Top 10 MVP App Development Companies Based In Sweden

Top MVP App Development Companies In Sweden

Developing the very first version of your application is one of the most crucial and exciting aspects of any entrepreneurial journey and we understand the importance of finding the right technology partner that understands your vision and fits your requirements to make your MVP a success!

There are a number of common problems that you may encounter when you’re looking for an app development company. These can include problems like finding the right company with experience in your industry, issues in communication with the development team due to language barriers, not being able to get a hold of the development team, and no actual information about their experience. Additionally, some people struggle with receiving accurate and timely updates about the project and also lack quality work due to budget constraints. 

Let us save you some time and trouble as Professionals at Goodtroopers have carefully reviewed and included the Top Swedish MVP development companies in this article that are reliable and highly experienced in MVP development.

Check out the list of Top MVP Developers in your region:

Advantages Of Developing An MVP For Your Business

Benefits Of Hiring An MVP Application Development Company For Your Business

  1. Determining the demand– It can assist you in determining how interested consumers are in your product and whether or not they are willing to pay for it.
  2. Reduce development costs– Because the product is in its most basic form, eliminating all of the superfluous features early on can help you save a lot of money.
  3. Conserve Time- It takes less time and user input which can assist you in developing a highly demanding and interesting app.
  4. Develops investor interest-  You will have real proof or a working prototype rather than just an idea. It significantly increases your chances of being taken into consideration by investors.
  5. Consumers that are both loyal and willing to pay– Test subjects who interact with the product can help your product go viral through the word-of-mouth phenomena, as well as become potential paying customers.
  6. Trustworthy feedback- It’s critical to know what your customers have to say about your product. MVP can assist in determining which characteristics are the most desired and expected, as well as those, that are not.

Companies like Dropbox, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, and Buffer have successfully deployed MVP as an App Development Strategy.

List of MVP Development Companies In Sweden

Top MVP App Development Companies In Sweden

1. Beetroot AB

Beetroot develops technology solutions with experienced teams to assist clients throughout the world in realizing their technological goals. It’s an impact-oriented digital ecosystem with 600+ workers throughout Ukraine and Sweden.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2012 Stockholm, Sweden 250-999 $10,000+

They are an excellent choice for a startup at any level of development (MVP, increasing tech capacity), A digital organization looking for a white-label web development services provider or an IT company, project management, front-end or back-end development, design support, or quality assurance (Healthcare, EdTech, GreenTech, FinTech, etc.)

2. Miracle Mill AG

Miracle Mill is a bespoke software development firm based in Switzerland that specializes in contemporary software development and procedures. They use Agile approaches to create cutting-edge and original technology.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2012 Stockholm, Sweden 10-49 $5,000+

They assist their clients in Europe and the United States with the creation of new applications, the transformation of existing applications, the scaling-up of current development teams, and the provision of operations and support.

3. Source A Network AB

To deliver complicated solutions, This agency combines creativity, technology, and data. To build from a concept to a memorable and quantifiable digital experience.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2006 Gothenburg, Sweden 10-49 $1,000+

Their team is committed to providing a wide range of high-quality business insights and solutions. Starting with company consultancy and strategy creation, they go on to the website or mobile app building and social media management.

4. Shortcut Sweden

Shortcut creates apps based on a deep grasp of both user behavior and technological possibilities. Since its initial product was released on the App Store in 2008, they have pushed the boundaries of mobile solutions.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2007 Stockholm, Sweden 10-49 $1,000+

Their team of field professionals, all of whom are based locally, combine years of deep technical knowledge to design, develop, and implement smoothly integrated business solutions. They look forward to continuing to expand Nordic’s leading app builders, with clients like Spotify, SVT, H&M, Oriflame, Voi, and Klarna.

5. Ustwo studio

Ustwo is a digital product design company that creates products, services, and businesses that make a positive impact on the world. Since their inception, they’ve collaborated with some of the world’s most well-known businesses and expanded to studios in New York, Malmö, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Lisbon.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2004 Malmö, 


50-249 $50,000+

Their cultural principles are concentrated on facilitating the goals of 250+ amazing and talented people so that they may make a difference in the world together.

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6. Dev Centre House

Dev Centre House provides specialized software engineering services to assist enterprise clients to change their organizations digitally.  Their employees have been developing software solutions for millions of customers since 2012.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2012 Stockholm, Sweden 10-49 $10,000+

The unique point is that they exclusively hire engineers that are passionate about what they do and have deployed this Navy SEAL style “Software Squads-as-a-Service” approach.

7. Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt Ltd. was founded in 2013 as a full-stack mobile app and web development studio.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2013 Gothenburg, Sweden 50-249 $1,000+

They have successfully completed 200+ projects internationally, operating from the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, and India, with a staff of 100+ clever and eager masterminds. Native iOS app development, Android app development, website creation, and other services are among the products and services they provide.

