Top SaaS Development Companies in the USA-2022 (Compared)

Top SaaS Development Companies In the USA

SaaS development companies are difficult to find. To find the right developer for your app you need to find the right company. 

The fees/cost is low, though it also depends on the SaaS app development service provider you are working with. SaaS is cost-effective, comprehensive coverage has less headache for IT, has easy integration and scale-up options, and is secure and safe. 

In this article, you will find out the best SaaS development companies that have the potential to make your app more efficient. 

GoodTroopers has extensively researched and shortlisted the best SaaS development Companies for you. 

Check Out The List Of Best SaaS Application Developers In Your Region:

Top SaaS App Development Companies In The United States 

1) Citrusbug

CitrusbugCitrusbug is a leading SaaS development company. They follow modern software development practices to deliver SaaS products, maintain product security & quality. There are many apps that Citrusbug has worked with, namely, Wave, Gochiso, Perk, and Landtourist. 

Citrusbug was founded in 2013. There are around 320+ satisfied clients across industries, 50+ qualified, skilled and committed professionals, 95% customer retention & repeat business, and there are 8+ years of experience delivering impeccable software solutions. 

There are many reasons to choose Citrusbug. Some of them are transparency, on-time delivery, cost-efficient, vast technical knowledge, and 24-by-7 availability. It is trusted by Siemens, Adidas, SoftBank, Nestle, Hitachi & Hilton. They offer grade QA & testing services. Their customers are satisfied with them. 

2) LeewayHertz

LeewayhertzLeewayHertz develops software solutions using emerging technologies for startups and enterprises. The motto of the company is ‘You Dream It: We build it.’ Their goal is to help companies adopt new technologies.

LeewayHertz was founded in 2007 in San Francisco. This is a team of 250+ award-winning designers & developers & has built over 100 software platforms for startups and enterprises. They have experience with over 30+ fortune 500 companies that have developed apps that are now being used by millions of people. 

Many big companies/brands have built their trust in them. LeewayHertz excels in SaaS, AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT, cloud, and mobile. From 2008 to 2021 many companies have shaken their hand with them. 

3) Fortunesoft

Fortunesoft is a web & mobile app development company. It is a software product engineering consulting company providing full-cycle software development services for startups & enterprises. 

The company was founded in 2009. It was founded by Jobin George & Deepu George. They have experience in 12+ years of service, 125+ happy clients, around 500+ Successful projects, and around 2300+ successful sprints. 

The company has operations & a physical presence in Nashville US. Their core competencies are Fin-tech application development, E-commerce Application Development, Churches and ministries apps, SaaS application development, mobile application development, AI & Blockchain Solutions.  

4) Pulse Solution

Pulse SolutionsPulse Solution is a leading web app development company worldwide. Pulse is the most trusted name for building successful, interactive, and easy to use. Pulse excel at the building of innovative strategies for online promotions, unique mobile apps, efficient custom business automation software, custom web designing, and robust E-commerce software and applications. 

Pulse was launched in 1997. Since then Pulse Solutions has delivered over 2000 solutions in 16 countries. Pulse Solutions Customers

Get access to data on 81 websites that are Pulse Solutions Customers. We know of 67 live websites using Pulse Solutions and an additional 14 sites that used Pulse Solutions historically and 1 website in India. 

Pulse helps emerging enterprises and start-up companies with every technological possibility and industry trend. Pulse has brought their clients & partners great success. Pulse has worked with SeniorSafety App, PEN, United States, Giftsonline4u, Fast Exact, and many others. 

5) Mojolab Foundation

MojolabMojo Lab delivers its best quality of work to its clients and projects. Their motto is ‘Different. On purpose’. The sole idea was to do best for clients and deliver them what they need. Mojolab is a one-stop-destination for all advertising needs. 

Mojolab was founded in 2015. The features, basic computing mathematics, information management, communication, programming, software development, and information security. 

Mojolab has developed communications systems and tools to help communities build effective communication models and networks. 

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6) Elinext

ElinextElinext covers a wide range of industries and delivers the best self-made solutions to our clients across the world. Their specialists always work hard on the expansion of our verticals and the deepness of learning nuances and clients’ industry-specific needs. 

Elinext has 25 years in business with over 700 employees among which 85% are software engineers. They have 1000+ delivered projects and 300+ clients worldwide. 

7) AltexSoft

AltexsoftAltexSoft provides us with many services, including engineering services, UX/UI consulting, Data science, technology consulting.

