You have an app idea.

And it is a great idea – an innovative one, and it is that one idea that could bring your company to the very zenith of your industry. It is the most reliable plan you’ve ever come up with, and if everything goes well upon fruition, you definitely will taste success.

However, you need only one thing — a software development team that will bring your idea to life. 

And picking a decent company with your precious idea is not an easy job.

You know that.

However, if you want a software development agency to work on, and deliver an end product which is even slightly less cynical than you we just described above — you better start treating the hiring process as one of the most crucial parts of your app development journey.

Poor or mediocre proprietary apps create problems that go beyond potential lost revenue. Just in case the app with your name on it doesn’t function properly or doesn’t work at all — it will ruin your reputation in the public eye or the industry. 

If you are lucky, your shame will only last a few months.

If you’re unlucky, you will become nothing but an evergreen joke on the internet like many have been.

So, What Makes Outsourcing Difficult?

The answer is much simpler than you think — scarcity of decent companies. Or perhaps, the oversupply of average companies.

There are more than 10,000 software development companies globally and approximately more than 20 million software engineers across the globe. And these numbers are constantly growing.

This doesn’t help but puts the entrepreneurs like you in a paradox of choosing a company that would work best for them. It looks easy in theory, but it is a very daunting task in reality.

How Does This Guide Help?

In the next 5 chapters, we will talk about our 5-step process that has helped numerous companies across the globe to vet companies and get their business going with our help.

It is all because of this righteous vetting process that we can hand-pick the technology partners for our clients without worrying about the quality — as everyone we shortlist has already passed our vetting process.