, UK, India
Stylemix 50 – 249 18 $1,000+ $50 – $99   Custom UAE
Chacra Software Solution 2 – 9 4 $1,000+ $25 – $49   Custom UAE
AP Group 10 – 49 9 $5,000+ < $25   Custom UAE, India, USA


The above-listed companies have been Researched & Shortlisted by the professionals at GoodTroopers.

These companies have been listed on the basis of their ranking, performance, Google Review, service, location, pricing model, and other things. 

The above-listed companies in order claim that one is superior to the other. All these companies can help you excel in your field.

GoodTroopers can help you find the right fit after understanding your requirements. Finally, if you have any suggestions/recommendations then feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions About UI/UX Designing(FAQs)

Q1- Benefit of hiring a professional UI/UX Designer for your App?

Ans- The benefits of hiring a professional UI/UX agency are as follows:

  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Easier to use and more Engaging App
  • Encourages the final stage of the Sale
  • Optimized Development
  • Higher User Retention
  • Higher Return on investment

Q2-Time and cost of creating a UI/ UX design for an application in the U.A.E?

Ans- There are many criteria and valuable steps on which the cost is calculated. These steps are the scale of the project, nature of the project, the requirement on any platform, technology, and design involved and also the delivery date, as the rate differs based on the timeframe as well. On Average, it can cost between 25 USD-150 USD and a typical design could take up to 2-3 months to 6 months if the size of the project is small whereas if the project is a bigger one then it can take up more than 6 months or even a year.

Q3- What is the process involved in UI/ UX designing?

Ans-The basic steps-

  • Identifying the Problem, research on planning an approach.
  • Computing Solutions- Brainstorming test ideas.
  • Starting the Process- Refine, user research, and iterate.
  • Final Stage- Providing the design and functional specifications for the developers.

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