The company was founded in 2007.AltexSoft has been chosen as the technological Consulting Partner of over 100 US-based and 200 worldwide businesses. 

 AltexSoft participated in the Canada-Ukraine business forum 2016. They also received an award, 2016 best of Encinitas Award in the IT category. The services that they provide are, engineering service, data science, UX/UI consulting, technology consulting, domain enterprise, technology expertise like HTML, Python, Java, and many others. 

8) Saigon Technology

SaigonSaigon Technology is a leading software development company. Their sole purpose is your success

Saigon has been in the business for 8 years, and has 250 software engineers and 2 software development centers. 

Saigon provides services like offshore software development, custom software development, software outsourcing services, software product development, web application development, and cloud migration services. 

9) Inoxoft

InoxoftInoxoft is an international software and development company and certified partner. Inoxoft as an international company investigates clients’ ideas completely and directs the first step of cooperation to be 100% confident in clearly estimated requirements. Building trust with clients and establishing long-term relationships is what makes a bridge between the business and IT sphere, people and technologies.

Inoxoft was founded in 2014. It’s a private company. There are over 100-200 employees in the company. There is over 250k+ reach of the company. 

Inoxoft provides services like data science and big data analytics services, web development, application development UI/UX design, quality assurance, discovery phase, and software integration services.

Comparison Of The Best SaaS Platform Development Companies In The USA

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Citrusbug 10 – 49 9 $1,000+ < $25  Custom India, USA
LeewayHertz 50 – 249 15 $10,000+ $50 – $99  Custom USA
Fortunesoft 50 – 249 13 $5,000+ $25 – $49  Custom USA, Singapore, Australia, India
Pulse Solution 50 – 249 25 $1,000+ < $25  Custom USA, Australia, India
Mojolab Foundation 2 – 9 10 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Custom India
Elinext 250 – 999 25 $25,000+ $50 – $99  Custom Ireland, France, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Vietnam, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore
AltexSoft 50 – 249 15 $25,000+ $50 – $99  Custom USA, Ukraine, Georgia
Saigon Technology 250 – 999 10 $5,000+ < $25  Custom Vietnam, Singapore
Inoxoft 50 – 249 8 $25,000+ $50 – $99  Custom Ukraine, Israel, USA

Frequently Asked Questions About SaaS App Development(FAQs)

1) What are the SaaS business metrics that matter and why do they matter the most? 

A. The SaaS industry has seen tremendous growth in past years. Here are some of the SaaS business metrics that have been listed below:

  • Customer Churn:- 

The work of customer churn is to evaluate how much business has lost in a particular period. You can track your business on a day-to-day basis. You should check other parameters too other than the customer count on churn. Retaining customers is as essential as acquiring new ones because the business is based on annual subscriptions.    

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):- 

CLV is the amount that’s being charged by the customer whenever they engage with your company. There are two ways in which CLV provides businesses with an accurate report of their growth. These two ways are: 

  1. The CLV is dividing 1 by the customer churn rate. 1. For example, if the monthly churn rate is 2%, the customer lifetime value would be 50 (1/0.02= 50).
  2. Customer lifetime rate is being found out by multiplying ARPA i.e. average revenue per account with customer lifetime. ARPA is being calculated by dividing total revenue by the number of customers. This is a representation of the value for investors in the case of startups.
  • Revenue Churn:- 

Revenue churn is as important as customer churn. Revenue churn helps to find the impact customers may have over others. The subscription rate of revenue rate & customer churn differs and this also depends on the revenue produced by the customer.  

  • Cost of customer acquisition:-

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) shows the cost to hire new users and how much revenue/benefit they will produce for the business. When CAC is combined with CLV, the overall metric ensures assisting the viability of a business model to companies.

2) How much time does it take to develop a SaaS Product?

A. The approximate timeline of SaaS app development is about 3-9 months or even longer. The timeline depends on complexity same as price, features to be included, and the stages you should go through before launching your app. Building an MVP or a POC to see if the project is viable can also be considered. 

3) What are the stages of the development process for SaaS applications?

There are four stages where one can divide the process of SaaS platform development:

  • Brainstorming
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing


Getting the right team and guidance is a crucial step when it comes to SaaS app development as it would help your product to stand out from the competition if your team understands your product’s uniqueness and highlights it successfully.

Similar to the above-mentioned SaaS development Companies, GoodTroopers can help you by handpicking the right service, right facility, and right guidance to develop your SaaS Platform according to your needs without going through the hassle of research and vetting. 

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