TOP 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Utah, USA (Compared)

Digital Marketing Agencies In Utah

Many organizations in a range of industries, such as financial institutions and telecommunications, are now using digital marketing as a growth engine. 

Furthermore, by attracting more web traffic and connecting with customers more effectively over the course of a year, it has the potential to improve revenues by 5% to 8%. 

Let’s look at some Statistics-

  • Marketing teams who document their plan are 313 % more likely than those who don’t to report success.

(Source: 2019 CoSchedule)

  • With digital marketing methods, 75% of marketers boosted their company’s credibility and trust.

(Source:2020, Content Marketing Institute)

This is why the need to include Digital Media Marketing Strategies for your Business is now more than ever.

The reason why you should choose an agency based in Utah- As more internet companies migrate to Utah, it has become one of the more tech-friendly states in the country.

As a result, Utah is becoming known as a center for digital marketing, startups, and business. 

In Utah, there are so many digital marketing agencies that picking one can be difficult. It’s true that decision weariness exists.So, to help you out Experts at Good Troopers have created a list of Leading Digital Marketing Agencies to consider to make your search a little easier.

List Of Digital Marketing Agencies In Utah

Most trusted Digital Marketing Agencies in Utah, USA- 2022

1) Disruptive Advertising

At Disruptive, they’re committed to establishing long-term connections based on your marketing and business results. To create a strong bond and fetch efficient results, equal participation is required from both participating companies. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters Minimum project size
2011 50-249 Pleasant Grove, UT $1,000+

They work with their clients to understand the WHY behind their business, the GOALS they want to achieve, and the IMPACT this will have on their consumers and business; then turn that information into a unique and authentic marketing strategy to get both of them there.

2) Searchbloom

The team works together to achieve a common goal. Integrity, transparency, and results are the three pillars of their company.

Their degree of experience and understanding allows providing our partners with faster outcomes. Every partner they deal with gets a personalized search marketing strategy geared to their business, goals, and budget.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2014 10-49 Draper, UT $1,000+

Their services include- Local SEO, National SEO, Ecommerce SEO, International SEO, Content Marketing and PPC Management.

3) Big Leap

Big Leap, founded in 2008, provides clients with a trustworthy source of organic and constant long-term growth. Big Leap seeks to offer great results every day, based on trust, partnerships, and the long-term success of every customer they deal with.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2008 50-249 Lehi, UT $1,000+

Big Leap is known for its improvement (Inc 5000 awardee for 4 years in a row and MWCN Utah100), marketing success (Impact Award, AMA, and SAMY), and great culture (Inc 5000 winner four years in a row and MWCN Utah100) (Best Company Culture and Best Company for Women).

4) Chamber Media

They develop large-scale digital videos at Chamber Media that generate millions in trackable purchases, tens of thousands of social shares, press coverage, and cultural influence. Hopes and dreams are transformed into videos and realities by the team.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2013 50-249 Lehi, UT $25,000+

They’ve turned several organizations from doing millions in trackable sales to doing tens of millions in trackable sales with packages tailored to the size of their clients. Thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people.

5) Avalaunch Media

Avalaunch Media, situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a full-service marketing agency. They’ve been passionate about marketing and delivering tangible outcomes for clients for over 15 years. Creating and executing marketing strategies that launch their clients and gain their trust inspires them.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2012 50-249 Lehi, UT $1,000+

They can only achieve outstanding achievements because they have exceptional people. Their team includes successful business entrepreneurs, attorneys, MBAs, and professionals with years of public and private sector experience.

6) Manta

Manta is one of the most comprehensive web platforms for small business growth. Its goal is to help small businesses reach their full potential and find new consumers by pushing business online, applying effective SEO, and creating and reinforcing the brand.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
1997 250-999 Lehi, UT $1,000+

Manta provides effective, easy-to-understand products, services, and educational opportunities to help small company owners become more competitive in their particular industries.

7) Linear

They’re a small but tenacious group of 20+ PPC and CRO experts situated in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2013 10-49 Sandy, UT $1,000+

They’re the finest in the business providing services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Landing Page Design, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

8) Riot

They want to shift the paradigm. They’ve established the company around the idea of becoming more than just another provider. They are a marketing, creative, and content business that offers a broad range of services.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2016 10-49 Salt Lake City, UT $10,000+

As a brand partner, they immerse themselves in your industry, remain accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and create award-winning content and creativity for businesses they genuinely understand.

9) Ydraw

They collaborate with businesses who want to create videos that are engaging, original, creative, interesting, interactive, and motivating. Something Amazing = Your Story + Ydraw.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2011 10-49 St. George, UT $5,000+

They not only Focus on creating videos but to provide a full service of marketing and distributing the product. 

10) 97th Floor

97th Floor is a Salt Lake City-based digital marketing agency that has won numerous awards. It has been working in digital for 15 years and has the experience and expertise to help organizations achieve significant outcomes through comprehensive digital strategy.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2005 50-249 Lehi, UT $10,000+

Content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, creative design, analytics, and conversion rate optimization are all specialties. Clients include well-funded startups as well as Fortune 50 companies including Salesforce, AT&T, Filson, SunRun, and Navy Federal.

