Top SaaS App Development Companies In The UK (Compared)

Top SaaS Development Companies In The UK

SaaS or Software as a Service can also be termed as “on-demand software”. SaaS is a part of cloud computing, along with IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, MSaaS, MBaaS, DCaaS, iPaaS and ITMaaS. The cost of SaaS differs based on enterprise or startup. There are two models of Cloud Computing Service which are Horizontal SaaS and Vertical SaaS. 

SaaS is a better, newer, and more effective approach that works on subscriptions and cloud delivery models that provide services and experience to its users. 

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Steps To Find The Right SaaS Development Company

How to Choose The Right SaaS App Development Company?

Choosing the right SaaS development Company is important for every developer. Here are the steps which you can follow and go through to choose the right SaaS app development company. 

  • Fix your Requirement 

The utmost step is to decide your requirements. This is the primary step. Fix your goals, and decide the type of application that you want. 

  • Research software development company 

Once your idea is decided, the next step is to research the software development company. Check the review sites for better search results. 

  • Technical Expertise

SaaS requires proficiency in technology. Ensuring the right technical expertise is important for the development of an app. Therefore, look for companies with the knowledge and expertise of SaaS that will provide you with your needs.

  • Companies working experience 

Look for their experience with the help of Cloud Software. Cloud plays an important role and is a necessary part of growth. So, make sure that the company has a good experience and can manage all the complexities of your work. 

  • Project management capacity 

Ensuring the best company that can manage your project workload and can take you up from scratch to Ultimate. So choose the company that can manage your project and handles the workload. 

  • Hire the company 

So, after looking at all the steps, choose your company. This is the last step of choosing the right company for your application. 

We have shortlisted some of the most reliable app development companies in the UK specializing in SaaS Development. So, here is a list of top SaaS App Developers based in the United Kingdom to save you from the hassle of research.

Top SaaS Platform Development Companies In The UK

1) AppDrawn Software Development

App DrawnAppDrawn Software specializes in delivering high-quality digital platforms, business platforms, and web & mobile apps. They have worked with private and public organizations. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size
1999 10-49 Watford, UK $10,000+

Other than SaaS services they also provide database solutions, mobile apps, hosting, AI Tool, Operational software, workflow solutions, development for start-ups, legacy software modernization, consultancy and analysis, and many others. 

2) DCSL GuideSmiths

DCSLDCSL GuideSmiths develop web & mobile apps that are cost-effective & intuitive for businesses, government organizations, and funded start-ups. 

Founded(Year) No.of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
1994 250-999 London, UK $50,000+

DCSL delivers digital transformation and team augmentation. They follow a methodology to generate consistent products and services. The company has the proficiency to develop proficiency on AWS and Azure. 

3) GoodCore Software

Good CoreGoodCore Software offers SaaS services from start-ups to big enterprises. They complete your work within a fixed time and fixed price. They have never delayed that. They deliver a quality project/work quickly which is effective and beneficial for your company. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2005 50-249 Croydon, UK $25,000+

GoodCore Software provides many other services other than SaaS. These are UI/UX design, MVP development, Mobile App Development lWeb Application, Testing & quality assurance. 

4) CoreBlue

Core BlueCoreBlue mostly deals with Complex technology projects.

Services that they provide are Early-stage consulting, Advisory Service, Specialization building, A well-rounded development team, End-to-end planning, Delivering, and Maintenance 

Founded(Year) No.of Employees Headquarters Minimum Project Size
2015 10-49 London, UK $25,000+

5) JDD Agency

JDD Agency builds an automatic software that connects with your data together which helps in getting good results and growth for your company. 

The benefits that JDD Agency provides are

  1. Improves speed
  2. Reduce management & administration cost
  3. Planned strategy
  4. Adds technology to your inbuild business
Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarters Minimum Project Size 
2017 2-9 Southampton, UK $10,000+
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6) Imobisoft

imobisoftImobisoft delivers the end-to-end solution. They have an experienced team that helps clients in improving service delivery. 

