Top iOS App Development Companies In The UK- 2022 (Compared)

Top iOS App Development Companies In The UK

iOS was the term introduced by Apple to the market. The iOS development primarily focuses on producing the hardware product for Apple-like iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch. The development process requires swift programming language or objective-C. 

If you are looking for developing an iOS app then there are certain skills that you should have within your team. 

  1. Swift Programming Language 
  2. Apple’s Xcode IDE
  3. Spatial Reasoning 
  4. Design Guidelines
  5. UI/UX design experience 
  6. Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  7. Networking
  8. Code Data
  9. Grand Central Dispatch 

At each stage, you will have a different role to play. From developing the iOS app to giving it UI design all would be under your supervision. You have to ensure that it goes smoothly.

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What Are The Steps To Develop An iOS App

What Are The Steps To Develop An iOS App?

Certain steps are crucial & important to developing an iOS app. These steps are as follows:

  • Meet the requirements.

There are three basic requirements. First, there should be a MAC computer with the updated version running. Second, Xcode should be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Third, an active Mac App developer account.

  • Select the programming language. 

Selecting a programming language is important for the application to develop. iOS has currently two programming languages. One is Objective-C and the other is Swift. For decades, Objective-C has been used in developing all the iOS Applications but in recent years, it has been changed to a Swift programming language. Although swift and objective-C are similar, there are factors like it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and can also be used by beginners that make swift better than Objective-C. 

  • Tap into APIs and Libraries.

Developers use APIs that are stable, flexible, and easy to use for users. These APIs & libraries have been introduced to people by apple kits. These kits help users to enjoy the features built by Apple and you can also access third-party systems. 

  • Expand into the clouds. 

Linking your app to the cloud base is crucial. You can connect it with APIs, can use the cloud for storage and data management. You can use IBM Cloud, which supports server-side Swift frameworks. Users can integrate with a variety of ranges of IBM Cloud. These ranges vary from push notifications and databases to mobile analytics & machine learning. 

  • Test locally and globally. 

This means that we test the app locally first and then go on a global level. After Apple approves the app on the app store, go for 10,000 downloads and know the review and the performance of the app. 

  • Publish your App.

After getting the approval, go and upload the app. If you thought of selling your app, Apple takes 30% of the income of your sale. These are steps you need to follow to get the app uploaded to the app store.

Top IOS Application Development Companies In The UK

Below is a list of iOS app development companies in the UK that are already in this business. They have tremendous experience and an expert team to look at your project. They ensure that you get the best service possible. 

1) Hedgehog lab

Hedgehog lab has globally partnered with many brands & big enterprises. They focus on web Development along with mobile app development. They provide the best technical team they have for their clients. 

With the help of this best engineer team, they have solved big and complicated challenges/issues of the companies associated with them. 

In the tenure of more than 10 years, they have expanded their office to Boston &  Newcastle. They have an extraordinary and award-winning team that has delivered the best work to their clients. 

Founded(Year) No of Employee Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2007 49-249 London, UK $75,000+

2) Sonin App Development

Sonin App Development focuses on providing value to your product. They have a flexible work process. They provide you with the right team, right guidance, right strategy, right experience, right modern technique, & right product. 

Founded(Year) No of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2008 50-249 Reigate, UK $50,000

Their main focus is on small-scale businesses. Other than mobile app development they are into UI/UX Design too. The industries that they focus on are Financial, Medical, Automotive, Education, Real Estate, Retail, Supply chain, Transport & E-commerce. 

3) Cubix

Cubix is a leading mobile game app development company. They are experts in solving complex problems for enterprises. Other than this they can customize the product as per their need. 

They have worked with start-ups, enterprises, and other leading companies/agencies in their tenure of more than 10 years. 

Founded(Year) No of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2008 49-249 London, UK  $25,000+

Other than the mobile app development they also provide services like web and SaaS development platforms, E-learning solutions, Mobile Product Strategy, AI & Machine learning, 2D & 3D mobile game development, Augment & Virtual Reality, UI & front end development, Testing & Quality Assurance.

4) Tapptitude

Tapptitude has partnered with many start-ups and has helped them turn into big enterprises. They have different strategies for start-ups and enterprises. 

For start-ups, they have Product definition, MVP Development, and Rapid Prototyping. For Enterprises, Design Spirit, UX research & design, and Evidence-based growth. 

