Top Game Development Companies in Chicago (Compared)

Game Development Companies In Chicago

With time Gaming Culture has evolved. This has also given a rise to the increase in demand for gaming developers showcasing their skills & talents. One thing is that technology acts as a springboard to the gaming industry. Gaming is the future. 

As time has evolved, from the mid-20th century to now the technology with respect to gaming has evolved. Jorge Hugnet, the general manager at Playstation has claimed that the two main reasons for the growth of the Gaming Industry are Entertainment and the social aspect of life it provides.  

Gaming has helped in mental health, increase the ability to memorize, and improved decision-making ability. Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report of 2021 has stated that by 2024 the Game Industry will increase its growth by 8.7% per year i.e. $218.7 billion. Newzoo has also claimed that the number of Gamers will also increase in the coming years. As of 2021, the number has increased by 5.8% i.e. 3 billion Gamers. 

These numbers clearly indicate the growth prospects of the gaming industry and it is the right time to develop your own dream gaming app to enter the market. The most important aspect crucial for the success of your game would be hiring an experienced game development company that can help you launch a world-class quality gaming app.

To save your time and energy, the professionals at GoodTroppers have curated a list of the Top Gaming Development Companies based in Chicago. We do believe that these companies will provide you with what you are searching for in a Game Developer. 

List Of Game Developers In Chicago

Top Gaming App Development Companies in Chicago in 2022

1) Mercova Media LLC 

Mercova is a digital marketing agency that prides itself on providing quality service to its clients. They want to grow with their clients and they stay true to their core beliefs. Their primary goal is to deliver exceptional service to their customers by building the best relationships possible, the kinds that create success for your business.

Founded (year) No of employees  Headquarters  Minimum project size
2015 10-49 Chicago, IL $5,000+

They have an excellent team of Developers for the services like Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development. Their core strength is in the Gaming service. They have a suitable team of professionals for the gaming industry. Their key clients are Reach You, Digital Leading, Formed Space, PetnPepper, and Tidal Pay. 

2) Anshar Labs Inc. 

Anshar Labs also operates a virtual tech incubator for seed-stage startups that aspire to develop an MVP for early product-market fit. Anshar offers XAAS (Execution As A Service) during that early, nebulous stage by providing ideation, design, prototyping, and development and launch capabilities. Their key focus areas include SaaS platforms, Mobile & Social Games, IoT, MarTech, Augmented Reality, and Location-Based Services.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2011 10-49 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

They follow a pattern for every problem. The team at Anshar Labs cultivates the idea, creates and executes a plan, integrates project executions, and creates small wins, and mission accomplishments. They focus on the services of AR/VR Development and Mobile App Development. Their whole focus is on Game Development. Till now, they have served Samsung, MetroPCS, Pfizer, Philips, Bacardi, and Blue Bunny Icecream.  


VARTEQ is a Tech company. Founded and run by software engineers, VARTEQ’s goal is to deliver reliable code while staying cost-efficient and focusing on long-term relations. Its business strategy is simple: it is growing together with its customers through excellent code and resolving any technical challenges that arise along the way to success.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size
2008 10-49 Chicago, IL $50,000+

VARTEQ has a team of professionals who focus on the services like Mobile App Development, Web Development, and IoT Development. Their Mobile services are divided into Gaming, Health & Wellness, Education, and Finance. They have different teams for every service they are offering. The key industries that they focus on are Education, Financial, and Medical.  

4) City Innovations Labs

City Innovation Labs (CIL) is a digital innovation and transformation company that helps find, prototype, and build the right thing using their D4 Innovation Model.  Ultimately, we build innovative digital products and experiences like mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, and IoT technology. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum project size 
2017 10-49 Chicago, IL $10,000+

The team at City Innovation is an expert at delivering some services like Mobile App Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Wearable App Development, and UI/UX Design. They offer many services related to Mobile Apps like Finance, Gaming, Education, Field Operations, Health and Wellness, and eCommerce. They have professionals for each of these services. The industries they serve are Gaming, Business Service, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Supply Chains, and eCommerce.

5) KaJ Labs 

They are a premier mobile application and web development company. Producing apps, addictive games, and websites. The very first step of the process begins with a detailed analysis of your business and all technology you require to reach your technical goal. The KaJ Labs unified the process and iterated rapidly through the design, prototype, and application development. They closely interact with you during all stages including development, testing, and deployment.

