How To Build A Courier Delivery App Like WeFast

Guide To Build A Courier Delivery App Like WeFast

Customer convenience has been redefined through the advent of on-demand applications. The Uber revolution has now spread to various vertical industries.

The delivery of courier is one of those industries which has also changed due to the impact of on-demand services.

In times of booming online shopping and e-commerce, it takes time for robust courier delivery services to address challenges posed by immediate delivery. And in order to do that, you need an advanced application for courier and parcel delivery consisting of all the latest features.

Of course, you must have a strong on-demand delivery solution to emerge as a successful courier delivery company. Something like the WeFast people did.

But how should one be developed?

In this article we will give you a systematic guide on how to develop your own WeFast like on-demand courier application.

But before that, let’s talk about WeFast.

What Is WeFast?

Wefast India is an intra-city courier and expedited service supply application on demand on the same day. Send an order in the App and the system finds the most suitable supplier.

Service of courier delivery Wefast India is a part of a global supply service operating in 10 countries around the world. The towns of Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai have access to this service in India.

You can have your own courier delivery app like WeFast made by experienced and highly skilled developers from world-class companies. Contact GoodTroopers to express what you need and we will connect you with the leading courier delivery app development companies around the world matching your requirements.

Now, How do courier delivery apps work and what are the different business models available for courier delivery apps?

How Does a Courier Delivery App Like WeFast Work?

Well, the step-by-step process of how the courier app works is given below:

  • Application for delivery:
    This involves an application by the customer to deliver the package or courier.
  • Accept delivery:
    This means that one of the delivery agents accepts customer requests to process them.
  • Pickup:
    The consignor shall take the message or package at this step from the above-mentioned location, as requested by the customer.
  • Live tracking:
    This involves tracking parcels in real time through the customer until the delivery of the package.
  • Payment:
    Payment by the customer for the delivery services is part of this step.
  • Proof of Delivery:
    It includes an OTP or digital signature to provide proof of the package delivered.
  • Reviews & Ratings:
    This last and final stage comprises the customer’s evaluations or ratings on the service.

You can create a courier delivery app of the same caliber as WeFast or even better with GoodTroopers. Contact us and just share your expectations and we will find you the perfect app development companies who can deliver you your courier delivery app as per your desire.

Types of Courier Delivery App Business Model

Types Of Courier Delivery Apps Models 

When building a courier delivery app, there are many different business models to choose from. Few of the following business models are listed:

  • Application For Postal And Courier Service

These business models are followed by companies who realise the importance of the mobile app and subsequently exploited its advantage. A few prominent names such as FedEx and DPD use their mobile apps and courier services.

The former has a separate mobile application to serve the same day. The latter also has a complete customer management panel. This panel enables them to generate shipments and to print out package labels.

  • Aggregators for Package Tracking

Data from all companies are collected at one point in this type of business model. The company needs only one application in this business model to track all the packages irrespective of the company. By using its ID, paquets can be added seamlessly. The customer is also updated about the delivery status by push notifications.

Many retailers use these branded package supply applications to gain an edge over their competitors by giving their customers transparency and convenience.

  • Uber-like Parcel Delivery Marketplace

In addition to revolutionising the taxi sector, Uber has also created a successful business model which can be followed and exploited by many industries. One such emulation of this business model in the field of courier delivery is Uber for courier delivery service.

Uber-like courier delivery could be a great success, as for the former Uber for X companies, the traditional business models were disrupted across industries.

We now understand how to construct a courier application in the various business models.

How To Create A Delivery Application On Demand

Whatever approach or business model you choose, building your own on-demand parcel delivery app will never be easy. To do this, you must make various decisions in the correct sequence listed below.

  • Select An Appropriate Business Model

The first step is to choose the business model that is most appropriate. In the on-demand courier delivery business, we have already discussed the major business models. You have to opt for a branded shipping app, a mailing service app or a parcel delivery on-demand.

You should consider several factors to make the right choice, such as your company specifics, audience, long-term goals, resources and many more.

  • Specify Your Company Objectives And Needs

More than just developing a mobile app, you need to begin an on-demand courier service. The specifics, opportunities and needs of your business model must be understood.

You should also consider different factors, like your delivery service’s geography. Responses to questions such as:

  • Is it just in one city, in a whole country, or in the world?
  • What type of shipment are you going to offer?
  • What is the average size, weight and type of packaging you want?

Responses to all these questions will directly influence the scope and functionality.

  • Identify The Right Feature Range

You can begin to work on the practical implementation of your concept after you have completed all the theoretical aspects. You can first set your needs and documents as a priority. A functional specification can be created here to define all your requirements.

Your product’s range and functionality may vary depending on your specification and business model. There are, however, few essential features that must be present in the delivery of couriers and parcels. 

Things To Consider Before Getting Your WeFast-Like App Developed

Developing a messaging application is not enough to succeed as a courier supplier. To successfully complete your business, you must also consider several other factors.

  • Marketing Your App Well

Starting an app will not suffice. You have to promote it aggressively through different media, such as social media platforms, print media, TV, connection, etc. Before launching it, your objective should be to make users curious.

  • Form Deeper Relationships With Your Target Audience

It is important to quickly identify and try to develop a strong customer relationship with your target audience. You receive valuable feedback in return which will help you boost your business.

