Top UI/UX Development Companies In The UK (Compared)

Top UIUX Companies In The UK

Generally, people can’t make a difference between User Interface & User Experience. They think these both are similar because of their names. UI refers to elements that have been added to the product whereas UX refers to the experience a user had with the service. UX is the base of everything. Although there is no fixed definition/explanation of UI/UX. With time it keeps on changing.

The main reason why UI/UX is important is that they make a lot of difference in a particular product. Many products are similar to each other but there is only one way to differentiate between them which is the UI/UX design of the product.

What are the components of UI/UX? 

  • Information Architecture

The main work of IA is to design the application or the site’s design for the company. It provides the correct navigation of the site to the user on whatever browser they are using. 

  • Interaction Design

Interaction Design’s main work is to create an icon of the product for the user to look at the product. These icons could be some image, text, color, font, icon, graphics, sound, space, etc. 

  • Usability 

Usability is made to make your platform user-friendly. It focuses on making the site easy to use for the users. This makes it easy for the first-time user. It also focuses on correcting the errors on the site. 

  • Wireframing

Wireframing frames the application. It focuses on creating an application that tests the features before it launches. This is one of the cheapest ways to check/test. 

  • Visual Design

Visual Design is one of the important/crucial components. It focuses on the outlook of the company. The final result is looked at by this. It doesn’t only look at the image, color, font but also the appearance of the site. 

As UI/UX is such an integral part of any digital platform it is important to carefully choose your UI/UX partner to ensure their design capabilities align with your vision.

To make life a little simpler for your Team GoodTroopers has shortlisted some of the most reliable UI/UX Designers in the UK.

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UI UX Design Companies In UK


1) Browser London

Browser London has an experienced & award-winning team that helps in creating apps and products for their clients. 

Founded(Year) Headquarter No. of Employees Minimum Project Size
2008 London, UK 2-9 $10,000+

Browser London has a three-step approach to the product. This three-step approach is 

  1. Research and analysis 
  2. Design and development 
  3. Continuous improvement

2) Pocketworks

Pocketworks has an ambition of helping leaders to increase their growth in terms of customers and help them generate huge revenue. They focus on maintaining the app, improving the app and keeping it secure. 

Founded(Year) Headquarter No. of Employees Minimum Project Size 
2012 Leeds, UK 10-49 $100,000+

 Pocketworks have different teams to look at all your demands. 

  1. Operations Teams- This team helps you look at the mobile workforce. They make your life easy by looking at your work on-site, in-store, or on the road. 
  2. Transformation Teams- They build mobile software that retains as well as entertains. 
  3. Device Manufactures- They help manufacturers create a user-friendly experience for mobile, touchscreen devices. 

3) Rantmedia

Rantmedia designs and develops iOS and Android apps that are being featured on the App Store. They have a collaborative studio model that makes it easy for their clients to tackle a big challenge. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2003 10-49 Cardiff, UK $100,000+

Rantmedia has won a multi BAFTA award-winning digital studio. They are a leading mobile studio in the UK. They have designed 100+ Apps. 

4) Plug & Play

Plug & Play has collaborated with big enterprises, teams to improve their User interfaces service. They have a team of designers, developers who have experience and are specialized in UI/UX design. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2007 10-49 London, UK $5,000+

Plug & play provide several services like 

  1. UI design 
  2. UX design 
  3. Website UX 
  4. CRM and application UX 
  5. Fronted development
  6. Custom software development

5) 3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube is a product agency whose sole mission is to use technology to change millions of lives. 

Founded(Year) No.of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2009 10-49 Bournemouth, UK  $50,000+

The services that 3 Sided Cube provide 

  1. iOS, Android app development 
  2. Web app & website development
  3. Aleka skill development
  4. Bot & AI development 
  5. UI/UX app & web development 
  6. Mobile strategy 
  7. Product & software design

6) Netsells Group

Netsells Group brings up new ideas of technology for organizations. That helps the organization to bring out a good project. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size
2009 50-249  York, UK $50,000+

Their key factors that bring out the best in your project

  1. They solve complex problems using cutting-edge technologies. 
  2. They have a leveraged team that helps you grow and develop more in this field. 

