Top MVP Development Companies of UAE in 2022 (Compared)

Top MVP Development Companies of UAE

A minimal viable product is referred to as an MVP. It’s a type of development technique that results in a ready-to-use application with critical but limited functionality. 

MVP Development costs determine the best business model, get user feedback, anticipate future profits, and secure funding.

After considering feedback from the product’s early consumers after the first version release, MVP Development software generates enough features to test the major hypotheses, and the complete feature set is created and developed.

The most important part of the MVP development process is ensuring the feasibility of the product. It’s equally necessary for startups to test their ideas because they have limited resources and finance, as for large firms to test new products in their R&D departments before full-scale product launch.

To save your time and research, the professionals at GoodTroopers have curated a list of MVP App Developers for Startups, Enterprises, and Organisations. 

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List Of MVP Development Companies of UAE

Top MVP Development Companies of UAE in 2022 

1) Branex

Branex brings up technology to build transformation, and innovation and to cope with the latest trends. They have a team that helps you in increasing your reach, increase revenue, drive sales, and increase customer engagement. 

Founded(Year) No of employees Headquarters Minimum project size
2005 50-249 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Mobile App Development, E-commerce Development, and Custom Software Development. The industries they focus on are Education, Medical, Telecommunication, and Supply Chain. 

2) Diginix AI IT solutions

Diginix has a dedicated team that focuses on providing service and quality development for its clients. They have developed a product for themselves, which has worked well in the market and is still running well. 

Founded(Year) No of employees Headquarters Minimum project size
2013 50-249 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development and E-commerce development. The industries they focus on are eCommerce, Retail & IT. 

3) Blink22

Blink22 is a web & mobile development company based in Dubai. They have worked with almost 13+ countries. They have delivered a wide range of quality work to their clients. They help emerging technologies to help them in building an app. 

Founded(Year) No of employee Headquarters Minimum project size
2015 50-249 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development and UI/UX Design. The industries they focus on are eCommerce, Education, Supply Chain, and Consumer Product. 

4) GCC Marketing

GCC Marketing ensures visibility in their work towards their clients. They have a team that focuses on innovation & creativity while creating any product. They do this to bring out a successful result to their client’s business. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters Minimum project size
2009 50-249 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are E-commerce, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Web Design, and Branding. 

5) Black Ink Agency

Black Ink Agency design, Develop, and plan strategies for their clients. They provide a platform to the startups & big brands that would help them in growing their business. They have a branding team that loves to create and innovate things. 

Founded(Year) No of employee Headquarters Minimum project size
2015 10-49 Dubai, UAE $10,000+

The services they provide are Web Design, Branding, UI/UX Design, and Web & Mobile Development. The industries they focus on are eCommerce & other industries. 

6) Ajath

Ajath adds an extra edge to the work of clients in the market. They provide digital marketing solutions, offer technical support, offer real-life solutions, and make new leads for the business. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters Minimum project size
2018 50-249 Dubai, UAE $10,000+

The services they provide are Blockchain, Mobile App Development & other Application development. The industries they focus on are eCommerce, Education, IT, Medical, Real Estate, & Supply Chain. 

7) Folio3

Folio3 has helped over 500 enterprises, and many entrepreneurs in developing their businesses. They work as a team partner and help you receive the target you want. They are a diverse team of professionals who are experts in diverse fields. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter Minimum project size
2005 250-499 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Wearable App Development, Custom Software Development, SI, AI, and e-commerce Development. The industries they focus on are IT, Medical, Automotive, manufacturing, and e-commerce. 

8) Northell

Northell is a top design & development company. They create products that leave an impact on organizations. Their team knows how to turn your idea into a fine finished product. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters Minimum project size
2019 10-49 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Mobile App & Web Development, UI/UX Design, and Custom Software Development. The industries they focus on are Financial, Medical, Education, and Real Estate. 

9) Zoondia

Zoondia offers innovative solutions to their clients that ensure trustworthy relations among them. They provide additional profit and benefits to your business. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarters Minimum project size
2008 50-249 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Custom Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Mobile & Web Development, SEO, and E-commerce development. The industries they focus on are Medical, IT, eCommerce, Retail & Supply Chain. 

10) App Master

App Master is one of the top digital solution providers. They provide an ultra-rapid & cost-effective delivery cycle. They have excellent experts working towards your projects to ensure a better solution that would benefit your business. 

Founded(year) No of employees Headquarters Minimum project size
2014 10-49 Dubai, UAE $5,000+

The services they provide are Mobile & Web Development, SI, and Enterprises App Modernization. The industries they focus on are Art, GPS, Government, Medical, eCommerce, and Supply Chain. 

