20 Popular Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Examples in 2022

NFT examples

We love to own things — it’s human nature.

We especially enjoy owning what we think is valuable, whether emotionally or financially. Throughout history, we have struggled to own physical objects. There is a certain attraction associated with the real-life characteristics of the things we own. 

One of the phenomena that has changed our understanding of ownership is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT). There is a blockchain-based approach that proves ownership and authenticity. It’s not an entirely new concept, but relatively recently, fully digital artwork has been auctioned off at an astounding price. 

Innovation comes with both supporters and detractors. Whichever side you are on, we truly believe that NFTs are an exciting new way of digital ownership, and should at least be inspired by it, whether or not it’s large-scale adoption. 

In this article, we will talk about 12 of the most impressive examples of NFTs which we can see in our day-to-day life. But first — let’s understand what exactly NFT is.

What Is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are essentially a form of digital token that is pretty unique in its own ways. This can be anything from audio clips to photos or video games. They are primarily a form of collectibles that are very unique in nature and cannot be exchanged for other tokens like other cryptocurrencies. 

For example, the Mona Lisa painting is one of a kind in the world and there is only one, single, genuine painting. So, as you can see, this picture will hold a lot of value. So even if you take a picture or buy a replica, it won’t be the only original painting. 

The unique type of this token provides value. But it also has to do with the media. In other words, not everyone can sell NFTs at high prices. In order to buy and sell NFTs, your fan base or your fan base must be famous. So, when you buy an intangible token, you take ownership of that asset and can sell it later. 

The top 20 NFTs of this year

Top 20 NFT Examples

#1. Everyday: the First 5000 Days

Until last year, an artist called Bipple was not as popular as expected. But in 2021 he sold one of the most expensive NFT pieces on the market — which turned the tables for him entirely.

The title of the work is Every Day: The First 5000 Days, and undoubtedly, the most interesting thing is that this auction was held at Christie’s Auction House.

The bid actually started at $100, but soon went up and sold for a whopping  $69.3 million! 

Anyway, this is a compilation of Beeple’s first 5000 digital art pieces. In fact, when Bipple started digital art, he hasn’t missed a single day since May 2007. So there are many different styles, content, and media in editing. Some of the first were obviously not up to the level. Nevertheless, the collective value increases tremendously. That’s why it’s the most expensive NFT ever sold. It is definitely one of the valuable intangible tokens of 2021.

#2. CryptoPunk #3100

CryptoPunks are a new kind of creation in the NFT world. In fact, these are the first NFTs ever made on the market, and many after the NFT boom are now selling for millions of dollars! This is why CryptoPunk #3100 is on our list as it is the second most expensive NFT ever sold. 

In fact, these cryptopunks are one of the rarest and belong to a group of nine aliens. There are 10,000 punks in the CryptoPunk store. Besides, there are only 9 aliens. As you can see, these nine are some of the rarest collections. Since this token is also an ERC20 token, it complies with the ERC standard.

The character has turquoise skin and accessories. In this case, it’s a headband, and only 406 punks have this accessory. In addition, it is a rare item that only provides one accessory, so only 333 Punks have one accessory.

So, in terms of type, ornaments, and a number of ornaments, this punk is very rare. Therefore, it was sold for $7.58 million. 

#3. William Shatner’s Personal Memorabilia

William Shatner is a famous actor with over 60 years of experience. In 2020, he launched a series of personal memorabilia in NFT format featuring a variety of photos taken throughout his rewarding career. He sold 125,000 copies in 9 minutes. “It’s a fragment of my life like comet dust,” Shatner says. 

#4. CryptoPunk #7804

Another CryptoPunk is one of the top 10 most expensive NFTs at $7.57 million.  Punk #7804 is another alien, this time with three accessories. Accessories also include Cap Forward, Small Shade, and Pipe. Obviously, only 254 punks come with Cap Forward, 378 punks come with Pipe, and 317 punks come in small shades. But basically, the price is because alien punks are extremely rare. 

Dylan Field brought funk back when the company first started donating 10,000 cryptopunks. In fact, he owns Figma, a tech-focused startup. But why did he buy this punk? Well, he saw the potential of this Ethereum-based NFT and bought it back in 2018 and went for it.

#5. Crossroads

Crossroads is one of the most expensive NFTs on our list. This is another Beeple piece of art and this sale took place a few days before the Everyday Mass Sale. In addition, the artist sold the work to Nifty Gateway. Besides, this isn’t a collection like Everyday, it’s a work of art. As a result, the evaluation of this product makes it more expensive. 

Well, this is a kind of political adventure and a response to the 2020 presidential election. An interesting fact is that the artist made this in two versions. One is for  Trump to win and the other is for Trump to lose. And the video changes according to the election result.

#6. Grimes Releases WarNymph

Popular artist Grimes made $5.8 million in minutes selling his NFT at the end of February this year. A collection of 10 digital assets called “WarNymph” was the product of her collaboration with her brother. 

#7. The First Tweet

The first tweet is on the list of most expensive NFTs for 2021. In fact, CEO and founder Jack Dorsey tweeted for the first time since its inception in 2006. The tweet read, “I’m just setting up my Twitter”. 

And later he sold the tweet for $2.9 million with NFT! Well, judging by the huge popularity of the social networking site Twitter, it’s no surprise that the first tweet got so much attention. This is definitely a new form of asset tokenization. 

However, the founder sold a tweet to Oracle CEO Cina Estav, who thought it was just as important as buying the Mona Lisa. In addition, the CEO sold the tweet to the online auction platform Valuables. You will receive a 5% discount on the selling price according to the rules of the platform. This post will remain on Twitter, but the work is currently owned by Sina. 