7) Fortnight

Fortnight has an experienced team that has worked with startups and also with big brands like King Gaming, BMW, Riot Games. They have partnered with many. They have brought up those partnerships to reach heights. 

Founded(Year) No. of Employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size
2014 2-9 Manchester, UK $5,000+

Fortnight provides service in Product Research, Design and development, UI/UX design, Conversion Optimization, Branding strategy, and Digital Design.  

8) Eden Agency

Eden Agency is a digital agency that builds and designs websites and apps for its clients. They excel in sectors like education, finance, and retail sectors. 

Founded(Year) No. of employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size
2007 10-49 Leeds, UK $50,000+

 Some key features 

  1. The team is in a single house that makes it easy for their clients. 
  2. Their passion for UX Design is different and unmatched. 
  3. They use the Agile method. 
  4. Their agency asks questions and provides suggestions too. 

9) Affari Media

Affari Media has an excellent team. They make revolutionary ideas and bring upmarket solutions for brands. They help brands produce great results by developing a world-class user experience for them.

Founded(Year) No.of Employees  Headquarter  Minimum Project Size 
2012 10-49 Nottingham, UK $10,000+

10) SuperUser Studio

SuperUser Studio has its expertise in product discovery, visioning & strategy, Interface & Interaction design, Design system, Content strategy & production, and User Research & Experience strategy.

Founded(Year) No. of employees Headquarter Minimum Project Size 
2008 2-9 London, UK $25,000+

The basic sectors where they focus are Pharma, HR, Marketing, Public Relations, Hybrid IT, FinTech, Social care, Power & energy, Broadcasting & publishing.

11) Light House

Light House is one of the best platforms to use for UI/UX design. Till now, they have developed around 500+ projects. They have worked with everyone from startups to enterprises. 

Founded(Year) Headquarter No. of Employees Minimum project Size
2008 London, UK 10-49 $50,000

They specialize in delivering services of UI/UX design, illustration, branding, and more. They can solve your biggest design problem too with their skills and expertise. They have an experienced team for solving your problem. 

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Comparison Of The Best UI/UX Design Companies Based In The UK

This comparison between the top UI/UX design agencies can help you analyze and find the most suitable design agency for your business.

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Browser London 1-10 14 $10,000+ $100-$149 Custom/Readymade UK
Pocketworks  11-49 10 $100,000+ $150-$199 Custom UK
Rantmedia  11-49 19 $100,000+ $100-$149 Custom UK
Plug & Play 11-49 15 $5,000+ $100-$149 Custom UK
3 Sided Cube 11-49 13 $50,000+ $100-$149 Custom UK, USA
Netsells Group 50-249 13 $50,000+ $100-$149 Custom UK
Fortnight 1-10 8 $5,000+ $100-$149 Custom UK, Austria
Eden Agency 11-49 15 $50,000+ $100-$149 Custom/Readymade UK
Affari Media 11-49 10 $10,000+ $150-$199 Not disclosed UK
SuperUser Studio  1-10 14 $25,000+ $150-$199 Custom UK
Light House 11-49 14 $50,000+ $200-$300 Custom UK


The UK-based companies have been included here. The Above listed companies/agencies have been chosen by GoodTroopers while keeping in mind your demand & need/ what you look for while designing. This will reduce your work and will bring you a positive result. 

The order in the article does not imply that one is superior to the other. Additionally, conduct your research before going ahead. Feel free to give suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions About UI/UX Design (FAQs)

What is UX design?

UX design means User Experience. It represents the process from creating a product to the user’s experience. UX designs the product in a fun, effective look. The design is all related to technology/digital products.

What is the cost to design UI/UX of an app?

The cost varies depending on the complexity and demand of the client. The cost may go from $50 to $500.

What are the basic resources and development provided to the client by a UI/UX Design Team ?

The various resources and developments provided by a UI/UX Design team are User-research report, Red route analysis, Sitemaps, UI Sketches ,UX audit analysis, Design system and Interactive protocol.

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