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Comparison Of The Best MVP Development Companies Based in the UAE

Here is a compiled comparison of the top MVP app developers mentioned above to help you analyze and choose the most suitable app development company as per your requirement.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Branex  50-249 17 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom UAE, Canada, USA, UK
Dignix AI IT Solutions 50-249 9 $5,000+ <$25 Custom UAE, India, USA
Blink22  50-249 7 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom UAE, Egypt
GCC Marketing 50-249 13 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom UAE, Saudi Arabia
Black Ink Agency 11-49 7 $10,000+ Not Disclosed Custom Canada
Ajath  50-249 4 $10,000+ $25-$49 Custom UAE, India, USA, Canada, Singapore
Folio3 250-499 17 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom UAE, USA, India, Australia, UK, Bulgaria
Northell  11-49 3 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom UAE, Germany, USA, Estonia, Ukraine
Zoondia  50-249 14 $5,000+ <$25 Custom UAE, India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
App Master 11-49 8 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom USA, Argentina


Above listed companies have been researched based on companies’ policies, services, specialties, reviews, pricing models, locations, google rankings, and user rankings.

Choosing the ideal firm for your project will be a lot easier and more time-effective when combined with our vetting process and personal coaching.

The above-listed companies in no order claim that one is superior or better than the other one. Lastly, before your final decision, we would recommend you research your extent to eliminate any pending doubts. 

Finally, these companies have global rankings and reputations but if you have another proposal for a company that should be added to our list, please let us know. 

Frequently Asked Questions About MVP Development (FAQs)

Q1. What are the mistakes that can lead to a startup failure? 

  • Lack of research 

The first cause for MVP failure is that entrepreneurs miss the discovery and planning stages. The product’s discovery phase aids in market research, concept development, roadmap development, and prototype design. However, many organizations choose to skip this crucial stage of designing an MVP and instead focus on analyzing the market and identifying a lucrative niche.

  • Lack of skilled human resources

The absence of skilled personnel, particularly in the development industry, is the second factor for startup failure. It can be difficult to hire skilled developers when the budget is limited. Another factor could be that startups tend to hire specialists owing to a lack of particular knowledge and experience in development aspects.

  • Incorrect choice of the tech stack 

The third issue is intertwined with the second: due to a scarcity of specialists with specific expertise, companies may make a poor decision when selecting the tech stack for their MVP. This could cause the whole development cost to increase, making their MVP too expensive to support.

  • Lack of development steps 

Businesses may miss critical stages of the development process like QA and software architecture owing to short budgets, limited time frames, or a lack of product development experience. It can, however, result in major blunders, lost profits, and even the inability to release MVP. 

Q2. How can we help you in avoiding these problems?

Here are certain factors that we will implement for you to avoid the problems that would lead to no failure of your app or product. 

  • We provide an audit of your existing idea or product 

The goal of MVP product development is to introduce those principles to consumers and seek their honest feedback. We sketch out those concepts and then create a working MVP based on them.

The question we’re trying to answer at this point is what needs or problems the solution addresses. Because of this, our business analysts look at the TAM (total addressable market), PAM (potential available market), competition, and market size.

  • We provide you with a business documentation

A business requirements document outlines the important MVP development services activities that must be completed to satisfy the organization’s goals. It includes documentation of client wants and expectations, as well as the business solution for a project.

The BRD normally includes a stakeholder agreement, a basic tech stack, and development process plan, and a description of how the solution will meet customer/business needs. The BRD is significant because it serves as the foundation for all subsequent project deliverables, explaining the system from a business standpoint.

  • We provide a software architecture 

The MVP development process is incomplete without software architecture. It has a substantial impact on how a new product is designed, manufactured, sold, used, and supported. Simply said, mapping the function to form is an approach for highlighting redundancies and better describing the links between different characteristics.

  • We provide a product roadmap

We decide the scope of the initial version of the product and create a product roadmap when we’ve identified all of the required pieces and features. A roadmap is used to communicate a product strategy and implement product plans. It’s a long-term strategy document that lays out the company’s vision and product path.

  • We build MVP and hand it over to you to test out specific features. 

We can construct an MVP prototype with which we’ll begin to receive feedback once we’ve defined the important features, learned about pressing market demands, and created a roadmap and business requirements documents.

The prototype should not be of bad quality; it should satisfy the user, even if some features are not implemented. The product should be simple to use, visually appealing, and address the primary “pain point” for which it was created.

Q3. What are the benefits of building an MVP from GoodTroopers?

Before starting a product development you should keep in mind that by building an MVP you can reduce the chances of failure in your app. 

  • We test your product on market conditions 

The MVP is almost entirely concerned with research. It allows you to collect the necessary information to begin the development process, then enter the real market and field-test your research data. You can define your target audience and observe how your potential customers react to your product’s concept in practice using the MVP development process.

  • We are cost-effective

It is without a doubt the most significant benefit of a minimum viable product. That’s because you’re not putting a lot of money into the idea before you know how the general public will react to it.

  • We carry forward a transparent work 

The MVP method ensures that the product will be viable once it is released to the market. It is a method of ensuring beyond a reasonable doubt that users will find it appealing, making it almost entirely risk-free.

  • We take minimum time for the product to release on the market 

This is another reason why this method has become so popular in today’s business world. If you use this technique correctly, you will be able to get your product out there in much less time. Because you incorporate feedback at each stage of development, the process is streamlined.

  • We provide you with detailed software documentation

Working with top-tier specialists with hands-on experience in your chosen industry will provide you with not only a tested working MVP with market and competitor analysis but also detailed software documentation with a product roadmap and a complete picture of your product.

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