Founded(year)  No. of employees  Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2013 2-7 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

The professionals at KaJ Labs focus on the service of Mobile App Development and IoT Development. They have a team of professionals who are solely devoted to the Gaming Service. 

6) Level Ex

Level Ex is a fast-growing games studio. They are on a mission to advance the practice of medicine through play. Their team of games industry veterans utilizes the latest engine tech and tools, combined with game mechanics spanning almost every consumer game genre, to capture the challenges of practicing medicine in video games.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2015 50-149 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

They believe they are a company of explorers, visionaries, and some of the most talented veterans from across the video games industry who want to use their skills for good, leave their comfort zones, and evolve as they solve unique problems: capturing difficult diagnoses as a puzzle game, replicating the challenge of managing a ventilator as a rhythm game, and more. 

7) Camelot Illinois

Camelots consider the various ways in which power might be wielded. The Illinois Lottery is managed by Camelot Illinois, a cutting-edge company that serves Illinois the people. They believe that with the help of a good team of professionals and explorers, they can solve any gaming problem. They assist you in honing your skills. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2019 49-100 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

They employ a diverse team of professionals, employ diversity-friendly hiring processes, and provide unconscious bias training. They’ve assisted both new and established firms equally well. 

8) Lucky Lincoln Gaming

For casinos and pubs, Lucky Lincoln Gaming designs and maintains video gaming terminals. In 169 sites across Illinois, the gaming company operates over 1,600 gaming machines and loyalty kiosks. They also provide a real-time data platform to each terminal owner, allowing them to track and report on their earnings. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2013 49-100 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

They go above and above for their clients and customers. They have become a successful organization as a result of their skills and experience, ranking among the top Terminal Operators in Illinois in terms of average profit per location for operators with more than 100 locations. 

9) Phenix Real-Time Solutions

The aim of Phenix is to keep the game running smoothly. They also assist in resolving the issue of lagging in any game. The company has evolved in real-time video technology, allowing for lower lag times, more consistent broadcasting, and safer connections around the world. As a result, spectators will be able to become more involved in gaming events and immerse themselves in action. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters Minimum Project Size
2013 10-49 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

In fields like sports, esports, microwaving, and entertainment, real-time is the next frontier for corporations to drive interactivity, allowing them to acquire, engage, and keep viewers. Let’s work together to connect the planet as quickly as possible.

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10) Jintronix 

Jintronix develops interactive game technology for senior care and rehabilitation. Virtual rehabilitation solutions from the company assist patients to engage and encourage involvement by immersing them in games where they can virtually ski, play soccer, or even garden. Hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes, communities, and at-home care organizations are using these games to help patients recover joyfully and excitingly.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2012 1-19 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

Jintronix is a healthcare technology business that uses cutting-edge motion sensors and video games to make physical treatment more enjoyable and interactive. They collaborate with teams of physical and occupational therapists to develop a novel approach to patient treatment that benefits elders suffering from a variety of ailments.

11) Wishbone Club

Wishbone Club develops gamified incentive programs for health insurance to engage their clients more actively. The company creates individualized engagement paths, which include games such as treasure hunts and trivia games, that encourage people to actively alter their daily decisions to live healthier lives. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2019 1-19 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

They help brands to build consumer equity and are engaged with them on daily basis. They are designed to increase engagement and foster positive interactions between brands and their customers. They do this by creating frequent, fun interactions for reasons beyond the brand’s core competencies. They reward the Consumers with entertaining games, prizes, and exclusive offers.

12) Babaroga 

Babaroga creates iOS and Android mobile games. Since its inception in 2001, the firm has created licensed games for Disney Interactive and Electronic Arts, including an award-winning Spore adaption. Babaroga’s work also includes an iOS version of the popular Zombies!!! board game and a virtual reality solitaire game with a horror theme. 

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2001 10-49 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

In 2002, they mostly focused on generating games for feature phones, but in 2007, they updated their existing technology to accommodate cross-platform creation on new mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and eventually Windows Phone. 

13) High Voltage Software 

High Voltage Software, situated in Hoffman Estates, has worked on games including Saints Row and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, as well as the Mortal Kombat series alongside NetherRealm. Damaged Core, the company’s most recent VR shooter, has been hailed by some as the best game for the Oculus Rift to date. 

Founded (year) No. Of Employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
1993 51-200 Hoffman Estates, IL Undisclosed

High Voltage Software, based in the thriving Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, has been the Midwest’s largest independent game production studio for almost 19 years. In the future, High Voltage Software will continue to succeed by adhering to its guiding principle.  

