Top UI/UX Development Companies in Sweden (Compared)

Best UIUX Design Companies In Sweden

When was the last time you looked at your digital platform’s user journey? If it’s been a while, it’s probably time to revisit it to ensure you’re not losing consumers and hire a UX/UI firm to assist you. 

Good user experience design can reduce web development costs, boost income, encourage users to interact with your content, boost customer loyalty, and raise the likelihood that customers will recommend your product to others in their network. Hence, it is extremely important to find a talented UI/UX design team to create the design of your platform.

Let us save your time and energy as the professionals at GoodTroopers have already researched & curated a list of Top UI/UX Design Companies based in Sweden. 

Check out the top UIUX Design Teams in your region:

List of UIUX Design Agencies In Sweden

Top UI/UX Development Companies in Sweden

1. MJ Design Centre

MJ Design Centre helps businesses in creating stunning user experiences. They have a team of professionals who deliver the work in the shortest time. They have worked with a lot of customers from around a dozen different countries.   

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2007 2-9 Stockholm, Sweden  $1,000+

They follow a strategic & authentic methodology for their customers that help the businesses in their existence. Their major clients include Bokhaus, Doggme, Plantea, Arjas Beauty, Farabi Beauty, Scarlett & oaks, Belgaria, Clarvin, Ficope, The Pyramid. 

2. Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a global full-cycle software design and development company with key delivery centers in Sweden and offices all over the world. Their team consists of over 1000 top-tier IT professionals who use their software engineering expertise to help our customers’ businesses become more innovative and successful.

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2007 1,000-9,999 Orebro, Sweden $5,000+

They have delivered over 600+ projects in different industries like Financial, Medical, Media & Entertainment, Enterprise, Tourism & telecommunications.  Their major clients include, Voka, Belyagdar, and Instatsport. 

3. ustwo studio

ustwo studio has 250 individuals who are talented enough to contribute towards the work of their clients as their own. From 2004, they have worked with world-leading brands which have only positively benefited them. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2004 50-249 Malmo, Sweden $50,000+

Their services include UI/UX Design, Product Design, Mobile App Development, and Web Development. Their major clients include Google, Sky, Ford, American Express, Jaguar Land Rover, Twitter, Nectar, Barclays, and other International Brands. 

4. Axess Lab

Axess Lab provides digital access to businesses, governments, and organizations. They audit websites, educate professionals, provide accessibility consulting, and create accessible apps from the ground up, including design, mockups, implementation, testing, and deployment.  

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2014 2-9 Stockholm, Sweden $1,000+

The services that they provide are UI/UX Design, Application testing, web development, web design, and custom software development. Their major clients include European Council, Vaalo Intranet. 

5. daCode

Through advanced analytics and UI / UX designs that represent your brand, daCode assists mostly SaaS companies in building and optimizing their website for potential customers.

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2011 2-9 Goteborg, Sweden $1,000+

daCode services include Web Design, UI/UX design, Product Design, Create a website, SEO-optimize website, building portals and systems. daCode focuses on industries like Information Technology, Advertising & marketing, financial services. 

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6. Source A Network AB

Source A has a team of professionals who merge creativity, technology, and data that results in providing solutions to complex problems. Starting with business consulting and strategy development, they progress to website or mobile application development and social media management. 

Founded(year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2006 10-49 Gothenburg, Sweden $1,000+

Source A Network provides services that include UI/UX Design, E-commerce development, Mobile & Web Development, Custom Software development, and social media marketing. 

They have divided the focus of Usability Experience into three parts, i.e, usability testing, user research, UX Strategy. 

7. Unit Space

Within its first three years, Unit Space has delivered 200+ projects. They have a team of highly qualified designers, software engineers, QA engineers, and DevOps. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2017 50-249 Stockholm, Sweden  $10,000+

Unit space provides services that include UI/UX Design, Web & mobile app development, Blockchain, and custom software development. Their key clients include Sally, Monero Crypto, Alignment, Ambrosus, Respect Shoes, Starter Israel, Bittrex.  