Founded(Year) No of Employee Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2013 49-249 London, UK $25,000+

 The industries where they focus are IoT, Health, Fintech, Art, Entertainment and Culture, Marketplace, and Social Culture

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5) Waracle

Waracle has collaborated with technologies that make products that people use in daily life. They have experience of over 14+ years. 

They focus on the financial, mental well-being of people. They have helped companies in developing, designing their product. They also give appropriate solutions to the companies or enterprises. Other than mobile app development, they also work towards AR/VR development & web development. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter Minimum project size 
2004 49-249 London, UK $100,000+

6) Zudu

Zudu has a team of experts who have past work experience & are great at their work. They are an expert in web &  mobile development. They have worked with start-ups to enterprises. They have helped both of them to grow in their business. 

Their team helps you engage with your work & helps you increase your audience. They also work on your website to look good online. They deliver the work on time. They help you reach your target a little faster. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2014 10-49 Dundee, UK $10,000+

7) CoreBlue

CoreBlue deals with complex technical problems, help them get resolved easily. To solve this, they have a team of experts & custom software development. 

Founded (year) No of employees  Headquarter  Minimum project size
2015 10-49 London, UK $25,000+

Services they provide Early-stage consultancy, Advisory service, Specialisation building, End-to-end planning, Maintenance of product, and On-time delivery

8) Rantmedia

Rantmedia develops apps that are iOS and Android-based. They are a leading mobile studio in the UK with over 100 apps being delivered. They have prepared a researchful studio that allows their client to tackle all the problems. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2003 10-49 Cardiff, UK $100,000+

Industries on whom they focus are Advertising & marketing services, Business services, Customer product services, Financial, Medical, Gaming, Manufacturing, Real estate, and Retail

Comparison Of The Best iPhone & iOS App Development Teams Based In The UK

The comparison between the top developers shortlisted will help you to find and identify the most suitable iPhone app development team for your application as per your requirements and budget constraints.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Hedgehog lab 50 – 249 15 $75,000+ $100 – $149  Custom UK, USA
Sonin App Development 50 – 249 14 $50,000+ $100 – $149   Custom UK
Cubix 50 – 249 14 $25,000+ $25 – $49   Custom Pakistan, UAE, USA
Tapptitude 50 – 249 9 $50,000+ $50 – $99   Custom UK, USA, Netherlands, Romania
Waracle 50 – 249 18 $100,000+ $150 – $199   Custom UK
Zudu 10 – 49 8 $25,000+ $50 – $99   Custom UK
CoreBlue 10 – 49 7 $25,000+ $100 – $149   Custom UK
Rantmedia 10 – 49 19 $100,000+ $100 – $149   Custom UK

Wrapping Up

The above-listed iOS development companies have been researched and shortlisted for you by GoodTroopers. These application development teams have the potential to solve your complex technical problems. The order in no way ensures that one is superior to the other. 

The research has been conducted on the basis of your demand/need to develop an iOS application. To develop your own IOS app GoodTroopers will help you find the most suitable team on the basis of your requirement. Additionally, we would suggest you conduct your own research before taking a step with the help of information provided by GoodTroopers. For any suggestions, feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions About IOS Platform Development (FAQs)

Q1- Average cost and time for iOS Development project in the UK.

Ans- iOS Application Development Cost: $20 – $200 per hour depending on skill level and 3-6 months depending on the complexity of the Project.

Q2- How To Choose The most suitable iOS App Development Company for you?

Ans- Ans- Step 1- Contact GoodTroopers with your Projects Requirements and other details and let us find a Perfect Match for you.
Step 2- To finalize the Company, you can ask them the Following Questions in the meeting set by us-

  • If they can keep your brand’s identity with their goods, that’s a plus.
  • How willing they are to collaborate closely with you on all aspects of the product?
  • How do they assign responsibilities and how well-trained their team is to do the assignment?
  • How enthusiastic they are about your app concept?

Q3- Why Hire Professional iOS App Developers For Your Project?

Ans- Following Reasons-

  • Higher Customer Retention- According to MoEngage, up to 56% of users delete apps within the first seven days after their installation. iOS app developers have the technical know-how to create a quick and fully functional app, they can also assist you in increasing user engagement and retention.
  • High Revenue from iOS Apps- According to statistics, iOS app developers can earn more money than Android app developers as for businesses they generate more revenue and provide a higher return on investment.
  • Security of the sensitive data- Hackers are now focusing their attacks on smartphones and tablets rather than desktops and laptops, as the number of mobile users continues to grow. Working with a professional iOS app development company will ensure that your app is secure and that your data is protected from external dangers.

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