#8. Cryptopunk #6965

Another punk on our list as one of the most expensive NFTs of 2021. As mentioned earlier, each cryptopunk has its own characteristics and properties. So this punk is no different from that. Well, here CryptoPunk #6965 is one of those breeds of monkeys. It also ships with Fedora as an accessory. In addition, Fedoras had only 186 people and apes punk had 24 people. So the price is 1.54 million dollars! However, these are similar to ERC20 tokens, not ERC721 tokens.

#9. Nyan Cat GIF

Nyan Cat is a noteworthy internet relic of the 2010s. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the videographer decided to convert it to NFT and auction it off. This video sold for a whopping 300ETH, which is roughly equivalent to  $852,300 at the time of writing. 

#10. Axie Infinity Genesis Land

If you’re interested in virtual games,  you know how much in-game items can cost. However, this Ethereum-based virtual game called Axie Infinity may have taken it to the next level.

In fact, Genesis Land is extremely rare in the game and the price is high. However, community members bought 9 Genesis blocks for a whopping $1.5 million! This makes it one of the most expensive NFTs in 2021. 

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#11. Cryptopunk #4156

The next expensive NFT on our list is CryptoPunk #4156. Yes. Another CryptoPunk is on our list. Another Ape-punk this time around, but this time with an accessory, a blue hood. Of 10,000 punks, only 481 punks have this feature. And now it belongs at $1.25 million to Ethereum address 0xf476cd.

However, if you want to invest in some CryptoPunks as well, remember that you need Ethereum Gas to buy CryptoPunks. 

#12. NBA Shots

Top Shot is an NFT marketplace where basketball fans can buy, sell and trade NBA moments. The most expensive collectible so far is LeBron James against the Houston Rockets, which sold for over $387,000. 

#13. Not Forgotten, But Gone

Would you like to buy a  video clip of spinning gummy bears for millions of dollars? So, here’s what happened to the Nifty Gateway NFT sale. An artist named WhISBe was the author of this piece.

Apparently, he depicts various gummy bears in many creative forms. He also recorded a 16-second video of the spinning skull of a  golden gummy bear, titled ‘Not Forgotten but Gone’. The artist sold this work for $1 million. 

#14. Metarift

This is another Satoshi situation because no one knows who the designer of this piece is. Well, the artist’s name is Pak, but no one knows his real name. Clearly, Mr. Pak was very popular in the digital art ecosystem, and his work sold for $9.441 million because of its mysterious nature.

This NFT art is a series of spherical objects that are rotated in different directions and grouped together. There are other use cases for NFTs like this one. It’s not just limited to art!

#15. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties are similar to Pokemon cards, with one important difference being that they are based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is probably the first widely adopted NFT project, and it happened in 2017. In fact, it was the first blockchain-based game.

#16. PAK

Anonymous Pak is one of the biggest mysteries in the NFT space. Whether individually or collectively, Mr. Pak has been creating digital works for over 20 years. With a whopping 7,889 pieces sold and an average price of $7,222.84, it is recognized by some of the biggest tech names in the world, especially Elon Musk. 

Pak’s work is dominated by monochrome patterns of geometric shapes. Pak’s best-selling work, Metarift, sold for $1,930,366.62, depicts six sphere structures surrounded by what appear to be four-sided strips. 

During the 12-second video, the two structures rotate in opposite directions with metallic shades showing different material shades. Pak also recently partnered with major auction house Sotheby’s to create a global auction firm NFT called Metaverse.

#17. Xcopy

London-based digital artist and cryptocurrency enthusiast Xcopy has sold 1,914 works by NFT. Exploring themes of death, dystopia, and indifference, XCopy’s work includes distorted visual loops and flashing image alerts. Because his work almost always has some kind of flickering light pattern. The average selling price of 

Xcopy was $7,222.84 each, and ‘Some A**hole’ was $5,119,491. The painting depicts a scribbled portrait of the protagonist in a suit with a tie and sporty eyes tied with claws from a nightmare on the socket. You can find many dystopias at reasonable prices with this masterpiece.

#18. Cryptovoxels

Cryptovoxels is a blockchain-based meta-universe that blends social media, gaming, and commerce. The platform describes itself as “a familiar virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain”. Similar to Minecraft, but with more cryptocurrencies. Users can trade land, create art galleries, and interact with other players. 

#19. Nike’s Sneakers

In 2019, Nike Inc applied for and received a patent to be at the forefront of the NFT craze. Nike’s patent allows you to combine physical and virtual sneakers to monetize both models. Owners of virtual shoes can produce shoes in the real world.

#20. Taco Bell’s Charity

Taco Bell recently started exploring the NFT craze by ordering a series of food-based GIFs and images from the menu. Their tokens sold out within minutes of launch. 

Their NFTs were selling for $1 each. They didn’t make any significant earnings, but they certainly caused a lot of buzz on social media. More importantly, all activities were donated to the network’s charitable organization, the Taco Bell Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating To NFTs (FAQs)

Q. How can you create your own NFT?

A. There are a set of simple steps to create your own NFT:
1. Choose a marketplace
2. Create an account
3. Upload your NFT file
4. Set up your digital wallet
5. Set up your sales process

Q. What does Minting in NFT mean?

A. Minting an NFT is how your digital art becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain–an unchangeable and tamper-proof public ledger.

Q. Which is the first-ever NFT?

A. With a mint date of August 7, 2015, Terra Nullius is the first NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

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