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Guide to make an app like Blackbuck

From its beginning, Uber has been a revelation. The pioneers of Uber have revolutionized the dimension of the taxi business completely. The Uber introduction has shown that the on-demand business model is the real deal and the success has encouraged various entrepreneurs to invest in retaining on-demand business models in various industries.

Uber for Trucks is a similar version of Uber which was developed for the booking of taxis and is responsible for managing the transport business for lorries. Uber for trucks has recently been in high demand and increasing numbers of truck owners are looking to take advantage of this golden opportunity. 

Especially after the emergence of applications such as BlackBuck, which has entirely transformed the on-demand trucking game.

You will be carefully guided in creating an attractive truck app just like BlackBuck through this blog. So, let’s just get into it directly.

About BlackBuck App? 

BlackBuck is the start of a new path of trucks – an organized path that makes hiring and leading trucks easy for every shipper and trucker.

BlackBuck was created in 2015 and was a pioneer in connecting the offline trucking operations with a truck shipper or in restructuring the infrastructure to facilitate payments, insurance, and financial services around trucking. At BlackBuck, we strive to make the reservation of a load easier for millions of lorry owners and to allow shippers of all sizes to reach the right lorry at the right time at the right price – all at a single click.

BlackBuck is now the largest trucking network in India, and our robust ‘Freight’ and ‘Fleet Management’ technologies offer shippers and truckers dependability, efficiency, and smooth experience.

By levying technology to make trucking simple, cost-efficient, and extremely intuitive, Blackbuck plans to target supply chain and logistics inefficiency. Blackbuck is an online platform for trucks and carriers to aggregate goods across cities by connecting carriers to buyers.

These algorithms operate in data science and use machine-learning algorithms for predicting a trucker’s routes and generating the price of a transaction. This helps them to quickly produce these results through price information and routing.

Blackbuck also wants to increase the demand for products and services, thereby enhancing the trucker business and reducing shippers’ costs. Blackbuck has created an efficient price environment that helps both players on the market with advanced technology and clever applications;

By facilitating insurance, enhancing financial security through its Fin-Tech partners, and increasing daily returns for transactions, Blackbuck aims to improve over 300,000 truckers on its grid. They intend to use data technology to predict the number of routes a trucker takes and to assign new commands before it reaches the destination.

BlackBuck’s Growth Over The Years

  • 2015: Blackbuck began operations and collected more than 10,000 trucks from its initial A investment platform. Began the supply partners app.
  • 2016: number of trucks over fifty thousand. Income up 60 percent monthly. App for shippers launched request.
  • 2017: Number of sites over 1000, multiple financing rounds and service platform launch. Start of the fleet owners services app.
  • 2019: 1200 staff, 200 000 lorries and 10 000 shippers. Introduction in collaboration with Acko General Insurance Company of commercial vehicle insurance. Start of the truck drivers application. CNBC Awarded the beginning of the year
  • 2021: On July 22nd, BlackBuck joined the unicorn club after raising a new round of $67 million. Tribe Capital, IFC Emerging Asia Fund and VEF based in Bermuda were at the forefront of the round. BlackBuck is estimated at $1,02 billion as of now, according to some media reports mentioning anonymous sources.

BlackBuck’s Funding Rounds At A Glance

  • Round 1: Accel 5M in July 2015
  • Round 2: 25M from Accel in December 2015
  • Round 3: Sands Capital Ventures pf 70M in May 2017.
  • Round 4: Debt Funding: 6M in October 2017 by InnoVen Capital
  • Round 5: 26M in October 2018 from Sequoia Capital India
  • Round 6: Accel, Goldman Sachs in May 2019 150M
  • Round 7: 7M in November 2019 by Trifecta
  • Round 8: $67 million by Tribe Capital, IFC Emerging Asia Fund and VEF 

BlackBuck App’s Unique Business Model

By addressing the issue of vehicles returning empty, BlackBuck brought about a change in the logistics world. For instance, if a truck is given a journey from Bangalore to Chennai, it will probably return without cargo. To overcome this drawback, the company has designed a model. The trucks registered with BlackBuck are now able to be assigned another trip from the drop location, which means better customer prices, better returns payments, and, above all, a lower carbon footprint.

Efficiency on both sides of the platform is the key-value offering of Blackbuck. Blackbuck has evolved from a shipping “Uber for trucks” into a holistic shipping management solution that provides price transparency, granular tracking, and warranty. Flexible shipping services are also provided – contract-based compared with on-demand, which is essential to encourage carriers to utilize the platform and thus to attract fleet operators.

On the other hand, after delivery has finished, truck owners and fleet operators can constantly return empty hands. The current model of working with local customers means their services outside their specific city are unheard of.

The efficient matching model, on the other hand, makes it possible to transport the cargo by the ‘right’ truck owner potentially increasing its usage and revenue, a service that Blackbuck charges for a commission of between 15 and 20 percent. Blackbuck also offers financing services including early payments and fuel cards – incentives to maintain fleet operators on the platform and other monetization sources for Blackbuck.