11) Webrageous

Webrageous stays ahead of the curve in this ever-changing market thanks to its unwavering commitment to its art. They keep an eye on the changing landscape and make adjustments as needed. They optimize every campaign down to the keyword level using the PPC techniques.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2001 2-9 Reno, NV.

Sandy, UT 


They recognize that their client’s success is what will keep them coming back for their services. As a result, they make sure that each of our measurements is targeted at improving the clients’ previous results.

12) SEO Werkz

They are open and honest about their job, and will clearly discuss your deliverables. SEO requires hard work, which they are ready to do and show you the results.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2012 10-49 Riverton, UT Undisclosed

SEO Werkz uses Internet marketing tactics to get their company where it matters. You name it, they’ll handle it: web design, SEO, and PPC.

13) The Draw Shop

They employ a scientifically established formula at The Draw Shop to make animated videos that just work. Uber, Twitter, Google, the United Nations, Lockheed Martin, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Netflix, and others are among their clients.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2009 10-49 Midvale, UT $1,000+

They realize how important it is to create messages that are impossible to mistake in order to attract more customers and keep your audience engaged so that you may be recognized as the best in your field.

14) RED Digital Marketing

At RED Digital, they like seeing their clients succeed. They work with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Content, Social Media, and a variety of other platforms. They claim to be all that you need in a Marketing agency.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2012 10-49 St. George, UT $1,000+

Their main focus is on Lead Capture, Nurture Leads, and Lead Conversion. They have over 20 years of web marketing experience and hundreds of excellent feedback.

15) is a results-oriented online marketing firm. They have over ten years of experience in the search marketing sector and have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as a variety of regionally oriented startups.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2007 10-49 Draper, UT Undisclosed

Their services include- SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Web Design, and Conversion Optimization.

16) Oozle Media

The industry playbooks remove the guesswork from online marketing and guarantee results if you follow Oozle Media’s tried-and-true methods. With their website and paid ad services, you’ll have complete control over your online market.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2007 10-49 South Jordan, UT $1,000+

For-profit colleges, dentists, and professional services are the industries they focus on . Their paid ad services are Google Ads/ PPC / YouTube and Ads on social media.

17) Wallaroo Media

One of the best social media advertising agencies is Wallaroo Media as they work with businesses of all sizes and sectors to develop successful and scalable advertising strategies that help the clients grow.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2008 10-49 Provo, UT $1,000+

They have an in-house team of designers, animators, analysts, strategists, content writers, account managers, and others who collaborate on campaigns for each of the clients.

18) NuEthic

They provide tried and effective ways for scaling your site and complete commerce presence. They have a long list of satisfied clients that been assisted in developing a digital presence and leveraging their digital position.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2010 10-49 North Salt Lake, UT $5,000+

They perform Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google PPC marketing and have assisted clients in achieving a 20% return on investment.

19) Studio1c

studio1c is a digital marketing organization that specializes in personalized internet marketing, SEO, and website creation. It was created in 2007. Customers from Salt Lake City, Chicago, and New York City currently make up a large and rising part their consumer base.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2007 2-9 Salt Lake City, UT $1,000+

Designers, authors, social media managers, SEO professionals, and website developers work for the firm.

20) Stryde

Stryde is a high-end eCommerce digital marketing service that works with business owners and marketing managers to improve funnels, audiences, copy, and creativity to lower customer acquisition costs on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2013 10-49 Lehi, UT $1,000+

They help improve keyword relevancy and attempt to gain links back to the websites to improve search engine rankings. Also, Improve website conversion rates by experimenting with landing and product pages.

In case you have already decided to opt for digital marketing services and yet to choose an agency, GoodTroopers can help you. Contact us and share your needs and expectations and let us bring you the best digital marketing agencies for you.

Find Vetted Teams For Your Project With GoodTroopers


Importance Of Digital Marketing For Businesses

Importance of Digital Marketing for Businesses in the Future

Here are a few ways that digital marketing can help your company grow:

  • Broader reach – Digital marketing allows you to reach your target and potential audiences all around the globe without ever leaving your physical boundaries. Helps in expanding your brand globally and campaigns can be put up quickly and on a shoestring budget to cover the cost of advertising. They can be geo-targeted as well.
  • Increased revenue– When do marketers’ strategies pay off? When they have a high number of website visits and a high conversion rate which can be achieved with an efficient email marketing or social media marketing plan.
  • Brand awareness – digital marketing aids in the development of an online presence that enhances your company’s reputation while also making it easy to locate. Paid commercials are often utilized in campaigns to raise brand recognition.
  • Cost-effective– Digital marketing in the form of social media ads is substantially less expensive than other forms of advertising (such as buying ads on TV stations).
  • Improved return on investment – it seems obvious, but the more traffic your website receives, the more likely someone will make a purchase and invest in what your company has to offer.