  • Attract More Clients With Better Offers

By providing profitability promos and offers, you can attract new customers. You need to strategize and consider what offers your target audience would like to receive. You can try a range of offers or a combination of them to see which one works for this purpose.

  • Act On The Feedback You Receive

Feedback is essential because it allows you to view all your client backlogs. In order to continue to improve your user feedback, you need to take immediate action.

  • Personalized messages

Send personalised messages for all offers and promotions to your customers. These messages contribute to efficient customer participation. However, ensure that you don’t send your users limited messages.

Features list of a Courier Delivery App Like Wefast

Must-Have Features To Include In Your WeFast-Like App

You can begin to work on the practical implementation of your concept after you have completed all the theoretical aspects. You can first set your needs and documents as a priority. A functional specification can be created here to define all your requirements.

Your product’s range and functionality may vary depending on your specification and business model. There are, however, a few essential features that must be present in the delivery of couriers and parcels. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Admin Chat

This function allows both the manager and the deliverer to chat with the user to improve customer satisfaction and service quality. This feature supports the continuous communication between suppliers and customers.

  • Premium Delivery

The user can request a quicker delivery using this feature. The user must pay a certain extra price for this service than for normal delivery.

  • Options for packaging

This feature also allows the user to request packaging. The packaging feature makes sure that the package is wrapped so that possible damage is prevented during shipping. The packaging charges may differ depending on the size of the package.

  • Real-Time Tracking

Tracking of the real-time parcel and courier service is one of the most important features. For the admin panel, driver app, and customer app this feature is common. The user can track their package’s location and status in real-time with the customer app.

This tracking feature plays an important role in increasing customer satisfaction because it guarantees that your package is supplied.

This feature also helps the admin to match the driver closest to the package. Furthermore, it supports several routes that allow the user to insert several addresses into the list.

It helps shippers to select the shipping address and the collection point with pinpoint precision as well.

  • Real-Time Push Notifications

Users can receive live updates of their delivery status directly from the application by pushing notifications. These push-releases give users vital information such as the current delivery stage, estimated delivery time, and a change in delivery time if applicable.

In addition, through these notifications, users also receive contact information from the driver and shipper.

Push notifications are also an important tool for involving the parties. To inform customers of different promotions and offers, push notifications are used. In the retention of customers, this plays an important role.

  • Payment Gateways

Another key feature to include in your on-demand mail delivery application is the payments gateway. Bank transfers should be integrated with the system, such as the top wallet and the credit/debit cards.

This payment portal offers the user several methods of payment, like COD, card, and wallet.

This feature not only gives users a digital bill receipt that contains information of importance such as delivery time and date, order ID, item description, charges for shipment, etc.

  • Evaluation and evaluation

The customer can rate the service and write a review of its experience using this feature. Calculations and reviews are important features because they help you review your services.

  • Bonuses and offers

Rewards and offerings are an intelligent and advisable way to attract your customers. Providing individual rewards is a special feature for your customers so that custody increases.

GoodTroopers can help you build your own full-fledged, feature-loaded WeFast-like courier delivery app. Contact us to explore the best options in courier delivery app development companies matching your requirements.

Find Vetted Teams For Your Project With GoodTroopers


The Best Team Structure to Build a Courier Delivery App Like Wefast

  • Native IoS developer
  • Backend Developer
  • 1-2 UI/UX Designers
  • Native Android Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance member

Technology Stack For a Courier Delivery App Like WeFast

SMS and Phone Verification

  • Twilio
  • Nexmo

Push Notifications

  • Twilio


  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Mailchimp
  • Hbase

Cloud Environment

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure


  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Touch and Go

Real Time Analytics

  • Spark
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Apache Flink
  • Hadoop

The Final Development

Now that you’ve decided on the business model and main features, the time has come to develop a mail delivery application of your own.

The UI/UX design, testing, and engineering would also be used to develop your on-demand courier delivery app. The technological stack and tools you’d choose for your application are the only things that would be different.

The app development can be addressed in two ways:

  • Hire a mobile app development in-house team.
  • Find an appropriate, reputable and experienced provider of technology to handle your whole development of mobile applications.

If you do not have the required experience or technical background of software developers, designers, and so on, the second option is beneficial and convenient.

The second option is also helpful if local developers are hard to hire. You can simply rely on professionals with the skills and experience to develop, design, and test all aspects.

Launch And Improve

The full application is a common mistake committed by many people in the first place. The sensitive decision would be to give priority to the characteristics and scope of the project to create the minimum viable product (MVP).

When the MVP is online, you can get valuable feedback as a user once you are live on the Google Play or Apple Store. You can also get insightful information from the reports and analysis that can guide you to decisions based on insight.

Besides a limited number of significant post-launch activities, ongoing improvements and updates should be prepared.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Building a Courier Delivery App Like WeFast (FAQs)

Q1) What are some successful apps similar to WeFast?

A1) Some successful courier delivery apps like WeFast are Dunzo, LalaMove, Shadowfax and Grab among others

Q2) How do I start a business like WeFast?

A2)  You should start by researching if your app like WeFast has a demand and target audience and also if you have a unique value proposition. Once you form an idea all that is needed is a team of experienced developers to turn your idea for the app into reality.

Q3) How do apps like WeFast make money?

A3) Courier delivery apps like WeFast generate revenue using the following methods:
1) Fee for each delivery depending on distance and size of package
2) Promotions and Ads

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