Uber For Massage App Development Guide

Complete Guide to Uber For Massage App Development

The concept of massage is no new concept in this present age; massage therapies are used by many people for a long time. In general, guests go to massage rooms for massage treatment. But today it is time-consuming to visit the massage room for massage services and people find it very difficult to take enough time for such a service.

Some on-demand massage beginners such as Uber for massage and Soothe are now on the market as a solution. An on-demand massage application generally connects people with professional and expert massage therapists through app services.

Nearly everyone is now moving to on-demand models or services since it is very easy for the user to access on-demand services, as they can book or hire services directly from anywhere at any time.

A home-massage app rich in features will make you feel free to benefit. Features such as advance reservation, current reservation, and the gender of your massage therapist must be notified if you want to do the best massage app.

The world’s massage industry is playing with over $50 billion, according to CNBC. The on-demand segment of this market has dominating apps like Soothe, Zeel, and Urban Massage.

In case you are planning on developing an Uber-style massage app, GoodTroopers can help you find the right app development company.

How Do Uber-Like App For Massage Work?

Your massage app is also a feature between therapists and consumers, just like any other on-demand motive app. The on-demand massage app provides all kinds of therapists with a platform for searching, selecting, scheduling, and book massage services for consumers. All therapists are well classified and categorized based on their specialization, their experience, their location, their availability, and naturally their price point.

Consumers can search and filter easily to get what they want exactly. Users will get all possible information such as reviews, popularity, and the on-demand massage app to make a satisfactory booking decision.

Since everything takes place in a virtual space, a solid communication flow should be provided to bring about the human element in the on-demand massage app.

The key here is simplicity. The core competency of the on-demand app industry is ease, comfort, and, above all, full satisfaction, for both service providers and seekers.

If you plan to build a massage app on-demand Like Soothe, the simplicity of the user interface and the smooth flow from start to finish must be given special attention. There should be a need for a service match in the design of the product.

People seeking massage therapists are mentally gratified and should therefore concentrate on making the experience gratificative when developing an app such as Soothe App.

With the option of flexible scheduling and automated location capture, the booking process should be quite simple. A robust and swift confirmation, booking, and monitoring system to build credibility should be in place. The development of the massage app must have a robust company resource management tool to help massage therapists handle tasks, schedules, follow-up, accounts, and billing systems of course. It should be a complete ‘smart bridge’ package to help maximize the benefits for both ends


Steps To Build An Uber-Like App For Massages

  • Step 1. Validate Your App Idea                                                                         

When you have an idea for an app, go to step two. Read on, if not. Do you want an app but don’t have an idea for an app? The real problem is what you need to identify, and it’s everywhere!

Successful business people solve issues in a way we couldn’t imagine. Each product and service you use was created to solve a problem when you look around. You wanted to get faster from one place, you had a car. You wanted to get faster from one country to another, you got aircraft.

Look for everyday problems, and list every problem in your daily life. Once you have an exhaustive list, start thinking about how you can resolve it and list the most sensible ones.

  • Step 2. Identify The App’s Need

Validation shows that your application is demanded. By using the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can validate your idea to see how many people seek out what you are doing. You can also set up a landing page that highlights the ideas of your app and seeks user interest by registering with your email.

  • Step 3. Define Your App’s Flow & Features

Validating your idea of application means you have something people want to use. Now is the time to put your product on a document, or use a wireframing tool if you want to go the extra mile.

Remember to be as detailed as possible when putting your idea on paper. Include the flow and features the user intends to navigate the app. This helps your developer understand your expectations clearly.

  • Step 4. Get Rid Of All The Unnecessary Features

Start looking closely at features you can delete from the flow and features document you’ve prepared. Just offer your idea’s core value. Do not create “nice to have” features in the first version and can always later be added as an update. This helps to reduce the initial development costs and also helps you reach the market faster.

  • Step 5. Focus On The App’s Design

We’ve heard many entrepreneurs say they want a very basic design and just want to develop an app. It’s such a mistake! Design isn’t just how it looks, but how the applications will be experienced by a user. It is best explained by Vinod Khosla from Khosla Ventures: “Design is the way to make technology useful.” Search for a developer who first places design (user experience and graphics).