Features list of an App like Blackbuck

Features List for a Uber For Trucks App Like Blackbuck

General features 

  • Login and Registration
  • Notifications
  • Payments
  • Ratings and Review
  • Details of Shipment
  • Live Chat
  • Location Features
  • Invoice Management

Carrier Specific Features

  • Manage Requests
  • Order History
  • Digital Documentation
  • Current Orders

Shipper Specific Features

  • Search and Filter
  • Booking Functions
  • Documentation
  • Delivery Confirmation

Admin Panel Features

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Dashboard 
  • Carrier Queries
  • Matching Algorithm
  • Billing and Invoicing Service
  • Trip Log Reports

Suitable team structure to build an app like blackbuck

Best Team Structure to Build an Uber For Trucks App Like Blackbuck

  • Android developer 
  • iOS developer with some related software skills
  • UI/UX designers
  • Testers
  • Business analyst (BAs)
  • Project Supervisor

Technology Stack for an Uber For Trucks App like Blackbuck

Front End

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.JS

Back End

  • Node. Js for Startups

External APIs

  • For navigation
  • Payment Gateway

Tips to make your tow truck app a success

Tips To Make Your BlackBuck Like App A Success

  • Offer The Value Of TIme

Users run low on time at all times. Speed and flexibility are all they want, but their limited smartphone storage is still limited. So, your app must provide a true customer value to achieve loyalty at every step of the unscalable scale.

Your app should act as a single-size solution that can easily be fitted for many situations – online shopping, booking a cab, paying utility bills or reserving a table.

  • Make Your App A Problem Solver

Every application that curates a digital niche is a solution to the problem.

Though it is recommended to think “BIG” when it comes to mobile strategy. Download your questionnaire on the issue you want your application to solve for users and how it is good to simplify their lives. However, remember that your app is the key to keeping it original or improvised on your competitor’s app drawing.

Your application must have a sense of purpose and tick your customer’s requirements boxes. Don’t throw your money down, build a clone application in the sea that is overflowing with apps like a Bermuda triangle.

  • Welcome your Customer’s Thoughts Via A Feedback Channel

In-app communication systems are common in most top-level applications. The ability to improve the user experience is a ready-to-access and intuitive customer service channel.

However, a channel for communication, evaluations, and feedback is essential. You can minimize the chance of negative user experiences and exponentially improve app retention by allowing users to connect to get the right assistance. This not only motivates communication with the user but also prevents negative public opinions by creating an easy feedback channel within the app.

  • Build Your App For Both The OSs

The unwinding success of your app requires the two best-known operating systems – iOS and Android. It is particularly crucial. And a cross-platform app development framework is an effective way to do this.

However, I would like to go with Flutter when it comes to a feature called hot reload that adds flexibility and facilitates app development if you ask my personal choice here. You can view the coding changes with these features without saving your file. The second is a baby from GOOGLE that has very easy to understand, implement, and to have a great future. It is based on the Dart language.

  • High Performance Should Be The End Goal

Low performance leads often to a negative user experience, which costs you sales, brand name, and downloads. It has been found that 80 percent of app users only try to use a problematic or poorly functional app once, according to Dimensional Research. This is why your app needs to work seamlessly.

In order to maintain or improve the user experience, your app must be consistent with its performance. Your mobile app should launch quickly for the first time and remove the wait time for users exponentially. Also, any debug problems, crashes and slow performance must be opened.

  • TEST your app.

It is important to test your app before it starts on the market.

You will probably not be able to use your app the way you want to. For this particular reason, user testing is necessary to get a thorough grasp of how users use your app.

You can also make your app accessible to a wider audience for testing at the later stage of development. It will certainly help you understand the needs of your customers, the context of using the application, and the roadblocks as a key to developing a successful application.

This allows you to collect these in-depth insights to make sure you have the best user interface for the app.

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Cost to Build An Uber For Trucks app like Blackbuck

The cost to build an on-demand app depends on various factors. Here is a breakdown of the cost to build an app like blackbuck:

  Web Development iOS Development Android Development
Total Time 720 hours 530 hours 500 hours
Total Price $36,100 $27,000 $25,000
Price Range North America WesternEurope Eastern Europe Australia
Web Developer  $130-150 $60-75$ $25-$50 $100-$110
IoS developer $110-250 $35-$175 $20-$80 $35-$150
Android Developer $150-170 $70 $35-$50 $110

Depending on the other functionalities you wish to add to your app, the cost may vary and go higher.

Wrapping Up

When you decide to develop an Uber app for cargo transport, there are several things to take into account. But none of them is impossible to manage. You can create an Uber for trucking that succeeds and helps to reduce the logistics burden using the correct team. 

If you have any questions or wish to get a quote, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions to Build an Uber For Trucks App Like Blackbuck (FAQs)

Q1) What are some apps similar to blackbuck?

A1) Some apps similar to blackbuck in the market are Xpressbees, Delhivery, Rivigo and Elastic Run among others.

Q2) How does an Uber for trucks app make money?

A2) The most used way is to charge a fee for every shipment on the basis of size of the package and distance travelled. You may however upload ads on your app too but putting a lot of ads may reduce the trust of the customer.

Q3) What would be the estimated cost for building an Uber for Trucks app?

A3) An estimated cost for a web version would be 35,000 $, for an Android version would be 26,500 $ and the IoS platform would cost around 25,000$. However the costs may vary depending on the features you need and complexity.

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