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IT companies lose $7 Million worth of revenue yearly because of leads out of their area of expertise resource capabilities and that is where we step up and help them outsource those unserviceable projects to trusted and qualified teams. Also, you can receive solid leads from our Vetted Partner Network by joining us!

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Why Join GoodTroopers?

Forward Projects & Earn Commission

As an entrepreneur, you might have witnessed a scenario where someone might have approached you with an app idea, but you had to decline it due to the lack of resources or lack of expertise?

Big or small — every opportunity missed could compound into huge losses over some time. By joining The GoodTroopers you can earn commission on these leads by sharing them with us.

Get Your Industry-Specific Projects

By joining the GoodTroopers Partner Network you can receive solid and targeted projects based on your specialization and niche.

GoodTroopers provides vetted leads for a nominal commission to save you from the hassle of closing a deal yourself and help you concentrate on the project at hand!

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How To Join The GoodTroopers Partner Network?

1. Registration

Fill out the partnership form below and help us get in touch with you.

2. Onboarding

Schedule a meeting to understand your requirements and share the full style of your company for verification and background check.

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3. Verification

Once your details are verified and vetted by our team, your profile is made live.

4. Verified Partner

Now you can share as well as receive leads through the GoodTroopers Partner Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join Our Partnership Network?

The access to our partnership network is invitation only. We carefully select and vet the teams who register to join our network. Companies that pass through our vetting process are eligible to join the network. 

No Freelancers are listed at GoodTroopers.

Do I have to pay to join the partnership network?

No, joining the GoodTroopers Partnership Network is absolutely free provided that your company passes the vetting process.

Will I receive all the leads available on your platform?

No, you will not be receiving every lead on our platform. All leads handled and  verified by Team GoodTroopers and only vendors that match the requirements of the lead (demographics, tech stack, typical hourly  rate, etc.  are considered). Only those leads that match your profile will be forwarded to you.

Will GoodTroopers sell my expertise and services under their label?

No, GoodTroopers does not sell or advertise your services under our name to clients. As soon as the deal is finalized both the parties involved will be introduced however GoodTroopers may manage and facilitate the project as per requirement.

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