  • Step 6. Hire An Experienced, Trustable Designing & Development Team

Search for a developer with great design talents and a strong team for development. Go online to check their credibility and the apps that they have created while hiring a developer. You might find the one that suits your application from their portfolio if you really liked it.

  • Step 7.  Registration With Respective App Stores

To sell your application via its platform, you must register for a developer’s account with the respective app stores. If you already have one formed, you can register as a person or as a company.

  • Step 8. Integrate Your Analytics

Analytics will help you to monitor your mobile app’s downloads, user commitment, and retention. Make sure that you use tools such as the free Flurry and the free version of Localytics.

  • Step 9.Focus On The Feedback & Improvise Accordingly

Once your app is live in the application shop, you will learn how to improve and enhance your app from your first customer usage and behavior. Improvements and changes are consistent, and user feedback should be kept in mind and built up.

  • Step 10.  Introduce New Features

You have built the first version with only the most limited features. Now is the time, in the initial version, to evaluate and present the remaining features. You can see whether the features are any longer relevant by analytics and feedback.

All these steps must be followed with the right development team on board. With GoodTroopers you can be sure of hiring the perfectly suitable Uber-like massage app development company.

Strategies To Implement In Your Uber-Like App For Massage

  • Prioritize The User’s Convenience

Every application for massage is for the customer and the massage therapist both for convenience. First, let’s discuss customers.

“Stress can build up if you expect it least,” says Soothe. This is why all the massage apps offer their services whenever the customer wants massage therapy. Indeed, if required by the customer, Zeel promises to send a therapist in an hour.

All necessary supplies from the massage table, fresh clothes, oils, music, lotion are offered to the massage therapists. Your home or place of work is essentially turned into a luxurious spa. Yeah, even your job could be reached by a mobile massage therapist.

In order to keep an accurate track of their meetings, they have a therapeutic massage app that allows them to accept and refuse massage reservations and to find customers.

  • Professional Therapists & Safety Concerns

Service quality is most important in any company. All these services promise to provide the client with highly skilled and experienced massage therapists.

These massage therapy business applications only hire licensed or certified and insured therapists. Soothe therapists are often certified in several fields. Zeel’s application claims that a third-party evaluation examines all the zeel massage therapists.

The client receives photos and biographies of the booked therapist, while the therapist is given the exact location and description of the client while ensuring that the customer and therapist’s security are maintained as a priority. You should never overlook trained professionals and safety measures when considering developing a massage app.

  • Expanding The Business

You could activate and expand your services after establishing a strong foundation in mobile massage therapy. Urban Massage, in fact, is an element of the urban wellness app.

This application offers customers 24-hour treatment services and wellness services. If you want to go forward, you can broaden your massage services to beauty or other related services.

Another way to improve the success of your massage app development is through customers and therapists. This can be done easily by checking customer feedback and taking appropriate action. You can also give them various massages from deep tissue to prenatal massages. They are also available.

Zeel therapists are required to give their services a guideline while other applications are also suitable for therapists. Even with these strategies, you can expand your massage or spa business.

5 Must-Have Features In Your On-Demand Massage App

  • Offer Services Only By Qualified & Licensed Therapists

It is important to book qualified, licensed, and secured massage therapists as per the requirements of the app’s users in your on-demand massage applications such as Zeel or Soothe. The best services are always available to the public.

And almost all people are very selective when it comes to the massage delivery app. They look for the services of professionals and employ such a qualified and certified massage therapist. Make sure you show options for all these massage therapists, who are experts in the field and who offer your application with the best massage services. In addition, make reservations as easy as possible so that when booking the massage therapist, your application users do not find it difficult.

  • Same Day Appointment Booking

The second key feature to be integrated into your on-request massage app or in-home massage app is that you can make an app user book professional, licensed massage therapist appointments from your app on the same day.

A lot of visitors are looking for a therapist’s appointment for the same day so that you can use the app to get your desired massage service on the same day.