They also aim to improve customer experience & reduce the cost. They follow a single motto of Consult, create & craft. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Product Size
2007 10-49 Coventry, UK $5,000+

7) Levels.Digital

Levels.digitalLevels. Digital follows a lean methodology that helps them create the product quickly & up to mark that helps them bring it to the market on time. They work for both start-ups & enterprises. They follow a strategy that benefits both. 

Both get scalable time, speed & agility. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2020 10-49 London, UK $10,000+

8) Theodo

TheodoTheodo has a team of experts who are there to solve every complex problem related to the technology of their clients. They have helped many start-ups to launch their product by partnering with them. They deliver work that is cost-efficient & within time. Here the work/project starts faster and grows even faster. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2005 10-49 London, UK $25,000+ 

9) Instil Software

InstilInstil Software helps its clients to solve challenges/problems. They have some of the best software engineers. 

They have been trusted by many of the best companies in the world.  They focus on code, quality, and automated testing. They build performance software that helps customers reach their expected goals. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2005 50-249 Belfast, UK  $50,000+

10) Clock Limited

ClockClock Limited has a design and UX Specialist, front-end and back-end developers, and technical service. They have built platforms and digital products that reduce the gap between the two worlds of the digital and physical world. 

They place a high value on the users and give a digital experience that the users demand. They have achieved their client’s every goal from engagement, revenue generation, workflow optimization, and digital transformation. 

Founded(Year)  No. of Employees Headquarter  Minimum Project Size 
1997 10-49 Sarratt, UK  $25,000+

Comparison Of The Best SaaS Application Development Companies Based In The UK

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
AppDrawn Software Development 10 – 49 23 $10,000+ $50 – $99  Custom UK, Spain
DCSL GuideSmiths 250 – 999 28 $50,000+ $50 – $99  Custom UK, Spain, Romania
GoodCore Software 50 – 249 17 $25,000+ $25 – $49 Custom UK, Pakistan, Malaysia
CoreBlue 10 – 49 7 $25,000+ $100 – $149 Custom UK
JDD Agency 2 – 9 5 $10,000+ $50 – $99  Custom UK
Imobisoft 10 – 49 15 $5,000+ $50 – $99  Custom UK
Levels.Digital 10 – 49 2 $10,000+ $50 – $99  Custom UK
Theodo 10 – 49 17 $25,000+ Not Disclosed Custom UK
Instil Software 50 – 249 17 $50,000+ $100 – $149  Custom UK
Clock Limited 10 – 49 25 $25,000+ $150 – $199  Custom UK


The companies listed above have been researched by GoodTroopers. These companies have the experience that can assure you with your needs. This will make it easier for you to choose the company. The list from top to bottom does not ensure that one is superior to the other. 

Other than this, you can go for analysis by yourself too. Lastly, if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know about them. 

Frequently Asked Questions About SaaS App Development (FAQs)

How is the traditional system different from SaaS?

The traditional system differs in mainly two ways, SaaS doesn’t require extensive hardware and SaaS systems are mostly subscription-based.

Is there a limitation because of the internet and operating systems(OS)?

The SaaS system is dependent on the Internet. For SaaS to function, it requires a good and stable Internet connection. Some SaaS systems face internet problems. So to solve this, some companies have developed an “offline” model of SaaS too.
This feature is more or less similar to Google Drive. They allow you to work even after the internet connection is lost and once the connection is back the data itself gets synced back to the device.
For the Operating System, sometimes you have to download a different browser for SaaS to get activated. OS is not a bigger problem.

How much time will it take to develop a SaaS-based app?

The cost varies due to many factors, from determining the proper clients, and finding potential competitors to managing customers. The total cost sheet considering every step will range from $50k-250k.This is still not the fixed amount. The cost will differ based on the functionality, design, or on the complexity of your software based on your requirement.

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