8. Usability Partners

Usability Partners provides expert knowledge, tools, and methods for improving the usability of interactive products and systems. They are solely devoted to UI/UX Design, other than that they focus on IT Strategy Consulting. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2001 2-9 Stockholm, Sweden $1,000+

They assist their clients in making their products and systems more user-friendly. They ensure that user needs and limitations are taken into account when developing new user interfaces and improving existing ones. 

9. Another State

Another State solves complex problems and challenges with technology and design. They have a team that specializes in User Experience Designing and crafts digital products and solutions. 

Founded (year) No of employee Headquarter  Minimum project size 
2010 10-49 Stockholm, Sweden  $10,000+

The services that they provide are UI/UX Design, Product design, Graphic design, and digital strategy. They team up with companies, agencies, and organizations, to craft innovative products, services & experiences.  

Comparison Of The Best UI/UX Design Agencies In Sweden

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
MJ Design Centre 2 – 9 5 $1,000+ $100 – $149   Custom Sweden
Innowise Group 1,000 – 9,999 15 $5,000+ $50 – $99   Custom Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia
ustwo studio 50 – 249 18 $50,000+ $150 – $199   Custom Sweden, UK, USA, Portugal, Japan
Axess Lab 10 – 49 8 $1,000+ $100 – $149   Custom Sweden
daCode 2 – 9 11 $5,000+ $100 – $149   Custom Portugal
Source A Network AB 10 – 49 16 $1,000+ $25 – $49   Custom Sweden, Germany, Switzerland
Unit Space 50 – 249 5 $5,000+ $25 – $49   Custom Sweden, Ukraine
Usability Partners 2 – 9 21 $1,000+ $100 – $149   Custom Sweden
Another State 10 – 49 12 $10,000+ $100 – $149   Custom Sweden

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A UIUX Design Project

How much would a UI/UX Design Project Cost?

The cost of a UX design project is influenced by a spread of things. To call a few, the factors include 

  • Project scope and scale, project nature (starting from scratch, revamping existing design)
  • Platforms (mobile, web, TV, kiosk)
  • Technology involved
  • Design services included (user research, interviews, testing)
  • Delivery deadline.

It’s difficult to supply an estimate without first understanding the project’s requirements and full scope.

Every company features a different way of estimating its worth. While some companies charge $40 to $50 per hour, counting on the project’s complexity and size.

While some companies charge typical UX projects between $20,000 and $50,000 but can cost far more depending on the scope.


The above-listed companies have been researched & shortlisted by GoodTroopers. 

The research has been conducted on the company’s service, experience, ranking, location, pricing model, and other things. These companies have the potential to help you excel in your field. 

The above-listed companies in no manner claim that one is superior to the other. They are all the best in their respective fields. 

GoodTroopers can help you find the right fit after understanding your requirements. Finally, if you have any suggestions/recommendations then feel free to contact us.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Time and cost of creating a UI/ UX design for an application in Sweden?

Ans- Different Criteria to determine the project Cost are the scale of the project, nature of the project, the requirement on any platform, technology, and design involved and also the delivery date, as the rate differs based on the timeframe as well. On Average, it can cost between 30 USD-250 USD and take up to 2-6 months or even a year depending on the size of the Project and Team.


Q2- Benefit of Outsourcing UI/UX Designing to Professionals?


  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • You receive a more user-friendly and engaging app
  • Encourages clients to complete the transaction.
  • Improved efficiency in development
  • A higher return on investment is associated with increased user retention

Q3- What is the process involved in UI/ UX designing?

Ans- The basic steps-

  • Identifying the issue through research and development of a strategy.
  • Brainstorming test concepts for computing solutions
  • Refine, user research, and iterate.
  • The final stage entails giving the developers the design and functional specs

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