Well I don’t really have to say this out loud — but project managers and other key stakeholders get constantly bombarded by dozens of tasks all the time when building a world class product.

And that is when quality project management comes into play.

After you are done scoping for your project, it is time for you to define the key aspects of your project, through which the entire project can be divided into different sections. 

Thus, enters the 4-D project management system.

The 4 D’s of outsourcing projects

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deploy

Leading a project is one of the situations in which, as a project owner, you have defined the responsibility to achieve something concrete within your organization. 

The success of this thing can affect both the things — your company’s performance and your own reputation. 

Therefore, it is important to follow the right path. Clarifying the goals, objectives, and outcomes of a project is essential to getting a good start and needs to be supported by a well-designed plan.

Therefore, by following these four phases of the project structure, we were able to avoid many common software development pitfalls such as scope creep, timeline creep, and other bottlenecks which teams often face.