14) Iron Galaxy Studios

Iron Galaxy Studios, a Lincoln Park-based game developer, frequently works with other studios to transfer titles to other platforms. The studio has worked on games like Bioshock, Borderlands, Destiny, and Killer Instinct. Wreckateer, Divekick, and Videoball are among the original properties. 

Founded (year) No. Of Employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2008 201-500 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

Their members have extensive experience in a variety of senior roles, and their gameography includes titles that have been published on every major gaming console since the original Sony PlayStation. Iron Galaxy’s expertise and track record in significant console technology, such as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, are trusted by their clients and partners to execute on their most trusted brands. 

15) Jackbox Games Inc.

Jackbox, formerly known as Jellyvision Games, creates party games for consoles, PCs, smartphones, and Amazon Fire TV. The trivia comedy series You Don’t Know Jack is the company’s most well-known title, but it also has a mobile multiplayer drawing game called Drawful and a party game called Quiplash, which is similar to Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity in that it allows users to write their responses.

Founded (year) No of employees Headquarters  Minimum Project Size
2011 10-49 Chicago, IL Undisclosed

‘Mobile Phones as a Controller’ is a unique concept they have. Players can connect their phones, tablets, or even laptops to a game with this function, which eliminates the need to purchase a controller. This novel technique also enables games with hidden user input, such as entering text or sketching on devices. The Jackbox Party Pack, a large collection of five of these party games, was selected “Best Local Multiplayer Game of the Year” by Giant Bomb after its digital release. Chicago, Illinois is the company’s headquarters. 

Comparison Of The Best Gaming App Developers In Chicago

Agency No. of Employees Years of Experience Min Project Size Hourly Rate Product Type Locations
Mercova Media LLC  10 – 49 7 $5,000+ $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Anshar Labs Inc.  10 – 49 11 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
VARTEQ 50 – 249 14 $50,000+ $25 – $49 / hr Custom USA
City Innovations Labs 10 – 49 5 $10,000+ Not disclosed Custom USA
KaJ Labs  1 – 9 9 Not disclosed $100 – $149 / hr Custom USA
Level Ex 50 – 249 7 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Camelot Illinois 50 – 249 3 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Lucky LincoIn Gaming 50 – 249 9 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Phenix Real-Time Solutions 10 – 49 9 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Jintronix 10 – 49 10 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Wishbone Club 1 – 9 3 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Babaroga  10 – 49 21 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
High Voltage Software  50 – 249 29 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Iron Galaxy Studios 250 – 999 14 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA
Jackbox Games Inc. 10 – 49 11 Not disclosed Not disclosed Custom USA

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Game Development

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Game Development?

  • Platform Selection 

 The technical platform chosen affects the cost breakdown of a gaming mobile app. Choosing the proper alternative in terms of cost, income, and reach, whether it’s Android, iOS, or cross-platform, is crucial.

Even though Android smartphones come in a wide range of screen sizes and capacities, it is a relatively inexpensive platform to develop for. Working with iOS is 10-20% more expensive than working with Android due to the development of the payment system and admin panel, as well as a slew of restrictions on App Store applications.

If you stick to a single platform, the cost will be lower, but you won’t be able to earn money from other platforms. As a result, cross-platform app development is the most recommended technique of development; this way, you may benefit from all of the platforms you desire; nevertheless, development expenses will climb, as will the game’s profitability and client base.

  • Type of Game and Features

The size and functionality of the game will be determined by the game genre, which will have an impact on the cost structure of the gaming mobile app. Based on their complexity, game apps are divided into five categories:

1. Miniature Games 

Mini-games, often known as casual games, are basic solitaire games that do not require any special abilities. Ping Pong, for example, can cost upwards of $20,000.

Your budget may need to be increased to roughly $50,000 if you wish to upgrade visuals or have larger expectations for your game app. 

2. Casual 2D Games

These are simple 2D games with simple music and graphics. They have a high rate of user engagement and growth potential despite their simplicity. This category includes games like Red Ball and Stack. The development of these games might cost anything from $50,000 to $100,000.  

3. Social Games 

If A large number of people play these games on social media platforms like Facebook. Social gaming applications are similar to browser games in that they only access a limited amount of user data.

The SDKs given by social networking platforms are typically used to create these games. Farmville, which is similar to a social networking game, can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $250,000. 