Comparison Of Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Utah

Here is a comparison of the best digital marketing teams based in Utah. This comparison can help you choose the most suitable digital marketing agency for your project as per your requirement and capital constraints.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Disruptive Advertising 50 – 249 11 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Searchbloom 10 – 49 8 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Big Leap 50 – 249 14 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Chamber Media 50 – 249 9 $25,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Avalaunch Media 50 – 249 10 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Manta 250 – 999 25 $1,000+ $50 – $99 / hr Custom USA
Linear 10 – 49 9 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Riot 10 – 49 6 $10,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Ydraw 10 – 49 11 $5,000+ $150 – $199 / hr Custom USA
97th Floor 50 – 249 17 $10,000+ $150 – $199 / hr Custom USA
Webrageous 2 – 9 21 $1,000+ $200 – $300 / hr Custom USA
SEO Werkz 10 – 49 10 Not Disclosed $50 – $99 / hr Custom USA
The Draw Shop 10 – 49 13 $1,000+ Not Disclosed Custom USA
RED Digital Marketing 10 – 49 10 $1,000+ $150 – $199 / hr Custom USA 10 – 49 15 Not Disclosed $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Oozle Media 10 – 49 15 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Wallaroo Media 10 – 49 14 $1,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
NuEthic 10 – 49 12 $5,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Studio1c 2 – 9 15 $1,000+ $50 – $99 / hr Custom USA
Stryde 10 – 49 9 $1,000+ $150 – $199 / hr Custom USA

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Decide what you want to achieve

Prepare for your first meeting with a clear vision of what you want to get out of the partnership to weed out unethical marketing organizations.

  1. Make sure you know the services they provide

Some services, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), may require the assistance of a professional specialist, as developing a successful program necessitates a great deal of knowledge and skill.

Because their skill sets are similar, a marketing agency may offer a number of digital marketing services.

Every partner is personally vetted before we consider offering their services to our clients.

  1. Examine the marketing firm’s previous clients.

You should use a marketing firm that has previously dealt with businesses of your size and industry. Look at the marketing firm’s website to check whether there is a section for “Clients” or “Portfolio.”

  1. Establish your involvement and availability expectations.

It’s also critical to let your marketing company know how involved and accessible you’ll be so that resources and schedules may be correctly assigned.

  1. Make sure you get along with the other members of the team.

Despite the fact that these people are not W-2 employees of your company, you must work with them on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

You’re more likely to have troubles later in the relationship if your personalities clash at the outset.

  1. Read the contract thoroughly.

A reputable and professional marketing firm will give you with a formal contract and scope of work to get the programme started.

Legal clauses describing the contract’s length, cancellation mechanism, and indemnity against future claims are virtually always included in these offers.

With GoodTroopers you can relax as we take full responsibility in bringing you the perfectly suitable digital marketing agencies for your needs and requirements. By assessing your needs and requirements we shortlist the companies and then you can interview them to ensure the best company undertakes your digital marketing process.

What percentage of the marketing budget should be allocated to digital marketing?

  • According to several experts, you should spend 5% to 15% of your revenue on marketing, with 10% to 50% of your marketing budget going to digital.
  • While various factors, such as the size of your company and the scope of your project, influence digital marketing expenditures, the average SMB digital marketing budget ranges from $30,000 to $145,000 each year.


Goodtroopers compiled the list after conducting extensive research and a stringent selection process that took into account Digital Marketing Companies In Utah, the United States’ missions and policies, services and specialties, pricing model and location, Google ranking, user ratings, and other factors

Finding a suitable firm for your project will be much easier and faster when combined with our verification process.

The best businesses aren’t always found at the top of the list. Finally, we recommend that you investigate your choices before making a final decision to eliminate any remaining concerns. GoodTroopers can help you find the most suitable digital marketing agency for your project according to your specifications, demographics, budget, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing Agencies (FAQs)

Q1: What is the definition of digital marketing?

A. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of actions aimed at increasing the visibility and engagement of your website, business, or brand on the internet.
This can involve things like the website, social media, and review marketing, as well as paid ads and a variety of other things.
In digital marketing, search engine optimization, or the act of attempting to improve where you rank in search results, is frequently a crucial element.

Q2. What is the role of a digital marketer?

A: digital marketer is someone who runs internet initiatives to help brands and businesses interact with their customers.They may advise businesses on multi-channel marketing campaigns, conduct SEO research to determine which keywords and topics are most relevant to a brand’s target audience, plan marketing materials and websites, and create content such as landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, ads, videos, and emails.
Contractors and freelancers may be used by digital marketing organizations to ensure that they give the finest service possible for various assignments and marketing objectives.

Q3. What is the Average cost for hiring Digital Marketing services in Utah, USA?

A. Prices vary between $50 to $200, based on a variety of parameters such as, the size of the organization, the team services required, the project’s timeline, and scope.

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