In addition, your app users can book massages and spa services in advance from one week to one month, with the advance booking feature. Enable users to specify a date, the time, the massage type, and the choice of the therapist and service to make a same-day appointment and advance booking feature simpler.

  • Allow Bookings From Everywhere — Office, Home, Hotels

Most people nowadays look for massage therapists who are prepared to visit home, office, or hotel room at any moment and offer door services. Thus, when it comes to reserving on-demand massage services through massage apps, it is the most sought-after feature by the public.

You can book or recruit a licensed therapist who will be willing to visit his or her own home, office, and hotel room according to your needs as a wellness and massage service provider.

Guests may reserve massage and spa services from various sites, such as Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, and more, whether 7:00 am or 11:00 pm in the evening.

Providing a wide variety of options, app users can select one that fits their needs and look for different services. In sum, the easiest way to book your massage treatment is by using your mobile massage App.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Payment portal integrations are the fourth most important feature in your massage booking app. This feature allows users of your app to pay for the service directly from the app. Provides multiple payment options for your customers or app users, including net banking, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets.

Your customers can easily pay for their reserved services through the various payment options. In addition, let them include a tip so that they don’t have to use cash for the service.

As most consumers seek advanced payment choices, different payment options are your responsibility. In addition, the payment process in your Uber-like app must be safe and easy for users to follow.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications and reminders are also key to the on-demand massage therapist app. Many people have busy agendas and stressful lives, so they may forget their appointments and reservations. Send them records with the date, location, time, and type of service that they have booked for their reservations.

You may notify them of special offers, discount deals, and promotional codes for massage services apart from the reminders. Notifications actually play a major role in the long-term retention of your app users. Don’t miss this key feature when developing your own massage app like Soothe.

Including these 5, your app must be loaded with world-class features to offer better user experience. GoodTroopers brings you the best app development companies as your options to help you in your hiring process. Hire your desired development team and create your own Uber for massage app.

Find Vetted Teams For Your Project With GoodTroopers

Team Structure To Develop An Uber For Massage App

  • Android developer 
  • iOS developer
  • UI/UX designers
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Business analyst
  • Project Manager
  • DevOps

A balanced team ensures the development process is well maintained and the developed massage app is of high quality. By availing GoodTroopers’ services you receive guaranteed best development company around the world for your specific needs and requirements. 

You can even take the interview of the shortlisted companies to make sure you pick the best development team for your Uber-like massage app.

Technology Stack To Build An On Demand Massage App

  • Data and Application– jQueryPython, Node.js, React, NGINX, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB,Redis ,EC2, Kafka,Swift,Go, Objective-C, Backbone.js,Cassandra, Spark is an Apache project,Hadoop,Apache Thrift, RIBs,,AresDB.
  • Utilities- Google Analytics,Elasticsearch,PayPal,Twilio SendGrid, Twilio, Mixpanel,Optimizely,TensorFlow,Crazy Egg,Heap,Braintree,HackerOne,Ludwig.
  • DevOpsGrafana,Terraform,Sentry,RequireJS,Prometheus,Puppet Labs,Nagios,Zookeeper,Graphite,Jaeger,Brunch,uberalls,M3,Zap,Kraken by Uber,Makisu, Peloton.
  • Business Tools-G Suite, Asana, Zendesk, Mattermost, OneLogin, iDoneThis, Delighted.

Wrapping Up

This blog consists of everything you need to know about how to make an uber-like app for massage services. Thus, we hope it gave you the clarity you were seeking — and are willing to get an app built. If so, you could contact an experienced mobile app developer.

Contact GoodTroopers today to find the best development partner for your Uber for massage app development.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Developing An On Demand Massage App (FAQs)

Q-How can I earn money by launching an uber like app for massages?

A. You can open an on-demand massage agency by having your own staff or can act as an aggregator for customers and masseurs.


Q. What are some of the safety concerns in this business?

A. This industry involves more personal contact than any business encounter during daily operations, so it is essential to keep in mind the Health safety, and security of both employees and the customers. 


Q. Does starting an online massage business require special government permissions?

A. Different countries have different sets of rules and regulations regarding this business.
Talking about the USA, each state has different boards that handle the administration of Massage therapists. 


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