4. Mid-level Games 

Two well-known games in this category are Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. Levels, characters, stories, and high-resolution graphics abound in these 3D smartphone games.

The variety and breadth of the content increase replayability and keeps players interested for extended periods. The expense of creating such games, on the other hand, can range from $250,000 to $700,000. 

5. High-level Games 

These games need a large budget, but if the correct audience is reached, you can make a lot of money. These games need a lot of planning, strategy, and execution. It could take up to a year to properly develop and release these types of games.

You’ll need to hire expert programmers because the expense of making these games is so high. For example, a high-end mobile game could cost anywhere from $400,000 to $1,000,000 to create. 

  • Testing of Gaming App

Bugs and malfunctions obstruct the play experience. Regardless matter how gorgeous the graphics or storyline are, gamers will not install or play your games if they include bugs or do not deliver a pleasant user experience. As a result, it’s vital to devote sufficient time and effort to testing the game to verify that it’s bug-free.

The cost of mobile game app testing is determined by the amount of time required to test the game and the testing rates paid by the company. Testing costs are inexpensive if the game has no flaws or problems; nevertheless, if the game has errors or bugs, you will have to spend money to remedy them before release. 

  • Marketing Strategy  

Even if your mobile game is entertaining and interesting, effective marketing is required to get it noticed. To recoup your investment and generate a profit after investing thousands of dollars in mobile game development, you need to seriously consider advertising. Start by adding the cost of marketing to your expense list to stay inside your budget.

Large publishers may spend more money on advertising than on mobile game development due to the importance of the marketing budget. However, to reach the target audience and make a profit, marketing costs often take at least 30% of the total budget. 


After conducting extensive research and a rigorous selection process, Goodtroopers compiled the list, which included considering the missions and policies of Chicago-based Gaming Development companies, services and specialties, pricing model and location, Google ranking, user ratings, and other factors. When combined with our vetting process, selecting the best firm for your project will be much easier and more time-effective. The top companies on the list aren’t necessarily better than the rest. 

Finally, we propose that you perform a study on your extent before making a final selection to eliminate any last concerns. Contact GoodTroopers if you need help in finding the most suitable company according to your needs. Also, contact us if you are a gaming app development company and are looking for projects to work on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming App Development (FAQs)

Q1 What is the basic structure of developing a game?

A1. The basic structure of developing a game is

  • The Game Interface
  • The Implementation of the Interface
  • The Game Source Code.

Q2 What kind of roles are there in video game development?


  • Game Designer
    You’re probably aware that every endeavor starts with a concept. In the field of game development, the game designer plays the most important role. This person is responsible for bringing all of the concepts to life. To reach that goal, a person must be imaginative, well-organized, and think beyond the box.
  • Level Designer
    This person’s tasks include designing various game levels. Simply said, this person is in charge of various gaming tasks. However, some internet applications now construct all of these levels for you. As a result, level designers are not required for all game development projects.
  • Tester
    This person’s primary responsibility is to test the graphics and game flow. After the game is finished, a team of testers checks to see if everything is in working order before the project is launched. In other words, the tester is the last person who inspects and certifies the game’s quality. It can be difficult to track down all of the technical difficulties or faults. As a result, this person should have the necessary skills and expertise to accomplish that aim.
  • Game Developer
    A game developer is someone who works on the development team and participates in coding. At Melior Games, for example, developers generate logic and game behavior based on the game designers’ descriptions. This person should be skilled and experienced in this field in order to produce the best potential results.
  • Render Engineer
    You’re aware that making a game takes a long time. We just cannot overlook a renderer engineer when examining all of the positions in a game development team. It’s the individual whose primary purpose is to create a custom gaming engine. This individual should have sufficient experience to assist the team in achieving the most spectacular results. A render engineer is in charge of optimizing shaders, reducing memory requirements, and merging textures, among other things.
  • Project Manager
    Not every position on a game development team is creative. Any team should have someone who will keep track of finances, keep track of deadlines, and appropriately organize work between departments. A competent project manager should be well-organized, able to operate under pressure, and serve as a leader for the entire game development team! This person’s primary purpose is to assist in the negotiation of compromises between several departments.

Q3 What are the ‘android’ tools used for developing games?

The tools used for developing games in android are listed below,

  • Eclispse- Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • ADT- Android’s Eclipse Plugin
  • Android SDK- includes ADB
  • Hudson- Automatic build tool

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