8. Bacancy Technology

Since 2011, Bacancy has been a seasoned Software Development Company known for providing top-of-the-line online and mobile app development services to startups, SMEs, large-scale organizations, and Fortune 500 customers all over the world.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2011 Stockholm, Sweden 250-999 $10,000+

They provide world-class solutions and services in top-level internet domains including Healthcare, MVP, IoT, AI ML, and Blockchain with their unique combination of Remote Development Services like software consulting, product engineering, and suitable system maintenance services.

9. Mobikasa Inc

They advise and assist their clients in launching the most scalable websites and apps, from full-service development to a la carte services.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2010 Gothenburg, Sweden 50-249 $10,000+

They provide web applications, mobile, and tablet solutions with the goal of increasing traffic and profits. Top-notch developers and engineers at Mobikasa design and construct creative web app solutions that engage target audiences and drive traffic, resulting in greater income.

10. Volumetree

Volumetree is a high-end web/mobile app design and development firm with operations in India, South Africa, and Sweden.

Founded(year) Headquarters No: of employees Minimum Project Size
2017 Stockholm, Sweden 50-249 $1,000+

They’ve produced over 100 web/mobile apps for a variety of sectors and assisted many businesses in raising millions of dollars from their products.

There are a few common problems that people encounter when they’re looking for a development company:

1. They are not sure what they are looking for.

2. They are not sure how to find the right development company. 

3. They are not sure how to negotiate a good deal with the development company.

Comparison Of The Best MVP Development Teams In Sweden

It is important to compare and analyze all development companies you consider to choose the most suitable company for your business. Here GoodTroopers has compared the top MVP platform development teams to give you a fairer idea and make it easier for you to take a decision.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Beetroot AB 250-999 10 $10,000+ $25-$49 Custom Sweden
Miracle Mill AG 11-49 10 $5,000+ $25-$49 Custom Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia
Source A Network AB 11-49 16 $1,000+ $25-$49 Custom/Readymade Sweden, Germany and Switzerland
Shortcut Sweden 11-49 15 $1,000+ $100-$149 Custom/Readymade Sweden, Norway and Denmark
Ustwo Studio 50-249 18 $50,000+ $150-$199 Custom Sweden, UK, USA, Portugal, Japan
Dev Centre House 11-49 10 $10,000+ $50-$99 Custom Ireland, UAE, USA
Alphonic Network Solutions  50-249 9 $1,000+ $25-$49 Custom/Readymade India, USA
Bacancy Technology 250-999 11 $10,000+ <$25 Custom Sweden, India, USA, UAE, Canada and Australia
Mobikasa Inc 50-249 12 $10,000+ $25-$49 Custom India, USA
Volumetree  50-249 5 $1,000+ $25-$49 Custom/Readymade Sweden, India, South Africa

How GoodTroopers Can Help You Make The Right Decision? 

  1. Your Mission – Tell us about your product’s requirements and goals, and let us discover the right firm for you.
  2. Introducing our top picks–  Based on their ‘Trust Score,’ we will handpick three highly relevant talents to satisfy your project requirements after researching your project specifications.
  3. Project Briefing & Proposal– Once you’ve decided on a company, we’ll set up a meeting for you and them to talk about the project. If desired, you can also complete the project milestones and associated payments here.
  4. Fund Transfer– You will transfer the complete money into an escrow account with us after the project has been locked in.
  5. Delivering Payments– As the project progresses and the developers complete the milestones, we will begin releasing the pre-agreed payment on a per-milestone basis.

Wrapping Up

The List provided above includes the name of the companies that went through a rigorous study by Goodtroopers‘ specialists. The company’s missions and policies, services and specialties, pricing model and location, Google ranking, user ratings, and other factors were kept in mind throughout. So. you can choose the perfect fit for your project which will be considerably easier if combined with our vetting process.

Please note that the companies started at the beginning of the list do not define their superior quality among others. They all are one of the best in their respective areas. Additionally,  we recommend performing your own research before the final call. Finally, if you have any additional recommendations for this list to be added, we would be happy to review and consider them.

Frequently Asked Questions About MVP App Development (FAQs)

What are the factors affecting the cost of MVP Development?

Cost Deciding Factors such as Development team requirements, number of platforms, time spent in the development process, UI/UX and development goals, technology stack hourly rate based on location, company reputation, and contract.

How is MVP a part of Agile Project Management?

MVP is crucial for Agile Project Management in new organizations as it gives vital client input being helpful to Agile development methods.

What is the Hourly rate of MVP app development in Sweden?

Starting from USD 25 -USD 200 per hour depending upon the project requirements and other factors such as platforms of development mentioned above.

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